What is a Transcended Master? Understanding Your Role Following This Spiritual Upgrade

July 14th, 2022

By Niaby Codd

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Has anyone heard of a Transcended Master? Do you know what it is? I certainly didn’t until I received an upgrade, only yesterday, telling me that I now am one.

I immediately jumped onto the usual search engines, trying to find an explanation of what this is, only to find that there is no information on the usual search engines about this level of mastery.

Since receiving this title, again, only yesterday, I have been spurred into action, through an undeniable drive to get this information out into the field.

I am not the first and I will not be the last, but it seems that I am being tasked with the role of bringing this information forth so that as more and more people reach this level of mastery, as they undoubtedly will, they will have somewhere to turn to find out more about it.

So what is a Transcended Master? A Transcended Master is someone who has transcended false light into true light. Who has mastered their ego and mastered their abilities to ascend and help others to do the same.

It is someone who has walked the path of their soul’s desire, through both treachery and triumph, and who has managed to transmute the treachery of their desires into the triumph of their wisdom.

It is someone who can see all aspects of colours. Who can see divinity in the darkness and growth through the false light. Who has been awarded with the full spectrum of colours, from true light’s prism, that allows for them to transcend beyond the limitations of the human body.

A Transcended Master has upgraded their DNA beyond that which is required for ascension. They hold DNA templates that can help others to ascend, simply by being in their presence.

They are activators, warriors, bringers of light and bringers of truth. They can transcend their own reality as well as the reality of others.

They can transcend timelines, both ‘existing’ across different dimensions and ‘affecting’ different dimensions. They can bring the whole human experience back to zero point, firstly by solidifying their own experiences across all timelines, then by using the solidification of their own zero point to activate others into doing the same.

They are masters of their own destiny and through mastering their own destiny can also help to shape and master the destiny of the planet.

They hold high vibrational keys that unlock the gifts, knowledge and wisdom of higher realms. They can access these higher realms and use their body as a conduit to ground new codes and light into the planet.

A Transcended Master helps to hold the vibration of the planet, through activating their own DNA strands beyond that which is needed for the planet’s survival.

They are powerful beings who bring forth that power solely in order to do good for the planet and her inhabitants. They can transmute the dark energy that has polluted our planet and, instead of simply turning it into love and light, can use the energy to ward off further attacks to the planet, by combining it with the energy of the higher forces of the stratosphere that are here to protect and mollify.

They are not Ascended Masters. The role of an Ascended Master is to hold light beyond the realms of human mastery. To guide the way through their omnipresent form, being all things across all timelines.

A Transcended Master is a master of this realm, of this reality, grounding in consciousness through the conduit of his or her human form.

They are a master of ascension. They are a master of themselves. They are a master of the process that we are now undoubtedly going through.

They will lead the way. They will inspire and activate others. They will BE the light, hold the light and shine the light. They will be who they came here to be and, in so doing, will help others to do the same.

They will stand in their divine authority, in their divine wisdom, knowledge and power. They will be the gatekeepers of the new world that we now have the opportunity to collectively create.

They are the key. The key to set humanity free from the darkness of the old world. The key of truth. The key of wisdom. The key that reveals the new path that is ready to be illuminated.

About the author:

Niaby is a dream weaver of the highest order, an honour given to her through the Merlin lineage that she serves. This means that she can enter a person’s subconsious, through the dream state, in order to help them to heal from any trauma that is stored in the deepest, darkest recesses of their mind.

Once a stockbroker in both London and Hong Kong, Niaby saw the light at the darkest hour of poor health and decided to walk a different path. A path that has led her to be of service to both spirit and humanity alike.

As we go deeper into this ascension process, Niaby helps to both guide and lead the way. She has recently been ordained with the title of Transcended Master and uses her divine authority, wisdom and knowledge to help to activate others into and through their own ascension process.

Niaby hopes to gently inspire consciousness in others, not by telling them how to think, but rather by provoking thoughts in people that may not have been previously provoked, then allowing the seed of consciousness to grow.

She is the author of ‘The Spirit of Life’ book and is also the host of ‘The Spirit of Life in Ibiza’ podcast.

Website: https://thespiritoflifeproductions.com

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/thespiritoflifeproductions/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBhx22IwQN1joNfXMOkA1cQ

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