Crucial Evidence Shadow Agenda Unravelling: Soul Emergence Underway

June 27th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A fundamental aspect of supporting the planetary Shift to 5D, is to connect through the ether into the ancient Alien Architects who have woven the matrix in which we’re living. Because they are holding the energetic threads together.

The 4D, where they reside, forms the blueprint for the 3D, which everyone is then influenced and manipulated by. That’s why this intervention has been so all-encompassing. But something truly phenomenal is happening right now, which is already rippling onto the surface of our reality.

Crashed Alien Aircraft

There’s increasing purposefully distraction going on about some kind of “Alien Force” arriving into our reality – evidence of “crashed spaceships” for example. Whilst there may be some truth in this, nevertheless, what the “evidence” is really planted there for is to keep everyone looking “out there”, in the 3D. Whereas in actual fact, they are around us, in various dimensions of the multidimensional ether – and have been for tens of thousands of years. It’s just that the Homo Sapiens configuration has been downgraded from Original Humans so as NOT to be able to perceive these multidimensional interferences.

This is why their last line of defence has always been the spiritual mainstream – if they could influence at that level and even there, steer people into some control program, then their agenda stays in tact. But I’m pleased to say there are now enough Star Souls incarnated here that are awakening to their inherent soul frequencies – beings with plenty of experience of the intervention groups, such as the Annunaki, the Greys and the Reptilians. These are the ones who’ve primarily created the very society in which we live.

Well now plenty are waking up to these interdimensional influences and challenging the control narrative where it can have the most effect – in the 4D ether. If you are embodied, anchored in the 3D and aligned in your consciousness, then you have enormous coherent power to resonate through the field. You become able to resonate energy at a planetary level. Most importantly, you can commune and speak telepathically to those very groups still holding the reins of power.

When we recently exposed the actual workings of their artificial moon, that had a massive impact on their strength and willingness to persist. The veil has fallen. The agenda exposed, the light is flooding in…

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The Intervention is Exhausted

Plenty of us have been engaged in this way telepathically, and all the time now, we’re seeing splinter groups of the intervention breaking away. We’re regressing them through their karmic history, reflecting the pain and suffering they’ve caused and getting them to take ownership. Their ability and willingness to control breaks down. And with that, the matrix field gets weaker. On a recent Ascension Exchanges Zoom Gathering, some feedback from an Old Annunaki group came through that they were “exhausted” at holding all of this together.

That’s exactly what I was waiting to hear. So what’s the point in persisting, was my telepathic response?

Immediately you could feel a shivering and unravelling in the field. This is happening regularly now. Which is a great sign and tremendously optimistic for the Shift movement and the planet as a whole. We must push on. We must keep connecting, keep expressing, keep illuminating and get that kundalini rising!

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Ancestral Psychic

Evidence of Pushback

I do believe we can clearly witness the level of pushback and unravelling now happening much more strongly in the 3D. The intervention narratives are coming apart at the seams. You’re seeing it in politics, where it’s so pleasing, for example, to see Robert F Kennedy really stirring things up in the US election build-up. The fakestream are doing their damnedest to castigate him as a “conspiracy fruit cake”, but as Gandhi said: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

Then there’s the financial sector, which forms the very unjust bedrock of the society in which we live. Crypto was always instigated to upstage this controlling hegemony, which yes the mainstream first ignored, then laughed at, and has been fighting tooth and nail. And most recently turning tail and jumping on board with, as leading institutions such as Deutsche Bank in Europe start offering custodial services. And there are countless other mainstream adoptions underway. I say let them come on board – it’s not about polarising but transitioning to a new hybrid state with more equity and freedom in it.

Then there’s the media. The fakestream are losing their audiences by the boat load. Viewers are streaming across to podcasters like Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson (who Fox foolishly fired), Russel Brand and platforms such as Ickonic, to name but a few of the myriad. The common central theme of which is to present viewpoints and invite the audience to make up their own minds. Hallelujah!

Echoes of Nero Fiddling

It may look chaotic and confusing out there in the 3D, but this is a great sign that the old intervention cloak is unravelling at the seams. I would say this is how we can characterise the much needed revolution. It is actually already happening – in a robust way, often confused, but rebellious enough to keep burning the narrative.

That’s why those at the forefront of the efforts to connect into the intervention in the field must keep on with this sterling work. It’s having a global effect. It’s paying dividends right now. Empires don’t fall in a day, but I can already hear the echoes of Nero fiddling as Rome starts to burn. So, awakening wonders, let’s keep right on doing what the soul is calling us to do. Let’s keep digging deep, stripping back karma and resonating our glorious light, in whatever revolutionary way that wants to be. We are succeeding. They’ve ignored us, they’ve laughed and fought us. Now it’s time we win!

Come and join the celebration of your immaculate home coming at Avalon Rising this year, the World Ascension Summit, where we’ll connect deeply into the multidimensional field, unravel the intervention plenty, and connect up with the Star Being Nations supporting the Shift. It’s going to be monumental!

Avalon Rising 23: World Ascension Summit

Bright blessings


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