Feel Joy in the Sacred Power of Your Own Voice – FREE Online Workshop With the Brothers Koren

Music meets you where you are on your journey to heal, validate, and inspire… and oftentimes, bring a little disruption to your comfort zone to remind you of the gift of change — and help you awaken to the greater possibilities for your life.

As you open to receive the sacred medicine of music through your own singing voice, the melodies receive you as well. This connection adds new layers of aliveness and dimension to your entire being, amplifying music’s capacity to hold you and others in healing where it is needed the most.

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Feel Joy in the Sacred Power of Your Own Voice – FREE Online Workshop With the Brothers Koren

Transformational voice teachers Isaac and Thorald Koren, of the Brothers Koren, refer to this unique give-and-take relationship with music as your musical cosmology. As the brothers teach, every living being is cosmically designed to receive and respond to specific sounds that resonate not only with their physiological design, but their divine life plan and life experience as well.

The Brothers Koren will help you discover new ways to rouse your sacred self to the forefront of all that you do through the power of your own voice.

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In this immersive 60-minute free online event, you’ll:

  • Experience deeply personal musical performances by the Brothers Koren, exploring the power of voice to help you receive, express, and heal
  • Explore your musical cosmology to rouse your sacred voice to the surface for deepened self-healing, self-awareness, and the joy of being alive
  • Be guided in a healing vocal exercise that welcomes you into your whole-body instrument where you can begin to hear, receive, and express your voice as an extension of home
  • Discover the 5 Small Voices that stifle your sacred voice
  • Discover how the music that moves you, mirrors you —  and how the simple act of listening and receiving can open you to your truth and create ripples of healing and positive change

In this soul-igniting hour, you’ll discover how the simple act of listening to, receiving, and expressing the depths of your own voice creates ripples of healing and positive change throughout your life.

Join the Brothers Koren for this unique experiential event for awakening your whole-body instrument through the power of your own voice for deepened self-healing, connection, soul resonance… and the return home of your authentic, wondrous self.

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Isn’t it time you rediscovered your sacred voice?

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