And So It Begins: Astrology Forecast March 19th – 26th

March 20th, 2023

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

This is a week for the memory books. A fiery New Moon at the Aries Equinox exactly conjuncts the sensitive World Axis, as Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time since 1798, signalling a radically new era between now and 2043. The next day, Mars exits Gemini after an unheard of 7 months’ transit and dives into Cancer, immediately activating both Saturn and Pluto.

To put the astrology into perspective, this is the 2nd stage of the 1st Saturn/Pluto Event Horizon – their epochal conjunction in January 2020 –which changed life for everyone as we knew it when, in March 2020, half the planet was put under lockdown. We lost more than our personal freedoms – we lost our naïve belief that someone knew better than we did; we lost our belief in what we thought of as continual “progress”.

Now Saturn and Pluto are aligning again – this time 30 degrees apart -Saturn at 0 Pisces and Pluto at 0 Aquarius. These Gods of Change are unfathomably powerful transpersonal forces that shift the collective Zeitgeist and evolution of humanity. As they both change signs along with personal planet Mars, the impact is going to be a quantum Wave all the way from the transpersonal to the personal and back again.

There’s far too much to cover in this weekly overview. If you are a subscriber, re-read my current March 2023 5D Report for an indepth forecast and coaching tools.

The New Moon at 0 Aries is switching on the ignition keys of life, aligning with Pluto, Saturn, Mars and the karmic Nodes of Fate, sparking strong Will, forward momentum and initiation. This is the first of two New Moons in Aries-the next one on April 20 will be a total eclipse.

Start now……engage fully with the agenda that has the most pull, the most attraction, the most compelling quality and do everything at 100%.

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Chandra Symbol New Moon ARIES 1:

A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring.

“Objective Earth existence embraced with a fury. You submerge yourself in the brute facts and the bare phenomena. You become ready and able to do what is asked or needed and to put nothing in the way of each next thing happening, right on schedule. You actually become a hardy vessel for strong Earth usage. It is a form of penance for past excesses, now gravitating toward the straight and narrow and trying to get certain things straight for a brand-new start. It is the initial phase, the radically new cycle taken up with a passion, with an omnivorous appetite for things to do, problems to solve, worlds to streamline. Tremendous for activating will; intended for nothing else.”

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

The Sun returns to Aries at the Equinox on March 20th followed immediately by a stunning New Moon. You couldn’t wish for a clearer signal that this is a new year and a new start. What big idea, plan, project or initiative has your name on it? Start it now and watch it grow. There’s more. Unusually, there’s a second Aries New Moon – a powerful total eclipse on April 20th.Between now and then, do a major de-clutter of anything-limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, possessions-that have been weighing you down. On March 25th, Mars crosses the base of your chart into Cancer for the first time in 2 years suggesting some sort of homecoming.


Taurus Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

The Aries New Moon is in your hidden 12th House the engine room of your chart, working behind the scenes to ready you for the changes ahead. Your personal planet Venus has just returned to Taurus, smoothing your path and drawing helpers and supporters towards you. This is perfect timing as Pluto enters Aquarius until July and crosses the pinnacle of your chart. Something big is brewing and you may get hints about what it could be this week. Clue: Pluto in your 10th House of public reputation, direction and career is going to ask you to step up into influencing and leadership roles and be much more visible.

The greatest magnetism is being your authentic self.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

Unusually, the Equinox New Moon is the first of two in Aries this year, the second being a total eclipse on April 20th.They both fall in your 11th House of groups, alliances and friendships, suggesting endings and a changing of the guard in your social life. Start reflecting on who drains you and who lifts you and the way forward will be obvious. Cut away the ties that no longer bind. Meanwhile on March 23, Transformer Pluto dips a toe into Aquarius, giving you a tantalising preview of what to expect between now and 2043.His trip through your 9th House will expand your world, both literally -through travel- and metaphorically -through teaching and study.

Mars exits Gemini on the 25thafter 7 months, so cut yourself some well- earned slack.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

At the Equinox on March 20th, the Sun crosses the pinnacle of your chart followed on the 21st by a stunning Aries New Moon. Unusually, this will be bracketed by a second New Moon on April 20th -this time a total eclipse. For you, it signals a new start in your direction, career or business. Don’t overthink it, as Mars returns to Cancer on March 25th for the first time in 2 years, boosting your confidence and motivation. Work everything at 100%. For the last 15 years, Transformer Pluto has been evolving your relationships, often through difficult encounters with authority figures. From the 23rd until July, you’ll have a foretaste of what life is like when you’re no longer directly in his sights.

Carving a new path.

Leo Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

The Sun returns to fellow Fire Sign Aries at the Equinox, hours before the Aries New Moon. Unusually, this year, there are two -the second a total eclipse on April 20. In the four weeks in between, find the motivation to complete one teaching/coaching/studying project and initiate another, much closer to your heart. On March 23, Transformer Pluto dips a toe in Aquarius, your opposite sign, giving you a preview of how far your relationships will evolve between now and 2043.This week check the strength and resilience of your contracting-explicit or implicit-with close partners, co-workers and professionals. As Mars enters the engine room of your chart, some outworn alliances may need to go.

Keep the win/win contracts and drop the win/lose dynamics.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

Just when Saturn has moved into your angle of partnerships, the Sun moves out at the Equinox on March 20. The fiery Aries New Moon on the 21st is the first of two in your 8th House with the second a total eclipse on April 20. This suggests issues needing to be resolved around joint finances or shared assets. Knowing that an eclipse is going to shake up these areas in four weeks’ time, avoid committing to any big investments, debts or loans before then, as the picture could change quite dramatically. On March 23, change agent Pluto dips a toe into your 6th House, giving you a preview of how this long transit will engineer circumstances that mean you have no choice but to evolve your work, your routines and your health.

A whole new chapter.

Libra Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

Your sign is going to be centre stage along with your opposite sign of Aries until 2025.That’s due to the Aries New Moon at the Equinox on March 20 being the first of two this year with the second  a total eclipse. You’re ready to express a new way of being in the world and experience the evolutionary impact of others in your life and a series of wild card eclipses across Aries/Libra will ensure just that over the next 18 months. On March 23, Transformer Pluto enters futurist Aquarius until July, giving you a preview of what the next years will bring. Pluto has been in harsh aspect to your sign since 2008, creating disruption and change in your home, family and tribe. As he enters your 5th House of creativity, the pressure will start to recede.

Ask yourself:If everything is up for grabs and nothing is a given, what would I want to create in the world/for the world and how would I go about creating it?”

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

A new season and entire new chapter begin at the Equinox New Moon in Aries. Unusually, this is the first of two this year-the second being a total eclipse on April 20. For you as a Scorpio, Aries highlights issues connected with work, routines and your health. Frame the next four weeks as a time to identify and break habits that are undermining you, ready to implement creative new ways of increasing your overall wellbeing. On March 23,Great eliminator Pluto dips a toe into Aquarius .Since November 2008,Pluto has been transforming your 3rd House of connection and communication. Now it’s time to plan how you’re going to permanently close a long chapter of your home and family life, ready to move on over the next few years.

The search for true belonging.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

The new astrological year begins at the Equinox on March 20th, along with a stunning New Moon in fellow Fire sign Aries. Your personal benefactor Jupiter is already in Aries, boosting your luck as your creative and pioneering ambitions soar. With a rare second Aries New Moon -this time a total eclipse- arriving on April 20th, make your mantra:” Out with the old, in with the new”. Pluto ‘s brief move into Aquarius on the 23rd promises to bring another huge shift in your priorities. Since late 2008, the Transformer has pushed you to make radical change to your finances and resources. If you have lingering debt, take steps to reduce it as much as you can. The focus moves to communication connection and innovation.

Start now by upskilling your competence with technology and upgrading your platforms.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

There are endings and new beginnings everywhere, as the Sun then an Aries New Moon lights up the roots of your chart at the Equinox. This year, there are not just one but two Aries New Moons with the second a total eclipse on April 20. This kickstarts a series of Aries/Libra eclipses through to 2025 which will bring change to your family, your tribe and to where and how you live. Then on March 23, Transformer Pluto dips a toe into Aquarius until July, giving you a preview of the next chapter of your life. Aquarius is your angle of income and resources, both of which will evolve quite radically as Pluto spends the next 20 years here.

Since Pluto has just spent 15 years in Capricorn as your close companion, you are now an expert at working with the changes, rather than resisting them.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

Just watch life as life speeds up from the Equinox on March 20th, kickstarted by the first of two Aries New Moons-the second being a doozy of a total eclipse on April 20th. Aries fires up your communications and connections, so expect to feel wired. Between now and the eclipse, take the first practical steps to launch a new project that has your name on it-one that inspires and intrigues you. As if that’s not enough for one week, on March 23 change agent Pluto steps into Aquarius until July, giving you a foretaste of forthcoming possibilities. Think of Pluto in Aquarius until 2043 as your once in a lifetime chance for radical reinvention. You’re about to have a transfusion of personal power, influence and agency.

Take steps to improve your physical health and wellbeing by deleting bad habits that undermine you.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: March 19-26, 2023

Your birthday month ends as the Sun enters Aries at the Equinox and the first of two Aries New Moons signals changes around your money, your income and your resources. The second will be a total eclipse on April 20th, starting a series of financial cosmic wild cards through to 2025.Luckily,you have Jupiter alongside, showcasing your efforts and contributions until mid-May, so make a solid case for a pay rise or promotion. If you work for yourself, diversify your income streams. The God of Wealth Pluto steps into Aquarius on March 23 until July, giving you a taste of where your power will lie in the next few years. This is your deep 12th house, the engine room of your chart and repository of your unconscious dreams and drives, where logic fails and intuition reigns supreme.

The more you tune into the zeitgeist, the more you trust your instincts, the more you’ll pick up trends before they become mainstream.

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