Harness the Gene Keys to Thrive in Challenging Times – Free Online Event

Contained within the tumult of these times is an invitation to evoke and embody the highest expression of yourself — to rise above the chaos and confusion that is sweeping the planet.

The Gene Keys, as sourced by Richard Rudd, is a powerful evolutionary system that can awaken you to your true nature as a divine creator. It’s an inspiring and practical guide for transforming the patterns of your life and accessing higher states of awareness and consciousness.

Sounds intriguing? Then join us for this free online event to find out more:

Harness the Gene Keys to Thrive in Challenging Times: How a Fusion of the I Ching, Astrology and the Human Design System Can Illuminate YOUR Unique Path

Mark Bentley, our host for this online event, is a Gene Keys Ambassador and Human Design Guide who supports individuals in recognizing the powerful potential of The Gene Keys to help navigate not only global transitions, but personal ones as well — as they offer unprecedented levels of insight into your particular personal growth and development needs.

Through your journey with The Gene Keys, you can learn how to live with greater confidence, clarity, freedom, and joy. By understanding the deep code of life encoded within your own DNA, you can move beyond the limitations of your past, and create a more abundant future.

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In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover how unlocking your deepest wisdom with The Gene Keys can help you understand yourself better, find greater balance in these disruptive times, and uncover a path toward true empowerment
  • Understand “The Great Change” as predicted in The Gene Keys at deeper levels — including the implications of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 (for gestation), the 2012 Portal (birth), and the upcoming Rhythmic Symphony of 2027 (fruition of the new world) — so you can replace fear and resistance to change with curiosity and openness, enabling you to adapt more effectively
  • Explore the 55th and 22nd Gene Keys to develop a greater understanding of the interplay between the spiritual and material aspects of life — finding balance and clarity no matter what’s going on in the world
  • Discover how you can easefully embrace transition with grace — empowering you to face adversity with poise and resilience, and transform challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Experience a practice that demonstrates the power of stillness (from the 52nd Gene Key), which is essential to engaging with The Gene Keys in a simple way, facilitating deeper self-discovery and personal growth, and more harmonious responses to life’s changes

By delving into the depths of your genetic coding and understanding the patterns and influences that shape your life, you can tap into a higher level of awareness and unlock your innate gifts and abilities.

You’ll discover how the Gene Keys are an invaluable resource that can empower you to thrive in the face of a monumental global transition by providing the keys to unlocking your full potential and embracing the abundance that is your birthright.

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We’ll see you there! Here’s to thriving!