Smoke and Mirrors: Astrology Forecast Nov 27th – December 4th, 2022

November 28th, 2022

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Nothing will be as it seems- the entire week is veiled by Neptune stationing direct on December 3rd at 22 Pisces conjunct Jupiter. The Sea God works on the astral plane on the collective soul level to open our hearts to what lies beyond the concrete and materialistic. It represents the urge to merge with something greater than yourself, to transcend or lose yourself and soften the hard edges of Saturn.

Some of the archetypes associated with Neptune are: the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Saviour, the Victim, the Martyr, the Addict, the Suffering Artist, the Visionary Dreamer and the Mystic.

In Pisces, Neptune’s own watery realm, this transpersonal energy can manifest as a thick psychic fog blanking out all our usual signposts, creating confusion and deception.

As Neptune slows in a T square to Mars in Gemini and Mercury/Venus in Sagittarius between the karmic points of the Great Attractor (14-17 Sagittarius) and the Galactic Centre (27 Sagittarius-0 Capricorn), take nothing at face value. So much that we can’t yet see is being unravelled and exposed for what it really is at the etheric level, to be revealed from mid -January when Mercury, Mars and Uranus all turn direct.

December will be a month of constant flux – it will feel like being on sideways elevators mixed with some strange sliding doors moments – seemingly inconsequential choices that permanently alter the trajectory of future events. Get comfortable with paradox, ambiguity and uncertainty – with not knowing and not being in control

Channel Neptune’s higher energy field by attuning to your extrasensory acuity, paying closer attention than usual to signs, symbols, synchronicity, inklings and your night time dreams. These are all nudges of creative inspiration.

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Chandra Symbol Neptune Direct Pisces 22:

A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.

“All the resistances, crystallizations, dysfunction and dissonances are great excuses to stop or immense occasions to start. You get laid low if you do not know what to do with the stuff of this world. But if you have learned the subtle craft of world-making, you meet up against the hardest places and discover how to turn them completely around–the exceedingly demanding guild of those who dig into the depths and draw forth beauty and infinite power from the brutal and heavy realities which otherwise seem impenetrable. A stubbornly hardworking, impossible-to-discourage craft of reworking the primal soil. Mostly unproductively, mostly learning how forever, paying your dues, never quite getting it right, until there comes a day when even the obdurate bends to the inner design–when the conviction is complete.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

Expect an inrush of new ideas, sudden inspirations and lightbulb moments as your own planet Mars aligns with psychic Neptune, expansive Jupiter and Mercury on the Galactic Centre. Pay close attention to your intuition, slow right down and allow the new information to override your limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and wipe the outdated programming clean. During December, as doors close behind you on an old life, notice how what really matters to you is changing and come up with practical and creative ways to make a bigger difference in the world once Jupiter returns to Aries on December 21st.

Pay attention to that Big Yes or Big No.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

November’s eclipse changes continue to ripple through your life making you feel ungrounded and destabilised. Are you pushing yourself too hard or overriding your body’s many signals to slow down, rest and let go? You are a continual resource for so many others that this can drain you and lead to burnout. No matter what is happening around you, make it an absolute priority to take all the time and space you need to nurture your own wellbeing. That includes financially, now that Mars is retrograde in your angle of income until January. Call in money owed to you, raise your fees to reflect the value you add to others or make a solid case for a pay rise.

During December, ideas for new ways of service in 2023 arise-make sure you capture them.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

With your own planet Mercury plus Venus, the Sun, Neptune and Jupiter, all aspecting Mars in your sign, you’ll have no shortage of ideas, insights or aha moments. If you are involved in study, writing, publishing or editing, you can really make progress now, as long as your contracts with partners-personal and professional-are watertight. All this foggy Neptunian energy can mist up those rose-tinted glasses-check everything including the fine print. November 29th is a day for a conversation you may have been putting off-get it sorted.

Don’t take it for granted that others share your values.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

After last week’s New Moon, your work and daily routines get busier than ever- it feels as if there’s a lot to deal with before you get to Christmas. As a cardinal dynamic sign, you like to move forward purposefully and directly from A to B, but now, with Mars retrograde and Neptune slowing to change direction, you’re finding that any agenda or timescale just dissolves into thin air. Don’t fight it. Instead, let events flow and manifest in their own time, drop all attempts at control and sit back and relax. Listen to your still quiet voice of intuition and switch off your inner task master.

The universe’s timing is perfect.

Leo Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

For many solar Leos, the last two years of hosting Saturn in your opposite sign of Aquarius have turned life quite serious and challenging. The Lord of Time and Karma is now travelling through the last degrees of the Water Bearer, preparing to move into Pisces in early March 2023. It’s time to look at what you’ve learned about what you really need from your relationships. With Mars travelling backwards in your angle of friendships and alliances, take stock of all your groups and affiliations. The key to happiness is to find like -minded fellow travellers, instead of going along with things out of habit or duty.

Is it time for a changing of the guard?

Virgo Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

With Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus on important angles of your chart, you’re probably wanting to push ahead with plans. There’s just one thing-you need to factor in that Mars-the action planet-is retrograde right at the pinnacle of your chart in your career zone. Expect stop/start, on/off, backwards and forwards progress in December and don’t keep pushing the river to no purpose. Instead, use this time to go back to the drawing board, to update your blueprint and do a course correction ready for January ‘s green light when Mars, Mercury and Uranus all turn forward.

Involve trusted others in your plans and they may surprise you with their bright ideas.

Libra Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

Rather like Cancer, as a cardinal dynamic sign, you like to move forward purposefully and directly from A to B, but now, with Mars retrograde and Neptune slowing to change direction, you’re now finding that any agenda or timescale just dissolves into thin air. Expect this to continue throughout December-a month of flux and flow where so much is hidden from your view. Instead, know that until mid to late January 2023 when Mars, Mercury the Uranus all move forward, you can just rest and allow what will be to be. During that downtime, when it will feel as if nothing is happening, trust that new visions, insights and information are being synthesised just out of your conscious awareness, ready for manifestation next year.

Listen to the quiet insistent voices of your better angels.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

December is set to be a time of flow and flux, when there is no straight path available from A to B. Knowing this in advance, switch up your superb powers of X-ray vision, of sensory acuity and navigate by your instincts, not your logic. With Sun, Mercury and Venus in your angle of income at odds with foggy Neptune and retrograde Mars, take off your rose- tinted glasses and take a long hard look at your finances. Specifically, scrutinise contracts to check they’re watertight and professional partners for trustworthiness. Between now and March, your own planet Pluto is coming to the end of his 13 years stay in Capricorn, completing a final upgrade of how you communicate.

How might you raise your levels of rapport with others?

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

As a Sagittarian, you were made for this astrology. Mercury, Venus and the Sun all in your own sign align with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Gemini-your heart, your home and your relationships are touched by magic. Jupiter is expanding your ideas about what is possible until December 22nd, so start your personal New Year by dreaming large. With Mars still retrograde, this is a month for meaningful conversations with those closest to you, for making plans together and for tying up lose ends before mid -January 2023.

The magic lies just beyond your comfort zone.

 Capricorn Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

This period of the year between now and the Capricorn Solstice on December 21st is always your signal for rest, retreat, withdrawal. With the Sun-our Light- hidden deep in your private 12th House, your batteries are running low and need gentle recharging. For once, you are in harmony with the astrology. In outer life, Mars is retrograde aligned with Neptune, so delays, glitches and stop/start, on/off are the order of the day for everyone. Yet on the inner level, so much is being processed, reworked and restructured just out of your conscious awareness.

Get as much peace and quiet as you can- you are a work in progress.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

As December unfolds, you’ll start to feel more sociable, ready to share more of yourself with those closest. The Sun, Mercury and Venus are lighting your angle of friendships and alliances. Who and what matters to you? Are you spending enough time with them? Conversely, are you a member of a group or collective simply out of duty or past connection? If so, wish them well and move on. Talking of spending, how are your finances? With Neptune blurring your judgment and Jupiter encouraging extravagance, take off your rose-tinted glasses and check the bottom line.

Get offline and connect in real time.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: November 27-December 4, 2022

Last week’s New Moon at the top of your chart kickstarted a new yearlong career cycle. What’s more, lucky Jupiter turned forward in Pisces on the same day, pushing you to put everything you’ve learned and experienced in the last year to use as material for others. Think of it as applied wisdom. Find the right medium for you, then write, film or podcast with teaching permeating everything you produce. As Mars is retrograde, take your time, choose your words and your target audience carefully.

A journey of one thousand miles begins with one small step.

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