Homeostasis and Equanimity: Finding Balance and Harmony on the Path

August 29th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

These are turbulent times for sure, as the planet and society shift through the gears of transformation. Each of us is connected physically and energetically through morphic fields that are activating and unravelling. That’s even before we talk about the dramatic infusions of higher dimensional light. How are we to find balance and harmony through it all? The key is Homeostasis and Equanimity. Find these and your life will be in balance. Let’s explore, including a tremendous video at the conclusion.

Express Your Soul!

As the earth now gears up through a dramatic shift of consciousness, it’s stirring up all the density and, karmic sediment that have built up through human history. Make no mistake, we’re carrying that within our fields, and even if you have done a lot of karmic clearing, then you’re still likely to be feeling other people around you as they go deeper into process. The more you clear, the more empathic you become!

Does this mean there’s a need to retract back in the shell?

This of itself is going to be frustrating and highly limiting to the full expression of your being. Especially as you are purposefully here to unleash all the innate qualities of your soul (the 7 rays of consciousness). If you’re not wotking on these constantly, then the risk is you’re in some kind of self-deception or denial. We definitely don’t want to be dissolving the soul – this actually dissolves true presence aswell. You just end up in a detached 4D bubble.

Explore the 7 Rays of Divine Consciousness

The answer is to let the full spectrum of the soul activate and express. You will develop at warp speed. However, as you’ve probably realised by now, if you embark on this path of full emergence, then it’s likely to have you bouncing all over the place: first emotionally, then mentally and then energetically. It’s a veritable rollercoaster ride for sure.

You’ll need to find ways to “medicate”. By that I don’t mean drugs! But ways that gently meet and engage the energies that are flowing through you: creative expression for example; connection with nature; sensuality in relationship; community and friendship connection; healthy food and bodywork; a measured degree of distraction through entertainment. These will all help express the energy and thereby channel it in an aligned way. It will help you stay connected but also grounded.

There is a risk!

Avoiding Addictions

The risk is getting addicted to the activities or different states – that you’re always in need of some kind of stimuli to find harmony. Which ends up being no harmony at all, because you end up always craving something. Whereupon you’re finding coffee or cacao increasingly necessary!

How to solve this conundrum?

It is to find homeostasis through equanimity. I’ve attached a great video here below which explains the biological phenomenon of homeostasis which is a must-watch for anyone in a human body! It describes brilliantly how the brain is configured to purposefully find a balanced state. If you have too much of one type of experience – such as excitement and joy for example, then it will purposefully generate experiences on the other side of the coin so as to attain a net zero within the being – fascinating!

Ancestral Psychic

The upshot is that the more you get addicted to pleasurable activity, the more dopamine you produce, then the brain switches into the counter state. It can make you feel depressed and send you into a downward spiral that requires ever more pleasurable distraction and addiction to pull you out of.

The answer to this spiral is equanimity.

The Place of Calm Behind the Eyes

In all aspects of your life, in whatever you’re doing, the key is to be centering in the Sacred Ground of Being within you – to be always anchored and centred in this quiet space of inner stillness, even in the height of activity and stimulation. You’re sitting calm and peaceful in that vacuous place that’s behind the eyes.

Don’t get me wrong – you’re not becoming a zombie!! Not at all. Quite the opposite. You become awake and alive in ways you never imagined. However, there’s a crucial aspect of you – the witnesser – which is gracefully watching it all unfold and happen. You’re in it, but not of it!

Explore more about the Sacred Ground of Being: the Quintessence of You

Now, this is going to take a humungous amount of practice and mastery. But if you’re reading, that’s what you’re here for.

Just Breathe!

Engage in the activities you feel drawn to. Fully express the soul in all its myriad of colour and vibrancy. BUT, breathe and reflect through it all. Breath will likely be a crucial key to this harmony. Watch and feel the breath. Practice paying attention to it, especially in highly emotive moments. And then…transcend the breath – drop into that centred, peaceful state that is witnessing from behind the eyes.
Sample this simple Breakthrough Breathing Technique

From this place you can readily “medicate” as the soul is in full swing – meaning to enjoy your raw chocolate or your organic coffee a few times a week; watch that compelling movie; commit to your Bikram sweat yoga; enjoy the company of friends and family. However, this must all be measured as to what is right for you – in the sense that you’re not slipping into attachment, distraction or addiction. Because these will always come with downward spirals.

The crucial thing is to ALWAYS watching yourself and witnessing within these activities: where is the boundary? If you’re not sure, ask: “show me!” Signs and synchronicity will always help you attune rightful action within measured boundaries. Then the key is to be disciplined enough to stay in that harmonious place – be clear with yourself, it’s this which brings most satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Not risking spiraling into some kind of abyss!

Centering in the Sacred Ground of Being

Remember, what you’re looking for is that still place of calm, peace and grace that is at the core of you. Let every external activity be the path by which this is enhanced and developed. It will be that you really get to enjoy the silence and stillness – that will become the manna of real living. Enjoy it all, but attach to none of it. Seek out this homeostasis and equanimity.

Fascinating isn’t it that the brain itself is even biologically hard-wired to achieve this balance within the being?!

If you would like to master centering in this Sacred Ground of Being, then do get involved with the ground-breaking work of Openhand. Dive in and explore…

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright Blessings


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