Gaia’s Soul Contract with the Matrix Now Complete

August 8th, 2023

By Open

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I’ve always maintained that when the full history of the intervention on Earth comes to light, it will reveal that Gaia too drew the matrix to her as a part of a soul contract to fulfill, just as all of us manifest in order to process karma. For her, it’s been about not being able to contain dissonant density without exploding – she’s gone through five mass extinctions here. But now, with a key intervention unravelling, I believe that soul contract is complete. What might we now expect in the Shift?

Making Sophisticated Civilisation Possible

As I explained in the Book DIVINICUS, there was a point where the intervention here was at its height, that Gaia revealed empathically to me that she had in fact drawn the intervention to manifest a key protagonist in the karmic healing dynamic she needed to undergo. She made it clear what karma she was referring to…

She’d previously tried to incarnate in a protoplanet at the formation of our solar system, but as a young planetary soul, could not hold the intense gravitational forces that converge together. Just as many star souls struggle with the 3D and go out of body, so did she. But in this case, she exploded the protoplanet, thus creating the asteroid belt we now see between Mars and Jupiter. It is this karma she brought to Earth.

Gaia made it aware to me that she needed something to slow her energy down, to contain it, to suppress her exuberant kundalini, so that she could hold the reality construct of Earth together. As unpalatable as it may sound, it was she who drew the Ancient Alien Architects of the Matrix – the Annunaki. She needed an intervention that would constrain her energetic morphic fields and so make more sophisticated civilisation here sustainable. The Annunaki, with aeons of sophisticated engineering prowess throughout the cosmos, were the perfect protagonists.

If I am accurate in saying that the karmic contract Gaia took on is now complete, then we can expect the sense of a tremendous emergence of consciousness coming through us that we can each ride in our lives most positively. I do believe unravelling time will reveal this.


Clearly, the Intervention she drew as that balancing force has gone into overdrive and gotten completely out of hand with the massive exploitation of life here and gross manipulation of consciousness. I’m not just talking about humanity, but also the industrial food chain, where 65 billion grazing creatures are contained, often in inhumane circumstances, and then butchered every year. It clearly represents systemic cruelty on a global scale (for well researched evidence, watch the impactful Earthlings Documentary).

It’s been the Annunaki from Sirius that have presided over the matrix here, functioning from the 4th Density, and their control has been almost total. We have, for example, recently exposed how the moon has been artificially misappropriated so as to control humanity through the 4D morphic fields (explore: the impact of the Moon on all planetary life). But now a fundamental key has been applied in unravelling the matrix here: two dissonant factions of the Annunaki have been brought together and harmonised – reunited.

I believe in due course, this will become regarded as the fundamental key that unlocks the door of the unravelling of the matrix – of its reverse engineering. One group of the Annunaki, the Anu under their leader Enki, had been healed, leading up to galactic alignment in 2012. It left the other wayward leader, Enlil, whose merciless manipulation of the matrix has since gone into overdrive with high-tech and AI. But now these two groups have been reunited, healed as a species, and have committed to realignment.

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This is a massive development, because it was their consciousness that has held the fabric of the matrix together. Now we already witness its coherency diminishing. It’s unleashed an important unravelling dynamic: in short, it has set Gaia free from the soul contract she had with them. I do believe in time, history will reflect this pivotal moment in the Shift.

What will happen from here?

An Acceleration in Gaia’s Kundalini

I believe we’ll witness an acceleration in Gaia’s Kundalini and the restoration of her Toroidal Flower of Life – the Torus. But if anyone should imagine that’s going to be a cosy restoring ride in the 3D, think again. The matrix has applied systemic suffering on a global scale, it won’t be pretty as that unwinds. This is where the awakening movement is so essential – that we hold a steady centred and anchored consciousness so as to bring many more people awake and aligned (explore Facilitation in the Great Planetary Shift).

The impact on the weather systems is likely to be enormous too, especially as Gaia’s magnetic shield is rapidly lowering now in her ongoing Pole Shift. This will allow in much more solar and cosmic energy that will impact the jetstreams. That’s not to mention the triggering of the volcanoes.

Yes, it will be exhuberant energetically and immensely liberating. You’ll feel a massive expansion of consciousness if you go with the realigning shift energies. It won’t be easy though, you’ll have to keep doing the inner work of soul integration and multidimensional expression to ride the changes. That’s absolutely doable – we were each seeded here for this. But we do have to be aware of the real news of what’s going on – particularly through the 4D energy field. That has to inform us now so we can equalise with this unravelling karmic shift – so we can normalise in it.

Ancestral Psychic

Take a look around you in society, with people grasping at straws to maintain some degree of “normal” 3D existence. Have pity yes, but also see the inverse mirror of what you are not. The time of our liberation is upon us. What sense is there by aligning or informing yourself by the Old Paradigm? A new possibility exists, where each day we can unravel the next thread, the next layer, of limitation. What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world, the master sees as a butterfly!

Gaia’s Contract with the Intervention Now Complete

Right now, I’m making this bold statement: Gaia’s contract with the intervention is complete.

That’s what I believe to be true and feel given to share. It’s likely to have a strong unravelling impact on all planetary life, which will feel liberating to the degree we each allow our lives to be informed by the real underlying movement of energy.

Where society is awash with disinformation and derailment, which must turn our attention more fully to the inner work so we may harness the infusing cosmic energies of the Shift and create our reality from there. That’s sure to be the most viable way to bridge this tumultuous transformation to life into 5D. An enormous opportunity now exists: to unfurl into the beings of light we were always meant to become.

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Bright Blessings


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