Nuclear Experimentation Year 78: Nuclear Terrorism

June 9th, 2022

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

July 16, 1945: Year Zero

The first atomic detonation experiment occurred in The New Mexico Desert 78 years ago this July, 2023. It has been 78 years since the first detonations in New Mexico and soon after the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We are 78 years from year 0 of what is a many millions of years long experiment by way of the radioactivity of some of the elements involved.

And now we have a whole array of nuclear experimentation processes mainly in the form of weaponry, energy generation, and medicine. And certainly this is a strange direction for medicine, that instead of herbs, vitamins or minerals or anything else for that matter radiation exposure is explored as a possible treatment to various ills…

All that aside, 2023, Year 78 of the nuclear experiment has been all about the Russian Invasion of its progenitor, Ukraine. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in my summation was engaged at least in part to take resources and after its overt failures is now waged at least in part to destroy the successes of Slavic people there so that Russian Slavic people would not question their own monolithic system compared to people with more liberty, and toilets and washing machines apparently. If a westernized Slavic group were to do better than Russian Slavic group it would – it does prove the monolith needs improvement.

The Ukrainians themselves have been subjugated to theft of life and liberty in a dark but familiar manner. War is war. War is hell. And war is the politics of terrorism. All aggressors and invaders are terrorists, throughout recorded time. Putin is now wanted under international law for kidnapping Ukrainian children, one of the many extreme horrors perpetuated unto Ukraine as is the destruction of over 1,000 Ukrainian hospitals and clinics, energy infrastructure, apartments, and dams. Despite the extraordinary level of evil, such evil is not new. What is vividly new in this war is the implementation of nuclear terrorism by Russia perpetuated unto Ukrainians and onto the entire world.

At the onset of the invasion Russia sent troops through the Chernobyl Zone on their way to violently steal Kiev and to the Chernobyl nuclear site to seize it. They stayed there and they dug trenches in the radioactive forest! The ferocious ignorance in ordering soldiers to do so cannot be understated. That’s how they treat their own soldiers.

During the takeover of the former Soviet power generation experiment gone bad power outages were an issue which is required for the spent fuel pools still active at the former power generation experiment. Most all nuclear power plants, producing power or defunct, are in this position, around the world, dependent on external power for cooling. Ukrainian nuclear power plant workers suffered the jeopardy and stress of militarization of the site for 35 days. Russia occupied and attempted to steal the nuclear experiment site until repelled by Ukraine.

State sanctioned murder is nothing new. And people from the region that is now Russia have been invading territories to the west for centuries. The Russians were the first to steal a defunct nuclear power experiment and the first in history to hijack an operating nuclear power generation experimentation site. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power generation experiments with its six reactors was conscripted or stolen, in law, signed by Putin himself.

Russia stole an operating nuclear power experiment, just like Russia stole the lives of so many Ukrainians, and Russians too for that matter. The nuclear experiment was stolen by Russia and the Ukrainian site workers have been living in forced labor conditions there under the gun and surrounded by weapons of war since early on in the invasion. The repeated shelling of powerlines has stopped outside power coming to the reactors seven times as of this article, forcing cooling systems to be powered by emergency Diesel engines.

The reactors have not been producing power for months despite still needing external sourced power and a large amount of water for cooling…And on June 6, the anniversary of D Day, and Russian Language Day, the dam to a reservoir for the nuclear experiment was exploded. All intelligence and initial investigations point to Russia as responsible and as the destruction of infrastructure has been a part of their attack, it has been a part of the Russian language of war. Destroying the dam for the reservoir that the nuclear experiment is dependent on is another first for Russia. The death and devastation of the dam destruction will unfolds for years, even if Ukraine is able to stabilize the six reactor experiment dependent on a broken reservoir.

Putin arranged it so Belarus now has nuclear missiles there in a supposed counter to the supposed NATO threats in the form of supporting independent Ukraine in its pursuits to defend itself during the Russian invasion. One of numerous excuses Putin uses to justify the war on Ukraine is the NATO aggression by expanding closer to Russian borders. In fact, in this technological age whether such ballistic or hypersonic missiles are 600 or 6000 miles away matters little. In fact, the technological capabilities of this era really could have provided innumerable approaches to guarding Russian borders without engaging in hostile adventure in Ukraine. Instead, Putin went to war to prevent war. Further the main reason NATO exists and certainly the only reason it remains relevant is Russian invasions.

A credible intelligence leak indicates Putin’s desire to take Belarus and now Belarus has Russian nuclear missiles. Does this change the situation for those threatened by the missiles? No. The missiles make certain though the Russian ability or excuse to take military action in Belarus – to secure their missiles – and protect Russian speakers, of course. Ultimately the missiles are less certain threat to Europe as they are to Belarus.

Further escalatory provocations from Russia as a whole, by way of government officials and media pushers, threaten nuclear destruction of various regions of the planet. Threats occur so frequently since the fascist invasion of Ukraine that it would be impractical to count all the threats of nuclear annihilation. Perhaps England has been targeted with threats most frequently and most notably. Numerous manure patty peddlers have suggested the use of Russia’s newest nuclear experimentation detonation device. The Poseidon missile supposedly sends a radioactive tsunami onto the shore of its targeted region and people. Technically this is possible but not really feasible nor as effective compared to actual nuclear detonation devices delivered onto targets. The idea of this missile is to cause fear, as are the nuclear threats. The power of nuclear weaponry is primarily in the psychological operation of the threat. This is at essence of nuclear terrorism, of course.

Part of the modern nuclear cycle is the creation of depleted uranium and its implementation into weaponry and weapons, tanks and some of the shells for said tanks specifically. On top of Russia sending thousands of tanks in its war on independent Ukraine other nations started to send in tanks, some from the UK and USA. The Tanks from The USA may have depleted uranium compound in its armor and some depleted uranium munitions. Whereas The UK stated they would send DU munitions. Because of the density of the material, it makes for strong armor and ammunitions as it goes through objects when a projectile. It is also extremely toxic, and I would be remiss, at least to Tankies (Western supporters of Russian adventure), to not mention it.

Despite that Russia gets the nuclear terrorist award for year 78 of the nuclear experiment. For the blatant nuclear terrorist activities never before enacted upon the planet, on nuclear experimentation sites, nor upon people, Putin’s Russia receives the nuclear terrorist award for the year 78 of the nuclear experiment and this century, so far! Congratulations, Russia, #1!

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