Emergent Souls in the Shift: Stretch Out Your Wings and Soar!

April 6th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Dear Emergent Souls, yes it’s complex out there in the Shift right now, yes the shadow continues its machinations, yes plenty around you are conditioned into the high-tech metaverse. BUT, there’s a crucial reason YOU can see it. It’s BECAUSE you’re emerging from it! So take heart, have faith. Let your soul dream big and keep centering in the Sacred Ground of Being. Transcend the density by feeling the expansiveness emergent from it. You were seeded here for this. You’ve got this…

Beyond the Feeling of Dark and Heavy

I know that when you take a look around you in the Shift right now, at all those who’re still engrossed and duped into the shadow system, that it can, at times, feel dark and heavy. This is where focus and attention are going to help you greatly. Notice the boulders on the path, yes, BUT, focus on the path between them!…

What brings you joy?
What makes you feel timeless and expanded?
What stirs your passion?
What generates the feeling of rightness inside?
How does it feel when you’re connected to nature?

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Get to Know the Feeling of Your Soul

The journey of emergence is all about getting to know the feelings of your soul. If life pulls you into the mind a good deal, this can at first be a challenge. You’ll get flashes and extended moments of it, but how can you be in the soul all the time?

It’s about paying attention within. Then noticing the feeling of “rightness”. It’s when you feel in your element. Notice these moments most of all and what it is that’s generated the feeling – what were you doing and how were you being that caused it to happen?

When you’re in these states of happiness and plain okayness with life, of relaxation and feeling centred in your truth, there will be inner feelings associated with these states. Pay attention to them. Attune to them. For these are you, more than any identity will ever be.

Anchoring in the Sacred Ground of Being

The more you attune to the feeling of simple rightness of your soul, progressively you’re drawn into your Sacred Ground of Being within. It’s the hallowed place at the core of you. It’s a sense of belonging. It feels like home.

Take time to breathe plenty. And feel as the breath opens the chakra points. You’re connecting into the Torus, the Flower of Life, where the Sacred Ground of Being – your experience of the Torus – is to be found. Let the feeling emerge and expand through you. Let it be there as your background state. For this is the real you.

Don’t worry if you lose this state many times during the day. That’s okay. Society seems perfectly configured to distract you out of it. All you have to do is catch yourself. Pause. Reflect. What’s really important to you? Remind yourself of your sacred divinity. Whatever is going on in the mind or repetitive thought loops, drop into the heart and simply breathe.

Have no fear. You will break through and emerge out again.
Just keep doing this. Catch yourself, breathe, and expand out.

Getting to Know the Sacred Ground of Being

Living in Transcendence

We must learn to live now in transcendence pretty much all the time. You see the progressive collapse of the outer and those caught in the breakdown. But you’re learning to be less and less effected by it, less and less attached. This is not your future. It is not your truth or expanded reality. See it yes, but keep touching and attuning to the emergent soul within. Let it expand and carry you. See your 5D dream emerge through the clouds. Keep focussing on the feeling of rightness of soul. Now let THIS inform your life, your choices, how you feel to be and express.

You’re living in transcendence, where now the infusing energies of the new paradigm begin to lift you up. Remember, we’re living in two worlds now, not one. And you get to choose which informs your reality. Let’s make sure, in any given day, that we’re breaking through, that we’re making good choices!

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Bright blessings dear soul!


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