Effective Soul Navigation Through End Times

October 24th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

To anyone with the eyes to see and ears to hear, on the planet we’re amidst a terraforming breakdown of the old consciousness construct. At the same time, for those who have awakened to Soul, you can feel the emergence of light.

It’s progressive – as the field breaks up, sometimes you’ll feel surrounded by cloudiness, which replicates into all areas of life. This is where orientation and focus are essential to prevent getting bogged down. Let’s explore how to stay open and create from divine majesty amidst the chaotic.

The Grand Game of Jenga

I wrote recently how we’d clearly entered the crucial phase in the Shift called, End Times. It’s where the Universe configures to pull the plug on an outdated reality construct and reignite the natural cycles of life. For some time it has served Gaia to be suppressed by the system we live in – it was her karmic contract with the alien intervention she’s suffered. I’ve explained my view on that here.

In this completion, the foundation structure of the intervention, in the form of the Annunaki, has been removed. We’re engaged in a game of Jenga: there are plenty more blocks still above, but the structure is now fatally destabilised and over time will fall apart as more blocks get removed – Benevolence is actively engaged in this deconstruction of the layers, removing block after block.

It still looks dark and disturbed on the surface in the 3D as the blocks topple. But let’s not get confused. The shadow is not getting stronger. It’s just more in your face because it’s getting stirred up and broken down. For all awakening souls, it’s absolutely crucial to be clear on your daily focus.

Where are you putting your attention?

Anchoring in Your Sacred Ground

There’ll likely be masses going on in your life right now and transforming. The Shift is pulling at all the threads of our lives, whether in relationships or how we live and work. Everything is being called into question. It’s essential to realise our consciousness has been woven into the karmic construct, and so as it unravels, it will pull on all of those threads and create instability externally. Hence therefore, at times, it will look pretty dark out there. And that’s okay, providing we do one essential thing:

In these End Times we must learn progressively, and each day, to centre inwardly into our Sacred Ground of Being; to be anchored there as a feeling-sense of warmth and lightness, of stability and strength, of reliability and resilience. It leads to your true sense of belonging and connection.

We will be engaged in many things externally – so much that will pull on the heartstrings of emotion, or try to wrap the mind in knots of complexity. To be clear, there will be no figuring it out in the ways of the past. Because it is purposefully designed to keep weaving you back in. By centering in your Sacred Ground, you’re making the crucial step NOT to be defined by the external game of charades. You’re detaching from the Jenga. You are not toppling, but strengthening. You’re forging and anchoring.

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This provides you a new place from which to gain your power and resources – one which you define, and can rely upon. You’re now tapping into the Universal Flower of Life, your own Torus. Crucially it’s where the new construct of Beginning Times is also emerging – it wants to emerge through us, like new shoots breaking through old concrete.

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The Spiritual Gym: Unravelling the Inner Threads

Anchoring in your Sacred Ground within, is absolutely essential. Plenty speak of finding the eye of the storm. But still, it’s easy to get pulled out by the threads of the old. This is where commitment and concentration come to the fore. You must recognise the threads being pulled within you – what’s getting triggered and activated. But now instead of trying to fix the external and what they’re pulling on, this is where we go to the spiritual gym:

Feel the triggering ties, whether emotional, mental or karmic. Work into them. Figure out what the attachment or investment in the external is. Decide carrying that baggage no longer serves your evolution of consciousness. No matter what the apparent personal cost to the ego, set down the baggage and breathe an open space through the external density.

If you’ve truly set it down, the situation will unravel. Be aware the situation in its end game will be unpredictable. No intentioning will save this day. You must be brave and courageous enough to open into the space of emptiness. But have no fear, the game won’t end there. The new game is only just getting started.

How do you feel to be now? What new sense of self is wanting to express? And most crucially, what ways are presenting themselves for you to actualise a new sense of you?

Each Day, A New Sense of Self

Pay particular attention to the seemingly insignificant or non-essential: Like some new craft or art wanting to be expressed; Playing a new musical instrument; Being guided a different way to work; A trip that you don’t think you can afford but nevertheless is calling into your Soul. In these moments it’s easy to lose faith – how can these things solve my outer problems? I say to you they are EXACTLY the antidote, the resolution, the new possibility. How so?

Early Trauma

The biggest transformation being invited for humanity within this Shift, is learning to create differently – to become a conscious co-creator with the divine. Consciously co-creating revolves around what you are being. Express and forge the new aspects of beingness in a new embodied way, and the Universe can’t help but crystallise this more vibrant, creative and successful construct around you.

Be aware, you’ll have to steel your nerve though. You’ll look out and see only swirling clouds. But if you forge these new threads of expression and embody them, steadily the clouds will open up and steps will present themselves in front of you. You’ll simply know what you should do in each given moment – how to express into the different situations and how to be.

I say to you: focus on these, and NOT the outcome.

You’re Now in The Driving Seat

Paradoxically, the outcomes to step progressively into will seemingly take shape themselves. What’s actually happening is that they’re actualising from the new sense of beingness that you’re expressing out into the world. Now your life takes on new direction and purpose, a greater sense of vibrancy, and crucially a new sense of empowerment. Because YOU’RE in the driving seat.

So I offer the viewpoint to encourage focus and alignment with our true creative power at this pivotal time in the Shift. In these End Times, the old ways of doing things will only deliver ever diminishing returns. So why invest your efforts there, when there’s a new and vibrant way that can deliver all you ever dreamed of? That’s the phenomenal possibility of the Beginning Times we’re sailing into. Let’s be sure to capitalise.

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Bright Blessings


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