SpaceX and the Metaverse: A “Rapid, Unscheduled Disassembly!”

May 2nd, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

To understand the nature of the great planetary shift is to read the underlying flows and patterning beneath the surface of events. It’s become abundantly clear to all those with awakened eyes to see, that a derailing intervention is working tooth and claw to drive humanity into a controlling Metaverse and off the planet ahead of the culminating Solar Nova Event. Meanwhile, Benevolence is working to disassemble the intervention and shift humanity into 5D. How does synchronicity speak into that?

The 3-Second Dopamine, Social Media Spoonfeed

The majority of humanity, at this current stage, is going headlong into a dehumanising high-tech Metaverse, where soft comfort is near constantly fed through social media spoon feeding. It’s the 3-second dopamine hit, fed to the ego’s desires by AI, that is so compelling, it even makes you think it’s in your best interests.

Recently I’ve had many close encounters with Tall Whites from the intervention in the 4D field – they come in on that programmed and conditioned way of thinking and being – they feed off it, and AI is designed to keep people locked in. You don’t even know it’s happening unless you’re challenging and illuminating exactly what’s going on within.

This 3-second dopamine hit is actually a dim shadow of the natural feedback loop from the divine, where instead, you’re following the soul, tuned into the creative hand of the divine, and receiving plentiful uplifting and liberating synchronistic messages of love in everything that you experience in the landscape around you.

You’re walking through life, steered by the natural learning inquiry of the soul, expressing and creating so as to actualise your divine self. It’s like a heavenly choir of angels is there with you, speaking in signs and synhcronicity, patterns and flows, symbolism, sacred geometry and nature. You know it when the divine is speaking to you: it rocks you to the core, and sets the soul soaring on outstretched wings.

The crucial difference is that you’re taking an active part in the co-creative process, rather than sitting back on the sofa and letting it all be done for you, to you. Let’s make it our daily commitment to be really clear what are the authentic soulful impulses that we’re responding to and weaving our consciousness with them.

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Disassembling the Metaverse Agenda

It’s clear, that through the counterfeit measures of the bogus pandemic, the Tall Whites especially, have been responsible for adapting DNA to receive a derailing interference, to frog-march a swathe of humanity away from the divine pathway and into the dehumanising Metaverse.

What I’m calling the 3-second dopamine, social media spoonfeed, is all a part of this agenda – as subtle and surreptitious as it might be to some, nevertheless, if you’re getting derailed by this addiction, when you truly stop and inquire, you’ll notice the juice of life is steadily being drained away. The soulful river of excitement, adventure, spontaneity, freedom and joy of the divine has dried up. It’s all a carefully configured plan. And it’s up to us to catch ourselves in this diversion.

Understanding how Tall White Intervention Effects Us

Galactic Family of Light

Part and parcel of the Metaverse agenda is to take humanity off planet with the likes of SpaceX, the same Elon Musk company that has fired thousands of 5geez satellites into the Van Allen belt, with the aim of irradiating every square foot of the planet in destructive EMF radiation.

The shadow knows only too well that we’re culminating to the next 12,000-year cycle: the Grand Galactic Convergence of high energy from the galaxy, at the time when the sun lowers its magnetic shield in the Grand Solar Minimum, and as the Pole Shift flip flops on planet earth. It’s what the Hopi prophecised as the “Great Cleansing”.

It’s my direct knowing, what I incarnated to share, that nothing can survive this unprecedented convergence in 3D form. We must prepare now and shift consciousness into 5D. That will be humanity’s heavenly transformation and how the intervention is ultimately dispatched from the planet.

The idea that in his current state of consciousness, Homo Sapiens would go elsewhere in the cosmos to create other civilisations, without first learning to live in harmony with nature and the divine, is enough to send shivers up any awakened spine. We must have the backbone to stay in this cauldron of transformation and evolve through it. That will be humanity’s making and mastery – becoming a full-fledged member of the galactic family of light.

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Engaging the Intervention

It’s a challenging task for sure, especially in this dense, unbalanced and unjust 3D/4D playing field that the intervention has so intentionally skewed. But Benevolence is well aware of what’s going on. High level groups from different constellations are directly engaging the very architects of the intervention here and regressing them through their karma – the aim is to reverse-engineer the matrix they’ve established. And to do so progressively, so that’s its a more harmonious soul emergence.

In recent times, several of the Openhand facilitators have witnessed, and been a part of, these high level communications. We’re experiencing a tremendous realigning affect, where the coherency of the field intervention breaks down and the wayward souls come back into the universal fold. You can literally feel it sending rippling realignments through the field.

But a leopard does not change its spots overnight! Although the coherency of the intervention is breaking down, nevertheless, there are some that are still arrogant enough to think that they can cling on. There are still plenty of the fragmented groups at large. And the human psyche must be unravelled too, so that surrender to the flow and the shift becomes the natural orientation in life.

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Reverse Engineering the Matrix

Hence the Matrix, and now the Metaverse, must be steadily reverse engineered – progressively disassembled. I feel that process is now well underway. The shadow is being illuminated and exposed.The expression of truth into the field is breaking down the disconnecting barriers of consciousness.

Whenever you get these kinds of field-level transformations happening, you’re going to witness a surface level synchronicity. A few days ago, when SpaceX launched its new Starship rocket, it spectacularly fell apart before reaching outer space. In Elon Musk’s own words,

“it suffered a rapid, unscheduled disassembly”.

In other words, it was reverse engineered in mid-flight!

The Real Pathway for Humanity

The Hopi prophecy stone clearly predicts two pathways for humanity: one that ascends into a higher paradigm of consciousness; and the other, a high tech agenda that suddenly goes off a cliff and into oblivion.

The writing is on the rock, for all those willing to inquire, illuminate and feel. The Ascension timeline accelerates by the day. And we must be clear about our orientation through it. 3-second dopamine hits through the social media spoonfeed are most definitely NOT going to help. It’s purposefully derailing and can only take consciousness off a cliff.

But a massive opportunity exists to take centre stream in the Shift, by doing the inner work, and progressively ascending into 5D.

That will be our making and our mastery…

If you’re ready to take centre stream in the Shift, and commence the inner process of heavenly Ascension, then explore the groundbreaking work of Openhand. It’s purposefully crafted to meet these times of great planetary transformation into 5D:

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Bright blessings


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