Take a Soul Writing Journey and Discover Your Soul Gift

December 30th, 2022

By Dr Sarah Walton

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

SOUL: the spiritual, invisible essence of a human being.

WRITING: the output and the act of someone who writes.

JOURNEY: the action of travelling from one place to another.

With that in mind we can say a Soul Writing Journey is an inner journey, whose path is dictated by the unique vibrational footprint of the travel writer. On the Soul Writer Membership 2023 you’ll take monthly journeys (discount for Wake Up World readers), but you can try one at home at the end of this article, or go to my YouTube channel and be guided by my voice.

Soul Writing Journeys are inner journeys we take into our selves. The main goals are:

i) to know ourselves better

ii) to meet our soul guides

iii) to find answers to questions & problems

iv) to discover our soul gifts

v) to come home to the wholeness of our being

vi) to find our soul voice and write from our intuition

This article will focus on discovering our soul gift(s), why they are sometimes hidden, and end with a practical exercise readers can do at home to find their own soul gift – which could be anything from singing to reading, cooking, or travelling to different dimensions). And why it’s important to nurture, practice and value our gifts, which very often are not what society values.

A soul journey on a grand scale is the journey we take through life, as well as the mini soul journeys we take in our inner worlds.

Soul Journeys were the only way I could travel while recovering from brain injury in 2004. To begin with I could not fly due to cabin pressure being a risk to my brain and travel of any sort exhausted me. As a Sagittarian, the travel sign of the zodiac, this might have been more frustrating if I couldn’t have travelled in my inner world.

I discovered that Soul Writing Journeys have the power to plug travellers back into the Soul of the Universe – and many soul writers report a sense of coming home. Soul Writing Journeys require your imagination and an open heart.

We all feel lost at times and unless we are lost we cannot find the way, the path that will lead us to our true calling and discover our gifts to share with the world. Soul Writing Journeys can bring us home to ourselves and a sense of who we are. Soul Writing Journeys can realign the mind-body-feelings connection and bring us home to ourselves.

Home is our centre. Home feels safe and allows a sense of curiosity to arise. In the exercise you will do at the end of this article, you’ll start by stepping into a sense of safety. From there, the magic happens.

On my website (drsarahwalton.com) I publish the soul work of brave pilgrim writers who have dared to share the inner soul journeys they have taken on my Soul Writer Membership, an annual self-paced writing adventure where we take 12 monthly Soul Writing Journeys together every month. Read their Soul Stories and poems and you can travel with them into the multidimensional worlds of their souls, into timeless story time, beyond the realms of our physical existence. Or you can sign up and join the Soul Writer Membership 2023 on discount for Wake Up World readers at £299.

I guide Soul Writers on your personal Soul Writing Journey into your inner world. Writing is used as an anchor to describe your soul adventures. Soul Writers bring back messages and guidance that is personal to them from their travels. Like any journey, it is a learning experience. Often the wisdom received on a Soul Writing Journey is universally relevant as Soul Journeys connect writers to the collective, to the archetypal sea of knowing both beyond and part of the individual.

 “I highly recommend it as an experience and a journey
in to the depths of your psyche”
(Ian, retired psychiatrist & Soul Writer)

Using the Senses

We experience Soul Journeys with our physical senses as well as our intuitive senses.

Using the senses is one of the tricks of the trade, and a key tool in the novelist’s toolbox. I’m also a novelist and I use this approach when describe travel in my writing too – especially in my latest novel THE SILK PAVILION.

Soul Writing allows you to access the key storyteller’s toolbox within yourself – rather than “teaching” you in the way I would teach my academic students. In fact, over my years of teaching creative writing in universities, I have noted that the academic process can hinder and block writers, and sometimes, especially through the pandemic years when fear has been at a height, I have used Soul Writing Soul Journeys to unblock my academic students too.

There are five physical senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. One doesn’t need to use all of these at the same time, but using a sense other than sight, will engage the reader more fully and draw them into your story.

The Intuitive Senses

Then there are the intuitive senses. There are different ways to categorise the intuitive senses and differing opinions on how many there are. I tend to focus on the five intuitive senses that map to the physical senses, as well as the “clair” senses that map to intuitive feeling.

Clairsentient has been defined as the ability to perceive emotional or psychic energy that is imperceptible to the five physical senses. The word comes from the French word ‘clar’ which means clear and ‘sentience’, meaning feeling.

Intuitive senses that map to the five physical senses often feel similar to a real sensory physical experience.

Location, Location, Location

There are different types of Soul Journey. On my Annual Soul Writer Membership 2023, you will take Soul Journeys to 12 destinations – each month you travel deeper into yourself on an adventure – its destination to know yourself better and to step into wholeness. We start on 21 January 2023 in your safe, Soul Sanctuary and end in December with a Labyrinth walk so you can gather the fragmented pieces of your soul and return to a sense of wholeness of being.

All journeys start in your Soul Sanctuary to connect you with the feeling of safety. So you have a sense of home. From there we travel knowing we can return at any point to a place of safety and rootedness in ourselves – for, as I often say, writing authentically is a dangerous art, and if done with authenticity will take us deep into our unconscious where there are often surprises. Safety is essential to write in this way. Soul Writing confronts us with ourselves, and sometimes aspects of self that are not always comfortable, but enlightening and ultimately liberating.

We can feel confident that the surprises are always insightful and helpful to us, and do not arise unless we are ready to receive their gems of wisdom. However, they do sometimes confront us with our ‘shadow’ as Jung called the aspects of self and difficult emotions or memories which are hidden from us. In Soul Writing these hidden aspects of self arise through storytelling and arrive on the page gently and often with humour.

Authentic writing springs from this place of knowledge of all aspects of the self. Whatever the story that arises in a Soul Writing Journey, ultimately these guided meditations take us on a journey deep into ourselves. Within us are the hidden wells of truth that offer us their wisdom in the form of story. We can choose to simply see the narrative as a story outside ourselves, or reflect on the relevance to our own life.

What you need before you start the Soul Writing Journey:

As usual, have pen, paper and a soft cushion. Make sure you won’t be disturbed for about 30 minutes: 15 minutes Soul Journey and 15 minutes for your travel writing to describe the location and how it made you feel.


  • Get comfortable and give your body permission to relax and close your eyes.
  • Become aware of your body in space.
  • Bring your focus to your breath.
  • Imagine a gold light expanding with every in breath in your heart centre
  • Keep your focus on your breath.
  • Imagine every inhalation expands the golden light outwards to every molecule of your being, until your whole body vibrates gold light.
  • Connect to stillness
  • Keep bringing your focus back to the breath
  • BE the breath and the golden light

When thoughts to arise, keep bringing the focus back to the breath. 

  • Imagine you are in the most fascinating place you have ever been in your life
  • Breath into your body in this place
  • You are the Interior Designer of this land of curiosity
  • Use your imagination and inner senses to make it safe: what can you …
    • See – trees, sky, or are you inside?
    • Hear – do you hear birds, water gurgling, silence?
    • Touch – is the atmosphere cool or warm – you can adjust it?
    • Taste – if you are by the shore you might taste salt on your tongue.
    • Smell – wild flowers, baking bread?
    • Open your Intuitive senses – how do you feel? Safe, calm, free? Curious, excited?
  • Change whatever you wish to make it more interesting
  • Now breathe in this space
  • Find a spot to sit and get comfortable
  • Add anything that makes you feel more creative (piano, pens, paper)
  • Now relax and enjoy breathing in your Place of Curiosity & Magic
  • Magically your soul gift appears in front of you. It for you on your writing journey into wonder in 2023
  • Touch your Soul Gift, or if it’s invisible and energetic, connect with the energy of your soul gift

 Now for the writing bit: 

  • Keep your focus on the breath & the feeling of wonder
  • Connect to the feeling of love in your heart centre
  • Imagine a spark of golden light from your heart centre into the palm of your writing hand
  • Pick up your pen and write.

Describe the location and the gift using your five senses

Don’t worry about full stops, punctuation or grammar. Just write. Translate images and feelings, impressions, anything that arises within you on into words on the page. Trust your pen. Trust your soul. Keep writing until you are ready to stop.

 Trust your pen. Trust your soul. Keep writing until you have all the details on the page: the colours, the sounds, the sensations. Is there anything you missed? Write it down.


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About the author:

Dr Sarah Walton is a novelist and Founder of Soul Writing – a method of writing from the intuition she developed in 2004 when recovering from brain injury. She uses her powerful method to unblock people’s creativity in their writing and connect to your creativity. Writing and creativity is also a powerful tool to unblock our lives – as well as healing from the trauma of the past.

Email [email protected] to book a private session or ask a question.

Write from your intuition and tap into the healing power of writing – Soul Writing: https://drsarahwalton.com/

THE SILK PAVILION‘a brave and important book’ – Grace Nichols, Queen’s Gold Medal winner 2022.

FREE SOUL JOURNEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyGgOrDmWH0&t=3s

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