The Power of Soul Travel Through Active Dreaming – Free Online Event with Robert Moss

In many cultures, it was once accepted as fact that other worlds exist.

These other worlds were inhabited by gods, daimons, and spirits of the departed — and our ancestors visited them regularly, creating the travel reports that ultimately evolved into world mythologies and religions.

These soul-journeying practices held the key to the parts of reality hidden from the physical senses, yet are no less “real” than ordinary reality. In fact, they may be more real, full of potentially life-changing wisdom and profound emotional experiences.

You can still visit these other worlds today through the practice of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism, says its creator, Robert Moss, a pioneer in the art of dreamwork.

Intrigued? Join us and Robert for a free inspirational online event to explore more:

The Power of Soul Travel Through Active Dreaming – An Online Event with Robert Moss

You’ll discover that as you become an active dreamer, you’ll steadily expand your horizons of possibility and your personal definitions of reality. You can discover gateways and paths used by previous travelers — and learn how to journey beyond the maps to recover knowledge that belonged to you before you entered this life.

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In this hour-long online event, you’ll:

  • Make a guided shamanic journey to meet your magical inner child and reclaim your imagination, vitality, and inner guidance
  • Learn to use your dreams and personal images as portals for travel to many worlds and places of initiation, guidance, and healing
  • Discover you can meet up with your soul family at any distance, including beyond the apparent barrier of death
  • Find and follow your songlines, road maps for your life journey — and find sanctuary and grounding in your Trees of Belonging, important landmarks and events on your life’s path
  • Explore your connections with personalities in past, future, and parallel times, and rise to a life-transforming encounter with your higher self

As you’ll discover, your inner child is a master of dreams and imagination who effortlessly engages in the deep play that generates inspiring, creative ideas.

You were born to fly, and in dreams you can remember that your soul has wings! Join Robert for this inspiring event and reconnect with the lost parts of yourself as you meet your magical inner child.

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