Discover Ancestral Hypnosis Healing: Break Free from Transgenerational Patterns and Live Your Dreams – FREE Online Event

Our lives are not just our own. They’re also the manifestation of countless generations of love, resilience, and courage… as well as the product of fear, trauma, and oppression.

We carry within us our ancestors’ stories — their hopes, drive, and passion, and their pain from terrible loss and injury — much of it carried in our genes, and living in our subconscious.

So how do you heal the collective trauma of your ancestors — that you may not even be aware of  — and stop repeating the patterns of those who came before you that block you from living to your highest potential and fulfilling your highest aspirations?

According to clinical hypnotherapist and psychic medium Vanessa Codorniu, hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you heal from your ancestral burdens and traumas.

Join us and Vanessa for this powerful FREE online event to find out more:

Discover Ancestral Hypnosis Healing: Break Free from Transgenerational Patterns and Live Your Dreams – FREE Online Event

At this empowering event, Vanessa will guide you through an impactful ancestral hypnosis to ask for healing and guidance from a known or unknown well ancestor — and will also share how she weaves in ritual and altar building in ceremony.

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During this eye-opening hour-long event, you’ll:

  • Discover the power of ancestral healing through hypnosis, especially when supported with rituals, for releasing injustices, oppression, and other trauma — to embrace expansive new beliefs that affect our lives as well as future generations in beautiful ways
  • Understand that hypnosis is a natural state of being, something we engage in through deep concentration (such as when playing music, dancing, or meditating), and how it can help you feel lighter and more peaceful
  • Gain clarity about your own repeated family patterns, and how they’ve impacted and shaped your life in both positive and negative ways
  • Explore what limiting beliefs you may be carrying on from your own ancestral lineage, and how to release them with forgiveness and freedom so you can fully embrace your own inherent gifts
  • Be led through an ancestral healing hypnosis session to call on a known or unknown well ancestor to ask for guidance and healing

Hypnosis works in the deeper levels of your consciousness, resulting in a potent way to uncover, forgive, and release unconscious ways of being while embracing your talents and gifts more deeply, empowering you with the courage to follow your dreams.

Through hypnosis, you’ll discover that your ancestral lineage carries gifts of deep knowing — your sacred “medicina” — and is a salve to your soul when you can meet that inner knowing without criticism, fear, or overanalyzing.

Discover Ancestral Hypnosis Healing for yourself – FREE of charge!

When you RSVP, you’ll get instant access to this presentation, in which you’ll discover the power of hypnosis to connect with and cultivate relationships with your wise ancestors.

You’ll learn how to work in your subconscious to change the unhealthy patterns and beliefs you inherited, get the full benefit of your unique talents and gifts, and achieve your greatest dreams and deepest desires.

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