Facilitating the Great Planetary Shift to 5D through Pivotal Times

August 22nd, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

These are phenomenal times to be a part of the Great Shift to 5D. Yes, it’s confused and confusing, the shadow is a complex array of blocking frequencies and purposeful derailment. That’s what makes it so misty in the 3D. But it’s all necessary to soften the old construct and invite sovereign pathways.

For each of us expressing with the soul and resonating that, we’re rippling those essential realigning frequencies far and wide. Our time has come. The light of destiny is progressively unfolding through the haze.

Flower of Life

I do think it’s important to pay attention to what the shadow is up to, but at the same time, never to lose touch with the shift flow itself. I know it’s cloudy out there and at times all too easy to lose faith. But massive changes are happening right now that are unravelling the very bedrock of the old 3D/4D consciousness structure.

Take a look at our recent explorations into the nature of the moon and its purpose – how it is clearly artificial and has been purposefully placed with a perfect orbit so as to electromagnetically connect with the Sun and thereby negatively influence life on the planet through the 4D morphic fields. Some say the Moon supports life on the planet – but many of the ancients will tell you Earth was doing just fine before it!

It’s principally impacted Humanity, greatly influencing and manipulating the birthing cycle, intentionally to de-energise the natural toroidal field. But by sitting together in meditation we’re reanimating this natural Flower of Life wherever we bring our attention. And the Kundalini energy of Gaia is building once more, after aeons of suppression.

Reclaiming the Power of the Womb in Humanity’s Next Evolution

Kundalini Rising onto the Plane of the Emotions

Recently on the DIVINICUS retreat, we had strong synchronistic and experiential reflection into the resurgence of Gaia’s red kundalini dragon rising up through the physical plane. This is clearly evident globally through her triggering volcanoes. Just recently the Hawaii volcano has activated again for example, and there are mysterious movements at the Yellowstone Park supervolcano. Not to mention the countless others around the planet. These are all necessary to break down and unravel the old consciousness construct.

Explore the Planetary Impact of the Shift Including the Volcanos

Just recently, on the Openhand Facilitator Foundation course, we felt a new phase of the rise of Gaia’s kundalini onto the plane of emotions – the plane of water. It felt like her natural Torus had been reversed and locked down at that level. But as we connected empathically into Gaia, we could feel that energy reconfiguring once more – it was metaphored as the resurgence of a great green serpent.

It’s been bone dry in the UK for several weeks, and especially here in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the planet, the Earth has been literally cracking open in its dryness. But immediately after the meditation, the heavens opened with a huge necessary downpour. The synchronicity of the water release, cleansing the ancient plane of emotions, was simply stunning – you know you’ve been connecting into the truth of how the energy field is now wanting to shift.

Quantum Touch

And that’s the essential point in becoming a Planetary Shift Facilitator. You’re empathically intuiting what naturally wants to happen in any given location to restore the toroidal Flower of Life. You’re bringing your consciousness to bear, channeling realigning universal flow, and giving the situation a “shove” in the direction it already wants to go.

You’re leaning into the Shift!

Reconciliation and Realignment

A crucial part of this planetary facilitation process is speaking telepathically directly into the Intervention groups that have so disrupted life on the planet – reflecting what turmoil has been created here and how it does nothing to serve life, not even them. We’re regressing them into the pain, grief and suffering they’ve caused – doing so empathically, meeting them in their karma, and non-judgementally helping them release through it. This approach is bearing great fruits of the labour. Who else better than the ancient Alien Architects to help reverse engineer the convolutions here on the planet – and this process is gathering a pace now. More and more we’re collaborating and working together.

I’m pleased to say we’re gaining massive support in this from the benevolent Star Being Nations. This was reflected to us back at the Facilitator Conference in Avebury last year, amongst the spectacular crop circles. We’re getting strong presences from the Lyrans, Arcturians and Andromedans for example – they’re bringing their energies to bear at this pivotal juncture in planetary history. I’m so much looking to our Avebury gathering once more, that’s soon coming up, and from which we’ll be channeling the energy through the field, and the Openhand community especially.

Rippling onto the Surface of the 3D

This is all bound to ripple onto the surface of the 3D with realigning and unraveling flow. The light is coming in strongly which we can each harness and amplify into our lives for greater creativity. So let’s take heart from these massive pivotal changes that are unfolding. We each have tremendous opportunity to forge soul and uplift our lives. Let’s continue to dive ever deeper within, unravel the blocking 4D karma, and infuse the light of destiny that is ever building in presence. What totally magical times we live in!

Bright blessings


Originally published at www.openhandweb.org and reproduced here with permission.

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