End Times and the Escalating Global Conflict with Materiality

October 31st, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We’re moving into a time of deeply challenging World Hostility. It’s been building that way for some time. It’s what some of the First Nations described as a Conflict on Materiality as the Spiritual unravels through. It was always bound to happen. It’s cyclical, as the Grand Galactic Convergence breaks down the old reality construct, which precipitates onto the surface of society. We must hoist on board this global phenomenon right now, so as to ease internal suffering.

Life Spirals In Cosmic Cycles

Everything in life is crystallised from the quantum field of consciousness itself. Life is working to actualise itself and create reflections so as to learn, evolve and grow. There is NOTHING else that is real going on. You may have goals and objectives, dreams and desires, but the underlying driver of life is self-realisation, through self-actualisation.

Life goes in cycles: reality constructs take shape from the quantum field due to the learning inquiry. These contemplations slow the field down and bind it together for us to explore those questions: for example, how to be able to respect another’s perspective and truth, even though you don’t share it?

The inquiry builds energy and reality around it, and to the degree we resist the unravelling flow, dense debris is sucked into the dynamic creating toxic karma. But the paradox is that everything is interconnected with the flow, even though it slows down in a particular place for a while. So this anchor in the stream draws an increasing build-up of realigning energy until it all caves in, breaks down, and washes away.

These are cosmic phenomena that have been witnessed and cataloged by mystics throughout the aeons. The Hindus for example, call this period in the cycle “Kali Yuga”. It’s where the toxicity of the old construct becomes virulently decrepit before eventually breaking down. I believe the Hopi termed the same destructuring as, a spiritual conflict with material matters.

Perhaps the most important thing we can realise, is that having incarnated here, through a soul contract, we are each a fractal of this dynamic. The Conflict with Materiality will happen to us, within us. That’s the dynamic of transformation that has triggered. Look at what’s happening in the Middle East, what does it do to you? Now, how can you ease the situation, through the field, by easing it in you? Specfically, do you bind to the material, are you fearful, angry and worried, or, are you transcending into the spiritual?

End of Days, Kali Yuga

If we take the First Nations prophecy and witness what’s happening on the surface of our reality right now, with the breakdown of decency in all state systems, then it’s abundantly clear for all those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear: we are in the construct meltdown, the Kali Yuga, the End of Days, precipitated by a conflict on the materiality of life. That’s exactly what’s manifesting now in the Middle East.

There will be no fixing this reality. It’s all past its shelf life. Now there are essentially two choices: 1) continue to grasp and cling, just as the land/power grabbers are; Or, let go, and swim with the unravelling flow. You may feel the injustice of the “elites” manipulating events, but then know this: it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle!

It’s clear, that nefarious controllers are manipulating situations and events because they are in fear, and or greed – subconsciously the fear of loss of the old reality. Or the mistaken idea that because everything is transforming and being stirred up in the field, they can risk to grab a bigger slice of the apple. The triggering of Black Snake energies from the ancient bedrock exacerbates this dynamic, preying on distorted thought, emotion and religious dogma.

I know that’s a difficult picture to see. But stay with me, because appreciating this perspective on truth is a means to ease your suffering. Give up trying to restore the dinged part of the fruit. That’s impossible.

Easing the Suffering

The TOTALITY of the construct we’ve been living in has been founded on systemic suffering: have and have-not, poverty and greed, profit and loss, rich and poor, the controller and the controlled. It goes right back to the inception of Homo Sapiens by a manipulative alien intervention in the Garden of Eden. It wove the fabric of society so as to enslave humanity and the planet to its own agenda – just cast your eyes at the grandiosity of it through the construction of the artificial moon, and how it misappropriates energy from the sun to control the 4D morphic fields we live in.

Explore the Actual Dynamics of the Moon

Can you see what I’m illuminating? Contemplate it. Feel it. When you’ve worked past any reactivity or vain hope that somehow we can “turn this all back”, then you’re standing on the precipice of a great liberation – you’re ready to release, dive through the materiality and set your God Self free. Are you ready?

The point is, this control of the quantum field has been systemic. The free-flowing Flower of Life, the apple, has been purposefully contracted down, which pulls on the very fabric of our own beings through the hybridised DNA – with the field so dense, it’s been thus far, very difficult for the majority to be all they would choose to be, at a soul level, which creates underlying suffering.

This then is the grand opportunity. You’re about to realise unimaginable freedom. The veils are falling on the duplicity and deception – the enormity of it in society, how it’s been purposfully rigged to wrap people in and then manipulate them – the donkey and carrot syndrome. But when you finally see it, when the veils fall from your eyes, it can no longer control you. Providing you can let go of clinging and grasping, providing you can transcend your fears by confronting them, then you already begin to expand out.

Dogmatic religions have been created that enslave the soul. Grasping for control, power, land, resources, or some projected societal dream. Expectations, obligations, what you should or shouldn’t do, how you can or can’t be. This builds frustration, anxiety, and violation, which then becomes toxic and finally cancerous. It’s the culmination, the End Times of the construct, as the dinged apple becomes rotten, before returning to dust, which then realigns with the quantum field itself, the Flower of Life.

Now is the Time to Fully Live!

There will be no fixing the cancerous part of the apple. There will be no “getting rid of the shadow” to restore harmony and peace with the construct. Don’t you see, it’s endemic. Systemic. Woven into the very fabric of it. It’s this materiality that must be broken down over time  in order that life can re-establish itself once more. But, NOT from the construct, instead, from the re-emerging quantum field itself. And that, leading to a new existence at a higher vibration – the 5D.

What have you always wanted to be? What is your passion in life? What stirs your soul? What’s the “bucket list” you’ve been waiting to fulfill. Don’t wait a day longer. Seize the realigning flow right now. Whether it’s just for a day, a week or longer, the ultimate message from the Middle East right now is to let go and fully live!

We’re being enveloped by a Grand Galactic Convergence, and not before time. The 11:11 timeline, the one true timeline, beyond all spurious intentioning and timeline bubbles, beyond all grasping, controlling manipulating land and power-grabbing. These will all be as grasping at thin air, as the bubbles burst and reality explodes down. There will be no controlling it. It is infinite power unleashed, moving through this space, through one converging timeline.

How are we to work with it? That’s the real question of our times, how to work WITH it – not against it.

A Great Purification

It is to recognise we’ve moved into a realigning process. Life is a process. One of continual self-realisation and actualisation. It only ever was about this. We just forgot it in the eddy current of the minutiae, this storm in a teacup existence. Now the time has come where the cup will be broken and the water runneth over. Accept it. Feel the unraveling flow that triggers tightness of grasping and control within you. Let that illumination be the place you go to work, inwardly.

Move with it, then celebrate it as your consciousness, your true sense of self, beyond the ego, gradually emerges from the dross as the resplendent butterfly. This is what it’s all truly about – the “war” on materiality, the emergence from the dross. It’s the revelation and actualisation of your greater God Self, lived here and now, in any given moment.

What are you attached to? What are you afraid of? Where do you bunker down in anxiety and smallness? You’ve been having a grand cosmic joke with yourself – you are NOT that small! You are the God Self that chose to have a contained experience. Now it’s time to break the container and shatter the illusion.

It was simply amazing on the last Openhand retreat a few days ago, to hear how people are approaching these times: picking up new interests, engaging in their passion, creasting art, music, poetry, beginning new ventures. They’re being inspired by the death of the old, not wallowing in smallness or self pity, but setting the soul free. What else is there now to do?

Sexual Energy

Challenge the materiality that constrains you – it’s being torn apart anyway:
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Surrender, But Don’t Give Up!

Crucially, recognise that everything in the outer is the external pictorialsation of something in the inner. We are ALL having a collective inquiry, based along similar contemplations – the dogma of religious or societal belief for example. ALL beliefs are torn apart by the restoring quantum field – they were only ever temporary mental constructs anyway. They were always a form to step through into the formlessness of life itself – be totally free in your expression, yet honour all those of a different perspective.

Grieve for the suffering of life, but NOT for the passage of life. For the passing on is a great liberation from this systemic egoic suffering. Nothing and no one, no matter how apparently high and mighty, will survive in the 3D in this World War on Materiality that has now been triggered.

Point to the shadow, the cabal, or whatever you want to call it. They only APPEAR as if they’re pulling the strings. They only THINK they are. In fact, ALL is being triggered by the movement of interconnected consciousness. The controllers trigger BECAUSE they’re subconsciously losing control. In fact, the more you grasp at the external, the more you try to control it, the more you will suffer. That’s why it is said, “The meek shall inherit the earth”. Meaning: those that are truly surrendered will.

But surrender is NOT the same as giving up. Surrender to the flow itself. But do not cower to any final construct of the Maya, of the materiality. For that will be blown apart anyway. As the Flower of Life re-established itself, it pulls on and triggers the soul in you, inviting it to expand out, to drop the illusion of egoic smallness.

How Can You Honour and Celebrate Life?

This is about the removal of systemic suffering – of the ego that buys into the Maya. Let the flow unravel through you. See it as an opportunity to break down any attached illusion within you, any polarity of “them out there”. Look past this duality. You chose it all anyway. You manifested it all anyway. You created it all so as to expose your own self-deception – you are NOT that. You are NOT that which needs to effort and strive to grab a slice of a very small pie. Why set your focus so small? Look around you. Life is emergent, resplendent, in every corner now, through every event and circumstance, you are going to witness the veils of deceit fall and the resplendent flower of life re-establish.

How can you, personally, celebrate that?

This is the Kali Yuga, the conflict with breaking down materiality, that we’re now sailing into. Grieve only for the suffering that continues a while longer. But celebrate the liberation of life from the illusion. Honour life through that. It is your statement, your epitaph, your legacy. We stand at the brink of a resplendent homecoming. Let’s strive to embrace it. And this global conflict with the material will present your salvation.

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Bright Blessings to all


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