Middle East Madness: Black Snake Being Stirred Up in the Shift

October 17th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It’s hard not to watch the footage of the latest war in the Middle East and not be moved to the core by the plight of desperate civilians being bombed and murdered. Yet again, this bears all the hallmarks of engineered hostilities to encapsulate world attention, drive society into fear, and make people more acquiescent to the controlling agenda. That’s why we must respond differently. Not to contract down in fear, but instead forge spiritual stoicism, to strengthen backbone for challenging times ahead.

When the going gets tough, the tough must get going!

The Shift Strongly Unwinding the Old Construct

As soon as I witnessed the initial scenes of the “invasion” into Israel, the images bore all the hallmarks of something ramshackle, cobbled together, to (mainly) stir up fear and trigger reactivity. A tractor taking out highly sophisticated border defences, with billions spent on them and aeons of preparedness. Really?

That’s not to belittle the heart-rending plight of those who were murdered and maimed,  but that’s the point, innocents get dragged in by the shadow to create emotional hostages wider afield in the world. It’s orchestrated to “justify” all manner of spurious reactions.

Whatever behind-the-scenes machinations created this, whatever backroom deals were made, for me, speaking as an energy worker, there’s one layer of consciousness behind it, with one purpose:

This is the surface manifestation of Black Snake energy being stirred up in the underlying field. It was to be expected. Massive shifts of late have happened in breaking down the foundational layers of the Matrix. The Shift is unwinding the old construct strongly. And so this virulent ground layer is writhing in fear. Hence it’s reactivity.

Okay, it’s a complex situation – but that’s the crux. What is this Black Snake energy of which I speak?

Explore the Ancient Nature of the Black Snake Energy

Exposing Ancient Black Snake Entities

Consider all reality as a quantum field, where sentient life takes form as the Torus, the Flower of Life, that exists in and through all things. If we look at it in the human field, for example, then just like the apple, you have a core vortex up the spine where the chakras connect into the singularity; you have the layers of the apple that comprise the multidimensional body; then you have the soul which infuses through it.

The Torus of a person is (meant to be) interconnected with that of Gaia, then the Solar Logos, then the Galactic Core. That’s the 11:11 alignment: four centres all interconnected. But where a being is caused, or forced, to contract down and attach to the emotional physicality of the external, then the flow of the Torus breaks down, usually around one of the chakras, whereupon Black Snake entities from the core manifest in the field, bind in distortion, and if you let them, they run amock in your reality.

It’s a more sophisticated, quantum field way, of considering the Black Snake in the Garden of Eden metaphor. Except this is no pontification. It’s real, virulent, and very much in our faces.

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Living Vibrantly, Adventurously and Without Fear

What we need to hoist on board is that the Matrix in which we currently reside is multilayered and complex, with many interrelating dynamics. The Black Snake is the ancient foundational layer. It’s a distorted and perverted elemental of the natural kingdom, which is being exposed as the coherency of the intervention is wobbling and breaking down.

There’s no avoiding it, as you bring in the light, it stirs up the dross.

The crucial thing is not to bunker down in fear, because that’s exactly why it is doing this. Due to the 11:11 convergence of grand cosmic cycles, there’s a tremendous expansion of consciousness happening in the field. The shadow and its amoral bankruptcy are being exposed, left, right, and centre. It simply had to react, it’s programmed that way, until it eventually withers and dies away.

We must NOT feed Black Snake in its dramatic finale. That will only drag it out. Instead, we must stay open as spiritual beings, we must keep grounding the light in our own lives; we must live vibrantly, adventurously, and without fear. We must NOT let this darkened veil draw across our resplendent skies. The light IS breaking in, we can feel it, and we must anchor it, amplify it, and ripple it far and wide through the field.


Let’s honour those suffering, absolutely. But let’s do so by rippling strength, divine connection and love through the field. Let’s not give the underlying energy of fear anything to feed from.

Standing Strong with Spiritual Stoicism

I recall just a few years ago when so many bunkered down in the face of the bogus pandemic. We must NOT let that happen again. We must stand strong and sovereign. And in our lives, we must forge spiritual stoicism. That’s the opportunity for spiritual growth that’s being called for now. It’s a feeling, an energy, a centredness and an anchoredness. It’s a determination that the external machinations of the shadow will NOT define us!

Do whatever it takes to activate and embody this energy of spiritual stoicism: whether that be powerful meditations such as the Openhand Bow; whether it be strong consciousness bodywork or empowered walking in nature; whether it be cold plunging or some form of martial arts. I guarantee you, for sure, this spiritual stoicism is antidote to this latest round of the shadow’s plandemonium.

Rest assured too, that Benevolence is working hand in hand with planetary shift facilitators to confront the virluent Black Snake entities in the field and bring them back into the Torus, to realign them, to take the sting out of their tail. There’s no quick fix. It will take time. And it’s a fundamental aspect of the unravelling shift. It’s exactly why so many mystics in the past have prophecised such calamity, as we now clearly move into End Times as the old 3D construct unravels.

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Become Actively Open in Your Spirituality

So have faith. Build inner trust. Take this latest round of violent charades as an opportunity NOT to hunker down, but actively open up in your spirituality; to forge spiritual stoicism in the face of the shadow. Demonstrate that you will NOT be governed by fear. Yet again, just like the bogus pandemic, here’s another opportunity to grow in the face of the exposed shadow.

If you feel compelled to enhance the backbone of your spiritual stoicism, then explore the ground breaking work of Openhand:

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Stoic blessings to all


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