Reconnecting Wake Up World’s Lost Tribe – Please Join us Once Again on Facebook

March 11th, 2023

By Ryan Mullins

Wake Up World Founder

What I love most about our Wake Up World community is the fact that it has always been just that – a community. 

Some of you reading this will have been with us for all of our 13 years – old friends. And some of you will be fairly new to Wake Up World. But what we all have in common is our drive to make a difference – to share information to help create a more conscious, compassionate, and sustainable world. In essence, to wake up souls around the globe.

When I started Wake Up World all those years ago, social media was the obvious choice for building our community. And of course, Facebook was the biggest community-building tool of all at that time. We didn’t know then how troubling Facebook’s power over free speech would ultimately become.

As many of you know, Wake Up World’s page was deleted by Facebook early last year, and so our community of 3.8 million like-minded souls vanished overnight.

After a great deal of soul-searching, I have decided that the time is right to try to reconnect our lost tribe back on Facebook. Those 3.8 million people are still out there, wondering what happened to Wake Up World; when some reconnect with us on other platforms, they always express delight at having found us.

To do this, I will need your help. If you do decide to come and join us back on Facebook, I’d love it if you would like and follow the new page, and be as interactive as possible by liking, commenting and sharing as many posts as are appropriate for you. This will help with Facebook’s algorithms and will benefit the reach of the page.

I know that some of you have taken a personal stance against Facebook and have left the platform in protest. I completely understand that – so I would like to explain why I have taken the decision to rejoin.

When I started Wake Up World, my end goal was that WuW would ultimately become:

  1. A fully equipped multimedia news network company, including television studios to produce high-quality daily news content for an array of daily shows.
  2. A physical location – for awakened and awakening souls, where people could come and explore different zones dedicated to health and wellbeing, permaculture, spirituality, and other Wake Up World topics.  

In June 2015, amazingly, we were well on our way to reaching those goals. 

On June 15th, 2015, WuW enjoyed its busiest day of traffic to the site, receiving an incredible 527,078 page views in 24 hours, with 398,208 of those from Facebook alone. 

We smashed through into the top 14,000 websites in the world out of billions and we were on target to make it into the top 10,000. 

WuW’s incredible growth was achieved 100% organically. We had a mind-blowing reach, and we were truly making a difference. 

I used to get emails from people who had stopped themselves from committing suicide as they remembered something they read on WuW and it changed their direction in life into a very positive one. What we were doing really mattered.

 But then things began to change. 

Because there was too much truth being exposed all over the internet, the would-be controllers started to turn the screws on alternative media, creating devastating financial impacts for sites like ours.

First, it was YouTube that suddenly banned us from ad revenue profits. Then Facebook started to kill off our organic growth and wanted to be paid to maintain our amazing level of reach – I worked out that it would cost us around 2 million USD per year to keep our reach at approximately 16 million news feeds per week!

Then Twitter and Instagram began shadow-banning WuW and stopping our reach, and we slipped further and further down in Google search, resulting in less and less traffic. 

On June 15th, 2015, we had 3316 views directly from Google. Yesterday, we had 36. 

The decline was slow, but Facebook deleting our page was close to the final nail in the coffin. 

At that time, I had two options: throw in the towel and let them win – and I contemplated this many times – OR fight back and keep the site alive.

I chose to keep fighting even though the financial implications were horrendous. I still believed in Wake Up World – and what’s more, I knew that many of you did too. 

And now, finally, energetically it feels like the bottom has been reached. I sense that the worst is over. 

So I do believe that it’s time for WuW to rise out of the ashes like the phoenix with a desire to climb higher than ever before.  

I’ve seen firsthand that the WuW tribe is a remarkable and amazing group of souls. WuW could have never made it to its heights without you all. 

So now I’m asking you to help us start to climb again, by supporting our return to Facebook

It’s the fastest and easiest way for us to regain some of the reach that we once had – and to make the difference in the world that we’ve always wanted to make.

I once met a stranger who I told about WuW and she checked out our Facebook page;  she was astounded that she already had 155 friends who followed our page. Our lost tribe is still out there, we just need to reunite them. And we need your help to achieve this, through liking and sharing our content on Facebook.

We were so close back in 2015. We can do it this time.

For those of you who are still on Facebook – I would be ever so grateful if you could please like our page and share, comment on and like as many posts as are appropriate for you over the coming weeks and into the future. If everyone reading this does that, the knock-on effects will be amazing – and we will start to find our lost tribe once more. 

I understand that Facebook isn’t the fix-all solution, but it is a part of a greater plan that will evolve during this year, with some new and exciting potentials for the future which I will share with you all as time goes on.

If you have chosen to distance yourself from Facebook and don’t want to join us there, I understand – in that instance, please wish us luck and look out for other ways you can support us in the future. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who would like to join us. 

The time is right – let’s relight the Wake Up World fire and be the beacon we once were before we lost so many of our tribe. 

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