Runic Forecast for July 2023

June 29th, 2023

By Emma Lange

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Each month, Emma draws a selection of runes from across diverse runic traditions and interprets them to give insight into the prevailing energies of the month ahead. Here is Emma’s forecast for July.

Scandinavian rune – Berkano reveals the meaning of the energies of the outside world. She says that development assistance will be provided for all of us. If we decide to learn something new, change something in our lives, find new ways to deepen topics, this rune stops us and advises us to reconsider our life.

This rune indicates that priorities should be updated. Berkana always advises to stop, think over a decision, look around and choose what is necessary for the goal. It helps a person to protect himself from chaos. In the event that a person does not create order in his life, he will not receive a portion of life-giving energy in order to activate his goal, mission, or simply his joy. Without vital energy, a person does not get into his flow, in which he is comfortable. Berkana helps to look at the state of the crisis from the other side. She suggests being honest with yourself and asking yourself the question – what do I feel good about? What is good for me?

The Slavic rune – Dazhdbog – means it is necessary to rely on internal Universal values. It is not enough to believe in love, it is necessary to show it to people as mercy; it is not enough to believe that goodness exists, you must instead try to bring out the goodness in yourself.

Loyalty to your cause can bring you success if you develop what you love and believe in what you develop. Dazhdbog destroys family curses. A generational curse, according to Slavic beliefs, is like a snake that constantly demanded sacrifices for itself, taking energy from some important sphere. Dazhdbog destroys this energy. Fate is associated with this god, the concept of the Fateful thread that leads to the goal of the Soul. Therefore, this month there will be many significant events for one person or for the family as a whole.

In the Ogham runes, which talk about energies and changes in the inner world, this month’s rune is Reed. This symbol says that everyone this month can feel the protection of the Higher Forces. This is the presence of the irrational in a person’s life, the strengthening of intuition, the activation of the signs of Fate.

The same rune suggests that each of us should think about internal contradictions and unrest, undergoing a course of psychotherapy in order to feel unity in ourselves. The reed says that the one whose angel is strong will certainly feel protected.

The reed is a sign of the connection of generations. Help other people, support them in word or deed, and all this will return to you with positive energy. Try to feel someone else’s pain by showing empathy. Some people will be inclined to great sacrifice. However, too much sacrifice can lead to an imbalance in your inner world of personality.

Ancestral Psychic

The elven rune that defines the mysticism of the outside world – Arhain – is silence and secrecy. During this period, you cannot loudly boast of your successes or talk about plans. This is a time of silence, because the evil forces can eavesdrop and change everything. Sometimes this rune says that there will be more evil in the world, a lot of negative energy that will prevent people from living and realizing their goals. At this time, the one who marks those souls who will go into the darkness comes among us, walking among those who live without meaning and who do not understand their destiny.

The Icelandic runes shows Shadows, the other side of our lives, what can be rejected. Here the rune for July is Stungin Kaun. This rune indicates that we will all become more irritable, because old wounds are exposed. In order to get out of a wounded state, it is necessary to find an explanation for your wounds and difficult situations. You can remember the painful past, plunge into regrets, remember offenders. You should be careful not to wish harm to anyone, because this evil will remain in your destiny. So you need to understand your injuries.

This rune reminds us that the world is not perfect. Seeing the world through your wounds is like looking at the world through a cloudy glass.

About the author:

Emma Lange is the author of many practices, creative therapies in the field of psychology, author of many books, transformational games. She graduated from analytical psychology, transpersonal psychology and depth psychology. Work in the laboratory of chemistry and applied physics – magnetic field research and bioresonance. She is also a virologist by profession – scientific work in the field of oncological virology. She works with neurographics, she is also the creator of therapy using neurographics, she uses neurographic drawing in the work of a psychologist. She took part in meetings with Stanis?aw Grof, Marek Solmes, Irwin Yalom, Jan Friedman, and participated in the conference of Transpersonal Psychology “Hero’s Journey” (Workshop of evolutionary knowledge and practices of Vladimir Maikov, the creator of transpersonal psychology).

Emma is currently a Lecturer in Psychology at WSB, Gda?sk where she conducts classes in pedagogy, psychology and psychosomatics 2022-04. She is the founder of Digital Psychology and the creator of Subconscious Mind Analysis. Founder and author of the Yoga Creativity club. Founder of the “Healing with the Forces of Nature” program. Psychologist of Modern Psychology, creator of transformation games and metaphorical cards. Specialist in the field of Neurography, Psychologist and Practitioner of Deep and Integral Psychology and the author Yoga of Creativity.

You can contact Emma online:

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