Simple Meditation for the Young and the Youthful

December 3rd, 2021

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

As we deal with the social gravity of new situations of the world and as we balance ourselves in the very physical gravity of our world we often might find difficulty. Difficulty is nothing new. Our experience with it difficult problems may be new to us, but new problems simply require new solutions, walls simply require new direction, or the motivation to bypass or surmount.

The best tool in order to effectively deal with social and physical situations of the world is mental fortitude. Physical fortitude is certainly a helpful tool and necessary to some extent of course, however, mental fortitude is much more important. Without mental fortitude the physical fortitude cannot be compelled and used to its potential.

Meditation practice is one of the best manners to develop mental fortitude, patient care, to enable our physical to bypass or surmount problematic walls of all sorts. Meditation is extremely difficult and with the difficulty is great reward. The most tremendously difficult thing about meditation is to begin it. We are like some electronic device that wants to always be on and play, but we need to recharge. Meditation, simple stillness, is the recharge we need just like electronic devices need.

“Trying to understand is like straining through muddy water. Be still and allow the mud to settle.” ~Lao Tzu

In Tai Chi, a meditative movement practice and a form of Kung Fu, we practice moving slowly and mindfully and we also practice standing totally and completely still in certain postures that enhance and refine our physical and mental posture.

Have you ever inspired the competitive nature of people by seeing how long we can stand still and or seeing how slow can we go? This simple manner can bypass and surmount the ego within us that might otherwise prevent us from beginning meditation practice to recharge, or Kung Fu practice, or mental fortitude workout or rather work-in.

Freeze! Stillness.

Stand still and quiet the mind. This is about the only instruction required. All further refinement and in depth exploration can be considered later so as not to crush the competitive motivation and Kung Fu inspiration that might clog beginning meditation. Just be Zen.

Two minutes in a standing posture is a great beginning, even one minute can provide stability anew, physically and mentally. Two minutes standing in multiple postures is a fantastic format for progression as well as standing in a single posture for a longer time.

The pictures below can be used to format postures that contain and depict the excitement of Kung Fu and also have physical alignment and mental orientation that benefits our ability to deal with gravity of all sorts. These postures are wonderful however you can utilize any posture in a freeze like game so long as there is some alignment and not discombobulation of sorts.

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