Time Slippage: Astrology Forecast December 11th – 18th, 2022

December 12th, 2022

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Forgive yourself for being all over the cosmos. Celebrate your daily victories. Even the smallest revolution of the spirit leads to a greater evolution.” ~ Andrea Balt

The Gemini Full Moon marked the midpoint of the Mars Retrograde between October 30 and January 12 with Mars at its closest to Earth. The action planet travelling slowly back through Mercury’s sign has already been manifesting stop/start/on/off delays, glitches and crossed wires, transport go-slows and workers’ strikes, so expect a double whammy when Mercury also retrogrades from December 29th to January 18th.

Jupiter is finishing up in Pisces, ready to cross the World Axis into Aries on December 20th.The planet of luck and expansion won’t be back in Pisces for another 12 years, so this week make sure you wind up projects you began back in January 2022 – the energy has gone from them. It’s time for fresh, new creations but don’t try to make things happen, just let ideas, insights and inklings percolate and synthesise, as nothing is going to have momentum behind it until mid to late January.

When the Sun squares slippery Neptune on December 14th, notice how the veils are thinning and shining a light on the real motives of certain people in the public eye that have long been hidden and disguised.

Rather than labelling this surreal In-Between Time as a frustrating setback, frame it as purposeful flux, chaos and time slippage that is energetically removing you from an old life that has gone dark, ready to stretch into a very different form of Evolutionary Burn from March 2023.

As you wait for the December 21st Solstice Gateway:

  • disengage from anything or anyone that drains your spirit.
  • refuse to allow anyone to gaslight you
  • trust your Big Yes or Big No
  • know that the time for being a bottomless well, a never-ending resource, always available, giving away your knowledge, wisdom and love for free is ending
  • re-draw your boundaries, pulling them in tighter and closer; permanently cutting ties with anyone who is a spiritual consumer, who feeds off your words and your energy, demanding more and more as a distraction or drama
  • virtually or in real time, choose your tribes very carefully as they are your unconscious influencers and echo chambers

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Chandra Symbol Sun SAGITTARIUS 23:

A woman wearing many tiny bells.

“Methodology, technique, the how of things. Immersing yourself in the field of new ideas, fresh approaches, and innovative paths, imaginatively and energetically. Exposing yourself to possibilities, visions, ways to evolve. The body’s wisdom musically in touch and in tune, sensing the resonance of cellular awakening. Eager and enthusiastic and bright, you have given over to the process. Always in midstream. Seizing upon opportunities, challenges, openings. Needing to know just how it feels at the micro levels. What is it like to be free, to be joyous, to be unrestricted, here in the body, in the world? You seek the full-on motivating spark of knowing what it feels like to be tuned out and discovering what it really means to be tuned in all the way.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

By now, you must be feeling the frustrating effects of your own planet Mars on a long retrograde slow down through Gemini, continuing until January 12th.It’s pointless to keep trying to push ahead or make progress- whatever that means to you. You just have to factor in communication and transport delays, glitches and disruption as part of daily life. Take heart. In the midst of the gloom, on December 20th, Jupiter returns to Aries until May 16th 2023, not to return again to your sign for another 12 years. This lucky transit will put wind in your sails and encourage your pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t launch any big projects out into the world until after January 12th.Instead, get everything ready behind the scenes.

Something big this way comes.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

Time to wind down and hibernate until mid -January when the tide will turn. Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, your 9th House. Your thoughts turn to diving deeper into study, to teaching, mentoring or coaching and to planning future travels. This week, as the Sun aspects Neptune before the Solstice, reach out to your networks, tribes and friends and strengthen the bonds. One word of caution: that Full Moon last week may have delivered some sort of financial wake up call. With the Mars retrograde affecting your income, slowing down payments or delaying money owed to you, do an audit of all your resources and cut right back on outgoings until January 12th.

Rest and retreat.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

You are in a season of inner preparation, of incubation and of gestation until January 12th when Mars turns forward again in Gemini. Knowing this, work with it without frustration. Just allow ideas, insights, hunches or inklings to arise without trying to bring them through into manifestation-the time is not right. Capture them in whichever form appeals-journalling, drawing, mind mapping -as they will form the basis of a new, more creative and fluid approach to life next year. Jupiter is winding up his time at the pinnacle of your chart -your career angle-for another 12 years, so do the same by finishing up projects begun in January 2022.

Leave old dreams in the past where they belong.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

As we move into the second half of December, it’s going to be important to listen to your body’s many messages. Last week’s Full Moon with Mars has left you feeling extra sensitive and slightly vulnerable. Spend time in the comfort of your own home, in your private sanctuary, on your own to restore your energy levels. With Mars continuing retrograde until January 12th next year, there’s nowhere to go and nothing to be gained from trying to keep pushing ahead. Meanwhile, Jupiter is winding up in Pisces ready to boost your career from December 20th until next May. From mid-January, you could be stepping up to bigger things at work, so use the next 3 weeks to decide on what’s negotiable or non-negotiable for you.

Restoring your spirit.

Leo Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

For a sociable Fire sign like you, it’s not turning out to be a very jovial or happy December. With action planet Mars retrograde affecting your friends, groups and networks, it’s been more about misunderstandings than Christmas spirit. Hopefully, this enforced period of go-slow to January 12th is nudging you to look more closely at certain alliances and to cut ties with anyone who drains you or takes advantage of you. A changing of the guard is long overdue. Take heart! Lucky Jupiter is about to cross into fellow Fire sign Aries on December 20th to boost opportunities to broaden your horizons until May 16 next year.

Start planning some exciting adventures.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

The first three weeks of December have probably felt quite stressful with so many planets on key angles of your chart. It doesn’t help that Mars is in a long slow retrograde until January 12th at the top of your chart, affecting your career. If you are finding it a struggle to attract new clients or receive payments you are owed, look at your budget and see where you can make some cuts to your outgoings. With Mercury, Venus and, from the Solstice, the Sun in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, let your creativity flow, then when everything moves forward again from the end of January, you will have something to show for this in-between time.

Your inner artisan is calling for your attention.

Libra Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

With Mercury and your own planet Venus at the roots of your chart, to be joined by the Sun after the Solstice on December 21st, home is definitely where your heart is. Settle in and settle down, because, with Mars on a long go-slow until January 12th, no one is going anywhere. The ongoing transport delays, workers’ strikes and general chaos will make sure of that. That said, you are about to enjoy a rare and lucky transit of great expansionist Jupiter in your relationship zone from December 21st to May 16th. Expect to meet new people, to expand your social groups and, hopefully, for one special partnership to rekindle the love and warmth.

Keep your tribe close.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

If it feels as if you’re being held in place, unable to make progress or get clarity from anyone at all, join the club. This stasis and sense of unreality is thanks to Mars’ long go-slow which won’t be over until January 12th.Add to that, the Sun in aspect to foggy Neptune this week and it’s best to stay near home, to stop hoping for things to be different and to take care of your own wellbeing. Up ahead, as Jupiter moves into Aries from December 20 to May 16 next year, is a six months period of hard work. You are definitely going to busy, so make the most of this slow time to prepare yourself- mind, body and soul.

Suspended animation.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

Something big this way comes! Your personal planet and guide Jupiter is winding up in Pisces this week ready to cross into your fellow Fire sign Aries on December 20th.The next 6 months between now and mid-May 2023 will be a very lucky period for you. Although life for everyone is on hold until January 12th thanks to Mars on a go -slow, after that expect your inner entrepreneur to emerge and take you to some interesting places. Use the next three weeks to think big, go large and create a blueprint that will help you raise your game next year.

Remember to take those closest along for the ride.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

Of all the signs, Capricorn has the most power and potential this December, which is very good news, given that it’s going to be virtually impossible for any of us to make practical progress in the outer world. That’s mainly due to Mars’ retrograde go-slow until mid-January, causing delays, strikes and communication glitches everywhere you look. From the Solstice next week, the Sun returns to recharge your batteries working in harmony with Mercury and Venus in your sign. There’s more…Jupiter is finishing up in Pisces this week about to enter Aries from December 20th for a 6 months’ stay. This will be a lucky transit for you especially where home, tribe and family are concerned. It could bring a welcome relocation or the chance to buy property.

Capture your biggest hopes and dreams, ready to move forward next year.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

For you as an Aquarian, the last two weeks of December are for withdrawing to reflect on the mixed bag of events in 2022 and what you’ve learned from them. Don’t worry about missing out on anything as no one will be able to move forward until after January 12th when Mars finally turns direct again. This week, lucky Jupiter is winding up business in your angle of income and moving into Aries on December 20th.For the next 6 months util mid-May, your social life will take on a life of its own, opening you up to possibilities and adventures you’d never have imagined.

Make the most of this quiet time to restore your energy for next year.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: December 11-18, 2022

You’re probably feeling somewhat battered and bruised emotionally after last week’s doozy of a Full Moon at odds with spiky Mars. On top of that, the first two weeks of December have been shaking up your support systems – your home, career and sense of self. Take a long deep inbreath-now that Mercury, Venus and -after the 21st– the Sun are all in Capricorn, life is about to become easier and more sociable. The big news is that Jupiter is winding up his stay in Pisces, ready to expand your finances between December 20 and May 16 next year. During this lucky transit, you will recognise your own value, talents and skills, stop underselling yourself and choose work that rewards you, whether you’re employed or self-employed.

In the quiet times until mid-January, do a skills and resources audit so you’re ready to go for it.

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