Entropy, Chaos and Order Explained

February 16th, 2022

By Sarah Elkhaldy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

During these times of increasing turbulence here on Earth, there are few concepts more important to understand than the topic of entropy. In this article, I’ll be going over what entropy is, why entropy is important for people going through a spiritual awakening to understand, and at the end I will explain entropy’s metaphysical implications..

Entropy is a term mainly used in thermodynamics to measure how energy is distributed within a system. Because it measures how spread-out energy is, it has become synonymous with measuring the amount of disorder held inside a system, and disorder is a property of chaos.

That’s why this even matters to the spiritual community in the first place. Because it’s regarding the forces of creation: chaos and order. And with high amounts of disorder within a system, the elevated complexity trends toward devolution.

From order we experience harmony, truth, and freedom. Order is known as the virtue beauty for its alignment with the higher order of the cosmos.

From chaos we experience upheaval, the mystery, and destruction. Chaos and order, these two states, not unlike our own lungs, are the contraction and expansion mechanism the universe uses to breathe.

Through chaos anything can be created either for better or for worse. Chaos is dynamic, nonlinear, volatile energy that restructures. It can be used as a means to either propel or repel, and indeed we see it doing both at this moment in time.

Like all good medicines, chaos can be a potent healer or dangerous poison depending on its purpose.

Chaos can be used to create anything, but you cannot create anything without chaos. It is the un-stabilizing variable necessary for altering a structure. Chaos, in and of itself is not negative, what determines its purpose is how this force is wielded. So the entropy, or disorder within a system is not inherently negative since disorder it’s complexity can lead to evolution.

Now if we regard the concept most commonly referred to as GOD as an energy field rather than a personified sky daddy. This field of consciousness would be a Generator, Operator and Destroyer of energy. The field constantly creates and modifies as a part of its ongoing spiritual evolution. The trinity of generator, operator, destroyer is echoed throughout this universe. One of its most well-known personifications is as the Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Yet the theme of there being three aspects to existence is reflected not only in religion, but in theosophy, mysticism, and nature as well.

Entropy generates a lot of disorder however, the most important thing to understand when regarding entropy is whether it’s measuring an open system or a closed system. Humans are an open system meaning we are not isolated. We exchange information and energy with our environment, we are designed to do so. So when I’m speaking about entropy, the system I’m referring to is the collective consciousness of humanity.

The term entropy is treated as if it was synonymous with disorder. However, the increasing complexity of organization that occurs in the evolution and development of living organisms appears to contradict the principle of increasing entropy. This confusion arises from a misunderstanding of the limitations of classical thermodynamics. 

First, it applies only to closed systems, whereas living organisms are open systems, exchanging matter and energy with their environment. Second, it deals only with the interrelations between heat and other forms of energy: it is relevant to the energetic factors that affect chemical and biological structures but does not account for the existence of these structures in the first place.

And third, the technical definition of entropy bares little relation to any nontechnical conception of disorder; in particular, it is not concerned with the type of order inherent in the specific structures of chemical and biological systems. According to the third law of thermodynamics, at absolute zero the entropies of all pure crystalline solids are zero. 

They are perfectly “ordered” from a thermodynamic point of view because there is no disorder due to thermal agitation. But all are equally ordered: there is no difference in entropy between a simple salt crystal and a crystal of a complex macromolecule such as hemoglobin. It follows that the greater structural complexity of the latter is not measurable in terms of entropy. 

The contrast between “order” in the sense of chemical or biological structure and thermodynamic “order” owing to inequalities of temperature, etc. In a large system containing countless atoms and molecules is illustrated by the process of crystallization. If a solution of a salt is placed in a dish inside a cold enclosure, the salt crystallizes as the solution cools.

Initially, its constituent ions redistributed at random within the solution, but as crystallization takes place, they become ordered with great regularity within the crystals, and the crystals themselves develop into microscopically symmetrical structures from a morphological point of view, there has been a considerable increase in order; but from a thermodynamic point of view, there has been a decrease in “order,” an increase in entropy, owing to equalization of temperature between the solution and its surroundings , and the release of heat during the process of crystallization.

 In the most general terms, form and energy bare an inverse relationship to each other: energy is the principle of change, but a form or structure can exist only as long as it has a certain stability and resistance to change.” 

– Rupert Sheldrake, Morphic Resonance

Entropy affects us differently than it does a closed system. For instance, entropy can act as a powerful agent for neuroplasticity by restructuring the synapses in our brain to create new, optimal connections, making high levels of entropy in the brain actually a signature of intelligence and higher consciousness for its greater ability to receive, process and synthesize information. In other words, in an open system entropy creates more plasticity. In fact, in an open system entropy increases order biologically, while decreasing order energetically. Which begs the question: what is order? I mentioned Order is harmony, truth, and freedom but what does that even mean?

For a system, in this case the collective, to have harmony, truth and freedom that would mean they are coherent. Order is coherency.

I define coherency as unifying and conscious, which sounds an awful lot like unity consciousness. So order would be a system of conscious beings. For there to be true order there needs to be conscious individuals, this is individuals who are capable of striving for truth in all areas of life. Striving to know truth and be willing to always align with truth to the best of our capacity.

The second aspect of order: You cannot have order and be in a coherent system without freedom. And I’m not talking about freedom to obey masters, or blindly trust officials and pretend we’re woke. I’m talking about spiritual sovereignty. If you live in a system that has control over what you can and cannot do, that tells you what to do, that invokes penalty and force to save you from yourself, that’s not freedom baby that’s a slow disco to enslavement. And there will never come a time when the universe recognizes that as order. The universe will never consider individuals free will being revoked as coherent. You wouldn’t even want it to. The moment a person starts to resonate with the concept that having masters is good they have fed chaos by devolving free will and therefore are attracting powerful and harsh lessons about true order and love.

Side note: If you’d like to do some shadow work around this one, notice where in your life you do this same thing to others where you try to control them.

What’s really important to understand during a spiritual awakening is what love truly is. Because love is being misrepresented. Love is consciousness. Because love is consciousness, love will never come in the form of denial. Denial is the opposite of consciousness; it is a rejection of what is.

Usurp and control will never come in their true form. That’s not how manipulation works. Everyone would immediately unite to combat humanity’s shared threat, and in coming together they would recognize themselves as the other and that’s way too high vibes. No, no, no, to conquer a world, you need to divide a world. And guess what division is, entropy!

Everything that is being done to control humanity is being done in the name of love. Know this deeply. Because love and order are being heavily imitated right now. No one is going to just point blank tell humanity “We want to enslave you. Your trauma is nourishing”. They would need to dress up their intentions as love and as order.

So let me break this down: in thermodynamics, entropy is how dispersed the energy within that system is.  But in spirituality, entropy is the fragmentation of a being’s consciousness. In occult terms, entropy is chaos. And in layman’s terms entropy is “spreading yourself too thin.”

The units within this system i.e.: Us, are either striving for inner coherency aka: Order by consolidating their dissonance, or by default their consciousness is fragmenting into chaos. And although that’s not the only version of entropy, that’s the one the conscious community is referring to when they’re talking about entropy.

Since humanity is an open system, and entropy operates differently in an open system, energy is dispersed and exchanged with our environment which produces flexibility, which leads to evolution. So even though entropy causes deterioration through the dispersal of energy, it is also a catalyst for even more coherency through its expansion.

Now Here is where things get dark: remember how I said that part about entropy operating differently in closed systems earlier? Well, when an open system such as humans begins to entrain and adopt a reality that is cut off from one another, and from reality, like we see with virtual reality, or isolation, energetically, that’s turning us into a closed system. And entropy functions differently in a closed system. Point blank, entropy in a closed system leads to decay making it a pathway to devolving. And this will be a very large theme as the shadow side of the age of Aquarius. Simulated realities are being presented as groundbreaking and revolutionary, but they have quite an itinerary behind them. Simulated universes precede into vanilla sky kind of timelines that distorts organic consciousness enough for it to diverge into a state of soul loss. There are ascending timelines and descending timelines. Simulated realities are descending timelines as they generate a lot of entropy by fragmenting our consciousness from reality, and guess who is feeding off of the energy you’re dispersing?

Our consciousness becomes calcified when we are not connected to our organic environment, living in reality and connecting with others. So in the age ahead, entropy leads to soul atrophy. And you can’t have a very powerful connection with your higher self, or with the universal force of love if you are feeding its opposite, which is denial.

Individuals who are consolidating their internal dissonance are creating internal unity. This is what we know as healing. Healing generates coherency which creates order. Likewise, cognitive dissonance generates fragmentation which leads to internal division.

And in between the forces of love and denial, order and chaos, unity, and entropy our lives are the lungs that creation uses to contract and expand. I hope this has brought more coherency to your journey.

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Sarah Elkhaldy is an energy healer trained in shamanic and holistic healing modalities that address soul loss, trauma, supporting the body in detoxification of chronic stressors and regeneration.

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