Your Named Asteroid – Amazing Secret Synchronicity in Your Astrology Birth Chart

June 3rd, 2022

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

You’re probably familiar with your Sun sign or zodiac sign in astrology; you may also know a lot more than this, including your Moon sign, your Ascendant sign, your Mars sign and so on.

If you’re interested in astrology, you may also have had your full birth chart drawn up, and you’ve probably learned about where each of your planets is, what astrological house they’re in, and the aspects they form to one another, so that you can interpret your natal chart as a holistic whole.

But what about asteroids? Did you know that asteroids are important in astrology too? And that it’s highly likely that there’s an asteroid with your name on it, that could give crucial insight into your psyche?

At the bottom of this article is a link to the whole list of thousands of named asteroids, in alphabetical order, and an easy way for you to check for yourself where any given asteroid appears in your chart.

First though, let’s look at the kinds of things you could discover by looking into your own personal asteroids.

How Are Asteroids Significant in Astrology?

Astronomers have discovered tens of thousands of asteroids over the years, most of them in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Over 21,000 of them have been named by their discoverers.

Initially, astronomers stuck to traditional or mythical names for asteroids, drawing on classic Greek and Roman mythology for inspiration. Pretty soon, the sheer numbers of asteroids called for a wider naming technique – and since then, asteroids have been named after countries, states, mountains, trees, flowers, animals, celebrities, historical figures, fictional characters, personal qualities and just about everything else.

Each named asteroid has a number, and once you know that number, it’s easy to plot the position of the asteroid in your natal birth chart.

And once you start to do that…….magic happens.

It’s important to note that astrologers don’t believe that these asteroids – some of them very small – are having any kind of physical impact on your physical body. That’s not how astrology works; it’s a symbolic language, so we’re not talking about gravity or any other tangible, measurable influence here. We’re talking about symbolism and its synchronicities with your life.

Very often, once you start to find and list asteroids with personal significance to you, you’ll discover some amazing “coincidences” in your chart.

And because it’s highly likely that there exists an asteroid with your own name – or your middle name, or your surname, or versions thereof – this particular asteroid is thought to be the single most important one in your chart.

Think of it as a second Sun – the location of your named asteroid hints at your life purpose, your chosen destiny, the area of life where you will truly make your mark.

You may well also discover that other asteroids with names of personal significance to you create fascinating patterns in your chart.

For example, my birth name is Nicola. There isn’t an asteroid named Nicola, but there is one named Nicolaia, and another named Nicole. There is also one named Nicky, which is close enough to the name I’ve used since I was old enough to say it. There is an asteroid Nichols, which was my maiden name (yeah, my parents had a sense of humour), and an asteroid Harper, my married name.

In my chart, asteroid Nicky is conjunct asteroid jonathanma (my husband’s name is Jonathan) both of which are in trine aspect to asteroid Emilia (our daughter is Emily). My maiden name asteroid Nichols opposes my married name asteroid Harper. 

These are spooky coincidences – synchronicities – which really grab the attention when you find them in your own chart.

Other Asteroids to Explore

Many astrologers don’t use asteroids at all, and those that do tend to concentrate only on the Big 5:

  • Chiron – the asteroid of healing
  • Pallas – the asteroid of wisdom
  • Juno – the asteroid of commitment
  • Vesta – the asteroid of spiritualty
  • Ceres – the asteroid of nurture

However, if you are looking in a chart for an answer to a specific question, or looking for further insight into a tricky issue, asteroids can be very revealing.

Given that there is an asteroid with a name to tie in with almost anything you can think of, it’s usually easy enough to find a thought-provoking asteroid placement, and you can then interpret how that asteroid interacts with the rest of your chart or the chart you’re studying.

Here are some examples to play with:

  • Talent – yes, that’s it’s actual name – shows where your greatest talent lies
  • Fama – shows where or how you might become famous
  • Pythia – shows your talent in divination
  • Fortuna – shows where in life you will be lucky
  • Abundantia – shows how you can best attract abundance
  • Opportunity – another asteroid which shows exactly what it says on the tin
  • Academia – how you can shine academically
  • Charis – where your inner charisma lies
  • Bella – how your inner beauty will shine

Check here to see a full list of named asteroids in alphabetical order.

Some are super-specific – for example, if you were concerned about a money issue, you might want to look at the placement of Midas, Wage, Pounds, or Gold. If you’re looking for extreme wealth in your chart, try asteroid Soros.

How to See Asteroids in Your Own (or any) Birth Chart

A very easy way to see how any asteroid fits into your (or anyone else’s) birth chart, create a free account at – this will enable you to enter birth data and view a full chart for free. Scroll down to extended chart options and choose ‘additional items’, which will then enable you to choose from a full list of named asteroids, which will then be plotted onto your chart.

Pro Tip: For normal planetary astrology, we tend to use a fairly wide orb of around 9 degrees. For asteroid work, set the orb to just one degree to get the most significant results.

If you really want to go down this fascinating rabbit hole, you could also explore some of the famous examples of asteroid synchronicity in charts.

For example, did you know that in Bill Clinton’s birth chart, the asteroid Monica opposes the asteroid Hillary?

Or that on the dates of George W Bush’s election, both in 2000 and 2004, the asteroid Busch was conjunct the asteroid Washingtonia?

There are hundreds of such public examples – but of course, it’s what you might find in your own chart or the chart of your loved ones that could really be the eye-0pener.

Happy asteroid hunting!

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