Cosmic Acupuncture: Astrology Forecast January 1st – 8th, 2023

January 2nd, 2023

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Welcome to 2023 – the unknown unknown.It might be January 1st on the calendar but the New Year really begins on January 21/22 at the Aquarian Super New Moon electrified by Uranus turning direct.

This week, although both Mercury and Mars are retrograde -slowing and delaying action in the outer world – Venus is tangoing with Pluto in the jaws of the Wolf Full Moon as the Sun and Mercury plug into Awakener Uranus and the Node of Fate. It’s going to feel like a session of cosmic acupuncture- as the Uranian high frequency delivers short, sharp shocks of the totally unexpected, complete with flashpoints and breakthroughs.

This Wolf Moon on January 7 is an opening for much-needed emotional clearing and healing. The Cancer/Capricorn axis and planets in your chart have been under enormous stress and transformation ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008, intensified by the devastation brought by the epochal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020. The Sun in Capricorn is conjunct retrograde Mercury, with Mars and Uranus also retrograde. The Sun/Moon are square Wounded Healer Chiron in Aries, trine Uranus and the karmic Node of Fate in Taurus.

If you look closely, you might start to see this wholesale somatic and psychic restructuring as a certain kind of Grace… not the sweet, sugary grace that is the favourite Instagram kind, but a grace that is fierce and wild and has a disassembling energy to it. It’s the grace of Kali, a raging grace, a creative and destructive reorganisation of consciousness.

We all need some gentleness now. We all need some healing. We all need a rest. It starts with being kinder to yourself and then kinder to others, making the leap to trusting in life again. It can be so easy to lose track of your home base, whether imagined as the palace of the soul, the light of the spirit, or the ventral passageways of the holy human nervous system.

Your wound is not pathology, it is path. It has something to show you that the unbroken could never reveal. If you will provide a holding space for the broken pieces to reassemble, they will reveal an unmet doorway.

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Chandra Symbol Full Moon Cancer 17:

A woman working busily at a spinning wheel.

“Trance states as natural evolution. Being inside the inside, yet staying under and weaving a web in time of remembrance and forgetfulness and remembrance. Deeply involved with the personal, yet coldly detached from whatever does not serve. Persuading, teaching, invoking, insisting that what comes next, comes next, that we must get on with the dance. This is a penetrating sensibility which finds what can be brought forward and fosters it all-pervasively. The collective voice of conscience at her post, attentive and scrutinizing. A void in terms of letting everything be, and an immense force to follow the thread of growth and development all the way through, catching every stitch.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

This week’s Cancer Full Moon across two key angles of your chart starts you considering the possibility of a radically different career and life direction. As Pluto prepares to move away from the pinnacle of your chart in March after spending the last 14 years reshaping your life from the ground up, you need to build a whole new supportive architecture. With Chiron in Aries until 2027, one of your greatest lessons is learning to balance being a lone pioneer to working cooperatively with others.

Integrating your learning with your resources.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

Your own planet Venus encounters Transformer Pluto just before the Cancer Full Moon. Notice yourself being drawn to new ways of bringing your most deeply held beliefs into your daily life through teaching, travelling and studying. With both Mercury and Mars retrograde, it’s not a time for action but a space for much needed rest and regeneration. Some of your most creative ideas arise when you allow your mind and body to re-set organically. Keep a journal next to you and capture your dreams before they disappear back into the ethers-their messages will point you in a new direction.

Let everything that is inessential fall away.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

You might be feeling as if you’re being somehow held in place. This is the effect of Mars travelling backwards through your own sign ever since the end of October combined with your personal planet Mercury now retrograde in Capricorn. As Venus dances with Pluto at the Cancerian Full Moon on January 7th, focus on what this enforced period of inaction is showing you. It’s time to go deeper, not wider. Time to dive to the depths of a passion or project instead of skating on the surface. Time to absorb knowledge and slowly turn it into wisdom, instead of busily collecting bits of information.

Ripening and evolving.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

After 14 years of Transformer Pluto in your opposite sign, reducing many of your former relationships and certainties to rubble, you are emerging much more resourceful and resilient- emotionally, mentally and spiritually- than you would ever have thought possible.2023,set to open an entire new life chapter for you, opens with a Full Moon in Cancer. The square to Medicine Man Chiron at the pinnacle of your chart is a clear message that to heal old wounds, you need to evolve your own unique blue print by letting go of your old self-sabotaging stories.

Which repetitive patterns and futile struggles are dead in the water?

Leo Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

This week, after a long period of downtime, it’s suddenly clear that you need to get moving. Not in terms of pushing ahead with goals or trying to make plans but literally and physically. The Cancerian Full Moon is activating your 6th House of day- to- day work, routines and health, nudging you to take care of your own ecology-your body, mind and spirit. The more you look after yourself, the more expanded your energy field, in preparation for an incoming year of great change.

Ask others to support you in this.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

Rather like Gemini, you might be feeling as if you’re somehow being held in place. This is the effect of Mars travelling backwards across the pinnacle of your chart ever since the end of October, combined with your personal planet Mercury now retrograde in Capricorn. Rather than focusing on what is not happening, ask yourself:” If I were willing to step out of my comfort zone, what opportunities would arise for me?”  Life is always responsive when you release your intentions into the fertile depths of your consciousness so they can grow and flourish.

Make your mantra: Change is an inside job.

Libra Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

2022 was a challenging year for many solar Librans, taking every last ounce of your commitment and courage to keep on keep on keeping. Happily, in 8 weeks’ time Pluto is permanently moving on from crossing and recrossing the roots of your chart where he has been destabilising your home and tribe since 2008.Jupiter is now in Aries boosting your one- to -one partnerships-both personal and professional. So, take heart- Saturday’s Full Moon brings medicine, healing and regeneration.

Make kindness your religion.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

Last year brought change after change-both inner and outer- thanks to wild card eclipses across Scorpio and Taurus. These occur once more in May and October 2023, not to recur for another 18 years. Knowing this, find ways to love and support those closest to you, asking them about their hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Listen more than you speak. Transformer Pluto is going to start crossing the roots of your chart in only 8 weeks’ time, bringing transformation to your home, family and extended tribe until 2043.

Ask yourself: “In the way I’m living my life, how am I being the medicine?”

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

Unlike many of the other signs, you are full of energy and raring to jump feet first into the new year ahead. Thanks to expansive Jupiter in fellow Fire sign Aries, innovative and compelling ideas for a change of direction are rising to the surface. Channel all this by capturing these insights in a journal or mind mapping or vision boarding-whatever approach works for you. One caveat-as transformer Pluto moves into your angle of communication in only 8 weeks’ time, take care not to overwhelm those closest to you at home or at work with your intensity. Step it down a little.

Personal rapport matters more than outer success.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

As a solar Capricorn, this is a double New Year for you through to January 21st.As you make your own private birthday wishes for 2023, know that your own planet Saturn will move into your angle of connection in Pisces in only 8 weeks’ time. Pisces’ watery, diffuse Neptunian energy can sometimes be hard for you to grasp as it is so different from earthy, practical Capricorn. The key for the next 3 years is making empathy, compassion and intuition more important than goal setting and achievement.

Learning how to walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

The last two years since Lord of Time and Karma Saturn began scouring your own sign of Aquarius have been deeply challenging on a personal level. There have been continuous tests and obstacles, coming one after the other without respite. In this month just before your birthday, you need rest, healing and space to appreciate how resourceful and resilient you have become under pressure -Saturn’s parting gift ahead of his exit into Pisces in early March.2023 is going to bring yet more transformation when Pluto enters your sign, so this week, this month, start by permanently eliminating certain responsibilities that were never yours in the first place.

Freeing yourself up.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: January 1-8, 2023

Between now and January 21st at the Aquarian Super Moon, after weeks of inertia courtesy of Mars retrograding back and forth over the base of your chart since last October, your energy, stamina and creativity finally return.It has been almost literally draining. With Jupiter now amplifying your money luck until mid-May, consciously commit to tithing an amount each month, no matter how small it might be. Be in no hurry to make things happen-when Saturn returns to Pisces in early March for the first time in 28 years, you’ll have no choice but to step up into a leadership role.

Retreat into your fertile inner world knowing that everything is seeding itself in its own time.

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