The Crucial Difference Between Reincarnation and Soul-Harvesting

September 26th, 2023

By Open

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You might well wonder why souls would continually reincarnate here into challenging, and often crazy, situations such as the matrix. Why would you want or choose to come back? There is most definitely a great opportunity to learn, evolve and grow, to integrate through karmic challenges. Hence, in a way, we must come back in order to eventually evolve out. But let’s not get confused with soul harvesting by the intervention here. Because the two are very different processes. And it’s essential to understand the difference.

The Nature of Reincarnation

What is reincarnation? Why does it happen? To understand this, we must understand how the Universe creates from consciousness, and how is it arrayed…

I put it to you that separation consciousness emerged from the singularity during what science calls the Big Bang. Actually to me, it was more a big flow outwards that got crystallised by a condensing pull inwards. The ordering force of “neg-entropy” caused consciousness to condense into what ultimately became visible. It’s the relativity that creates the experience of life, what the Brahmans call, “the big out-breath and in-breath”.

What we now see are various densities of existence in which life forms, and lives, just as we do. Imagine the Universe as ripples on a pond flowing outwards after the creator source had cast a pebble into the centre. The waves get wider the further out you go – their wavelength increases. Thus their frequency (their vibration) lowers, and hence their density increases. Unity consciousness then gets pulled into the density by the Law of Attraction. Aeons later, we, as souls are streams of that Unity Consciousness drawn into the density by our curiosity, an inward attachment or investment in it. Or else to grow from the experience.

The Garden of Eden

By the natural Law of Attraction, souls will get drawn into density because of their identification with the illusion of physicality – it’s the metaphoric investment of Adam in the apple. It’s at this point, that a soul loses remembrance of its God-Self. It loses Self-Realisation. Hence the density pulls the soul in. But the Universe is configured as the perfect mirror – the space-time-continuum bends around these nodes of consciousness creating reflecting cyrstallisations. And so after some time lost trying to configure the external, instead the Soul recognises its reflection in the mirror, learns to integrate, and then breaks free from the density to ascend back through the dimensions to the Source. Just like the Salmon swimming up the stream back to its place of origin.

But this is not a one-off process. Not just one step. Many times the Salmon gets washed back downstream at each new obstacle, each higher density.

Reincarnation is a continual journey of self-realisation through plentiful incarnations. Certain realisations are made in one lifetime and when we pass on, we release the old physical density. But that doesn’t mean ALL the baggage is gone. There will be many layers of investment, many confusions of the Soul. For example, can I be in the physical and yet still remember my divine connection to the Source? Consider it like a hot air balloon: if you’re still carrying baggage, ultimately you’ll return to the Earth, or some other appropriate planet.

And so when we pass on after a particular lifetime, following a period of reflection, rest, and rejuvenation in the angelic realm in the 4th density, karmic baggage will pull your Soul back into incarnation once more. The cycle continues until you, at a Soul level, become fully self-realised, upon which we could say you are “Enlightened”, and then escape the natural cycle of death and rebirth. Incarnation then becomes a conscious choice. You don’t forget your inviolable connection to the Source.

There is a complication, especially here in the Matrix. It’s what we can call soul-harvesting.
What exactly is that?

Understanding the Nature of Soul-Harvesting

It’s crystal clear we’re living in gross deception here on the planet. The evidence is abundant – from the hybridisation of human genetics, right up to the manipulation of the morphic planetary fields in which we live – look at how the artificial moon impacts all life here. Check the evidence of who created it and what it’s actually doing…

How the Moon Impacts All Life on the Planet

Some beings have become so wayward from the source, yet so advanced at energy manipulation, that they’ve discovered how to create a trap for the Soul, to “harvest” it and pull it into an illusionary bubble of reality. It’s the false “love and light” trap. Entities such as Ra, from ancient Egypt, have created a bubble of light in the 4th density here that is disconnected from the Source. Gullible souls that pass on without this awareness can get pulled into the trap like moths being drawn to car headlamps. How often do we hear stories on the web of souls “passing through a corridor into the light”? The likelihood is that this is the soul-harvesting phenomenon of which I, and others, are now speaking.

Why would a Soul be so deceived?

The Ra energy, for example, provides a paternal sense of protection. And also, to a degree, resources. Because of the collectivisation, there’s quite enormous power to it and so it sucks energy in. What this means is that wayward and deceived Souls, in incarnation, can call on this power to manifest “abundance” in their lives. It’s exactly what the Goddess Isis was deceived into, which then pulled an entire civilisation with it.

To some, it may sound enticing. But at what the cost?

Many times I have encountered this Ra energy when working with people through their karmic attachments in self-realisation work. You can feel the entity attached at particular chakra points – the third eye for example, where sovereignty is being inadvertently handed over to this “higher power”. Or else where the Soul goes out of body through “love and light” acceptance of anything goes. It may feel a degree expanded, but what often happens is that the Soul is no longer anchored in the base chakra and lacks the ascending kundalini power to determine its own unique path. The natural warrior energy has been neutered.

It often leads to a kind of “sitting comfortably on the sofa of life” inertia, without true commital to inquiry, change, and growth.

I was intrigued as to why a soul would be so susceptible and taken in? Several times I’ve heard it’s because of the sense of protection, and even that “I don’t have to carry the burden of making choices – everything is taken care of”.


And so wayward souls are harvested this way, inadvertently in day-to-day life, mostly without even realising it’s happening. The veils get slowly pulled over one’s consciousness, which now, through the bogus pandemic, is rife across the planet.

What’s the antidote?

The Path of Self-Realisation

The path of self-realisation is the antidote to soul-harvesting. Meaning: we must be tuned into the Soul and following its journey on a day-by-day basis. What causes you to make the choices you do? Are you making them out of fear, attachment and unconscious programming? Or, are you following those choices that you can feel are sovereign, expansive, empowered, and liberating? Then to be making these aligned choices no matter what the apparent personal cost in society.

For at its core, a Soul that is realising of the One Self is not afraid nor can it be bought.

Transcendence is the key. Which means I must be engaged in the daily process of confrontation of inner density that constricts, triggers, limits or disempowers. Where do I shut down? Where do I retract in fear or anxiety? Where do I withdraw to the couch? Ask what am I attached to? What outcome do I think I cannot accept? What am I afraid of? Feel the tightness as density within. It’s all only energy. And therefore it’s possible to unwind and break free. I just have to confront it and let go. Ask, do I wish to be defined by this limitation? From experience with people around the world, this inquiry mechanism helps people break free.

Explore this Openhand Breakthrough Approach

It’s then that you return to the natural cycle of death and rebirth – reincarnation until ultimately you break free from the cycle completely because you, at a Soul level, never forget your inviolable connection to the Source. You cannot be bought or intimidated, no matter what is going on in the external. No matter what apparent carrot is dangled before you.

The Intervention is Being Engaged by Benevolence

Providing you engage in the inner inquiry mechanism and have the courage to break your attachments to the physical, emotional, and mental planes here, then you cannot ultimately be soul-harvested. For it is only unconscious action that leads to this. To be clear, you might be deceived many times on the path by spurious misdirected agendas, especially through distorted spiritual teachings and practices, but by continually inquiring within, you’ll ultimately explode the myth that they are.

Yes, a good deal of soul-harvesting is taking place right now in the guise of the bogus pandemic and follow-up agendas of the intervention. But rest assured, the Intervention is being engaged by Benevolence in the multidimensional ether, including the Ra entity, and they are losing their coherence. The Great Realignment of the Grand Galactic Convergence that we’re sailing into is set to usher in a huge infusion of light from the galactic core. It’s already bringing many souls awake. And it’s breaking the coherency of this Intervention. The signs are very positive.

It will help your journey enormously to contemplate and understand these momentous cycles we’re now sailing into. What the bigger picture of the natural cycles is, and how can you align with them through your own Soul. Explore the possibilities further:

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings


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