Star Souls Processing the Impact of Sirius Karma: 5 Key Traits

April 11th, 2023

By Open

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Many souls amongst us are remembering glimpses of past lives in other constellations. First Nation tribes speak of ‘descending from the stars’. Our star soul heritage and karma are greatly influencing the course of events here on Earth right now. If we can gain some kind of insight on how, then it can help people rationalise what they’re dealing with in day-to-day life, and ease the path through the karmic plane.

There can be nothing more impactful than the shattering Sirius B shift of 120 million years ago. Many souls have come here to process the karma of that. Maybe you have some of the Sirius archetype? Here’s an outline from direct personal experience to support your shift.

It All Began on Lyra

In my knowing, the humanoid form first appeared in our galaxy in the constellation Lyra, hundreds of millions of years ago. Essentially we are all distant cousins. Population of the cosmos happened from consciousness, the natural Law of Attraction drawing related souls to favourable conditions for that particular form. Even though we are all related, we will have distinct resonances with particular constellations, due to the fact that souls will have first emerged in a particular location and have soul families there – such as the Pleiades for example.

However, it is often the case that a starsoul will have spent past lives in several constellations. Usually the Law of Attraction draws to varying experiences so as to be able to learn and empathise with others. The exception here on Earth, are those purely human souls who have only recently emerged here – in comparison, these are relatively young souls that are only a few million years old.

When contemplating star soul origins, my sense is it’s often considered ‘sexy’ to have emerged from the Pleiades, Arcturus or Andromeda for example, but not so much from the constellations Sirius and Orion. That’s to do with the shattering impact of the Opposing Consciousness Interventions that took place in these star systems, the highly challenging karma of which, many are dealing with right here and now. Although it’s something many would rather (understandably) sweep under the inconvenient rug, it is important however, to have an understanding of those archetypes, because in one way or another, they are going to be influencing all of us; if not internally, then in those we encounter in day to day life.

So what might the Sirius archetype be?

The Big “C”

In a word, the greatest challenge a soul will likely face as a result of Sirius influence is “control”. The Sirian populations became highly advanced technologically, especially in being able to manipulate the surrounding energy field. If you can manipulate the 4D, then you can easily control manifestation in the 3D. Life here on Earth to my mind, is heading rapidly in a similar direction to the Sirius legacy: genetic modification of the human form and sentient life in the food chain; manipulation of the weather and climate; artificial intelligence to support greater technological advancement; “transhumanism” to enhance and perpetuate the human form; exploitation of varying energy sources including “Free Energy” from the field; physical space travel to populate other planets in our solar system; and in spiritual circles, manipulating the Law of Attraction to – putting it bluntly – manifest what the ego might want.

Although to some, such development may sound ‘cool’, it does not bode well for life here on 3D Earth. Nothing is free! Nothing we do is without its wider impact. The Law of cause and effect dictates that what you do to a living system, will touch the lives of ALL sentient beings in it. If you exploit too much energy in a particular way, that can render the whole system unbalanced and unstable. It can lead to disastrous and explosive consequences, as happened on Sirius 120 million years ago.
(I’ve shared a perspective in the Book DIVINICUS:rise of the divine human.)

To my mind, control is the biggest karmic challenge of life on Earth today. Too many are trying to manipulate the flow in some way, be it through ‘advanced’ technology, or by using distorted spiritual laws to manifest in a slightly more ‘clever’ way. It is not clever to over exploit and destroy the very environment on which we depend. Neither is it hugely evolved.

We’ll gain far more by working to understand the natural flow and coming into alignment with it.

So what are the specific karmic challenges many will be dealing with?

5 Key Influences of the Sirian Archetype

Essentially the influences of the Sirian Archetype mostly take place within the lower four chakras. Here is a brief outline of some of the main challenges faced. I’ve put them in descending order to reflect the density in which they each manifest…

5. Forming Fixed Opinion and Judgment: 

Judgment and authentic discernment often have a very fine dividing line between them. It’s highly beneficial of course to be able to form accurate discernments of the nature of reality around you and the behaviourisms of other sentient life – they all affect your path in some way. The soul can then choose the aligned flow through the multi-dimensional landscape you form. But when a discernment slips into a rigidly fixed opinion about someone, or about the surrounding circumstances, then that becomes a condemnation of reality, which is where discernment becomes judgment. This is not only limiting of those around you (because of the often subconscious projection of judgment), but also self-limiting, because it limits more rapid evolutionary change; everything is of consciousness, if you strongly believe something to be a particular way, then this hampers the possibility that you can change things to a more highly evolved pattern. In my observation, this is a classic challenge of the Sirius archetype.

It is best overcome not by denying the opinions one forms. But working to be as open with them as possible – softening any tightness in the heart chakra where the judgment is often formed. Being clear in the mind that all things can and do change. Working with the Christ Consciousness can be a great help in softening judgmentalism and realigning it to authentic non-judgmental discernment. It requires a great deal of acceptance of others through fully opening the heart. Work particularly on acceptance.

Early Trauma

4. Tightening of the Solar Plexus: 

This chakra connects into lower mind and the plane of the intellect. Psychics and mediums often have a very open solar plexus chakra. It’s where we start to read to patterning through the field as it’s coming into being and so witness the physical manifestation of synchronicity. It leads to an interpretation of ‘future-landing-now’. An evolution of that is where you become able to amplify and bring the flow into physical manifestation. We are creative beings and meant to express creativity. However, such a gift comes with great responsibility too – realising that the manifestations you bring into being, can, and will, affect the whole. Some may use their ‘parking angels’ in the 4D to manifest that much needed parking slot, but what if a less abled person was meant (by the flow) to have it? We are all interconnected. Every action impacts the whole.

That said, it is my observation we are also meant to become active co-creators within the consensus reality – that is a facet of the emergent humanity. To deny the flow coming through you is also ego. So it’s important to our very well-being to allow creative manifestation to amplify through us. The challenge arises where this amplification causes you to fixate around the manifestations you are meant to bring into being. It generates tightness in the head, and contracting down in the solar plexus, experienced as head aches and nausea – classic symptoms of attachment, control and misaligned action. It ultimately leads to a disconnection from the flow and then creating field constructs according to a separated agenda. This is exactly what the Opposing Consciousness has done in many constellations – the risk is to fall into that Intervention and to become an unwitting part of it. That’s exactly the place countless millions find themselves locked into within society. It is anything but civilised!

If the influence of excessive control impacts you in the solar plexus (and also the Third Eye), my observation is you’ll have to work hard to realign the distortion, with full commitment, that can take many years to properly fulfil. I’ve witnessed many who’ve manifested a realigning path that leads to countless ‘failures’ to create. Their very soul derails manifestation, often right at the last moment. It’s a way of ‘softening’ the solar plexus action, by causing it to engage in creative acts, but most importantly, not attaching to the outcome – not needing it to go a certain way. Thus healing leads to fluid and flexible action, effortlessly expanding and contracting, coming into focus, before dissolving into expansion. In this way, only aligned creations are brought into being. Work particularly on being within the doing.

3. Emotional Attachment of the Sacral Chakra:

In an emotional sense, it is my observation that the Sirius influence is highly loyal in relationships and can be very self-sacrificing. This comes with the caveat that there is often some deeper need due to a sense of community belonging. It means they can be very needy within relationship, with a tendency to manipulate and emotionally blackmail. An inherent karmic disconnect from the divine flow has led to the fear of isolation, which is partially fulfilled by partnership. Often someone with this Sirius emotional archetype will also tend to project their emotional pain into their outer environment. By spreading the pain, it becomes easier to tolerate, but crucially, the karmic source is not engaged or worked with. There’s often an emotional ‘fizz’ on the surface, but without properly internalising so as to unravel the roots of the karma.
(Explore this 9 step spiritual healing process for dealing with karmic source pain.)

Sirians are strongly community orientated, which at its core is a good thing of course, but it is also often due to this emotional neediness that community connections are sought. Facebook, youtube and other portal sites (to my mind)  are classic manifestations of that – the connections are mostly shallow and on the surface, the emotion spread virally at a surface level so as to pull in and attach. There are of course many good aspects of the internet – the spread of knowledge and the activation of consciousness. The challenge is where people attach and get addicted – emotionally and mentally. Obsesssive compulsive behaviour and addiction are typical of the Sirius archetype. The key to dealing with emotional attachment is to express it and bring it out into the open: yes, this is important, because that way, you’re provided signposts in the direction you must work. But the alchemical change can only happen internally. So you must internalise the inquiry and explore deep into the source pain of the problem in order to realign it.

That means allowing the experience to be there and working into it so as to soften it, and allow aligned soul to come through. In which case the distortion dissolves. Work particularly on acceptance of solitude.
(I’ve shared countless tips, tools and advice for dealing with such distortions in the book 5GATEWAYS).

2. Excessive Consumption and Distorted Sexuality: 

These tend to be root chakra distortions (but also sacral). The central theme of the Sirius karmic challenge is lack of trust due to a general disconnect from the divine. This understandably happens in places of great density – the soul fixates on objects in the outer landscape and so contracts into that reality. Think of the metaphoric apple from the Garden of Eden – the taste is so exquisite, the form so perfected, that when you consume of it, then it’s easy to become identified with what you’ve consumed. The more you engross within that experience, the more disconnected you become. Not that we shouldn’t experience and enjoy the ‘apple’ in all its myriad of forms of course, the key is not to attach to the experience.

1. Being the Victim: 

The Sirius shift was a shattering explosion. Although the population were made aware the shift was happening in advance by divine messengers who went to the star system, nevertheless, when it happened, the shift was sudden, explosive and shattering. Many souls were cast adrift in space, from which, it took a great deal of time for many to be recovered by the angelic realm. For many who suffered this fate, there’s often the feeling of abandonment, not belonging anywhere, alienation and the inexplicable sense of being betrayed or “abandoned by God”. It fosters self-doubt and self blame, leading to the karmic filter of victimhood – everything conspiring against you. If you can recgonise these traits, activate them and regress back into the karma, then you can heal at a soul level and dispatch the karmic distortions from the way you manifest reality.
Reach out to Openhand if you’d like support dealing with Sirius karma

Fully Immersed in Reality But Non-Attached

Non-attachment is not mastered however through denial and renunciation. On the contrary – it’s by fully engaging and partaking of the activities that would attach you, and working into them with non self-judgment, but in the midst of them, always attuning to the sense of rightness of the soul. You’re working to connect with the expansive feelings of soul all the time. This is essentially what is meant by ‘tantra’ – being fully in the experience, but always reconnecting the divine loop of consciousness whilst in it.

This is as true for all ‘consumptive’ expressions, from sex, to physical exercise, what you purchase and what you eat.

In sexual intimacy, I believe it is essential to allow freedom of consenting expression, so as to overcome ego-generating taboos. Dominant and submissive expressions are natural manifestations of surrendering to the Universal flow, and also harnessing it. To deny these natural feelings – or to attach to them – is to create internal polarity and therefore a disconnect. Aligned, non attached, sexuality is one of the most effective ways to activate and attune full kundalini, for beneficial integration into our natural creativity, in alignment with the divine flow.

I’ve shared some views in this attached video, called “Healing the Divine Warrior” – it’s equally applicable to men and women dealing with essences of Sirian karmic distortion. There are similarities and overlaps with ‘raptor consciousness’, although the Sirian archetype is more erudite and sophisticated, the raptor, on the other hand, is much more raw and basic instinctual. The video provides useful insights into processing through these distortions.

Our Cosmic Heritage

The time is ripe to gain a much broader understanding of how greater cosmic connections are influencing the human journey. It is not necessary to know your exact heritage – what’s much more important, is to realise what kind of karmic influences you’re consciousness might be being subjected to – awareness is always the key to alignment and resolution.

It is also essential we step into profound self honesty – the path of true Enlightenment can begin nowhere else. Our distortions might seem unsexy and uncool, at times they will likely come with taboo and stigma. But honouring the distortions we carry is the first step to dealing with them. It’s time to own our ‘shit’ by letting go of self-judgment. No one is without distortion – that is the very nature of the relativistic experience.

In any case, at a soul level, we have sacred agreements to take on this density so as to channel realigning light into it. It’s only by fully embodying the distortion that you can realign it. So let’s look honestly into what’s manifesting in our lives. Accept that it might have a much wider causality than originally assumed, then work courageously into it. That way, you’ll process karma much more quickly and come back into the welcome embrace of the divine.

If you resonate with this article and feel you might have some Sirius karma to process, explore getting involved with the ground-breaking work of Openhand. It’s perfectly crafted to help you process your karma for 5D Ascension:

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