Disclosure of Recalibration/Realliance of Intervention Energies around Ra

November 21st, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A dynamic I spoke about several years back in the book DIVINCUS, is that as we progress through the Shift and strip out various aspects of the Intervention Energies, that they would constantly recalibrate, forming new alliances and configurations. They’ll keep shape-shifting until they’re eventually gone or realigned to the light. So when the Annunaki Architects of the Matrix were recently healed and withdrew, it was always going to be necessary to observe how the shadow would recalibrate…

What might the new configuration have become? It’s reconfiguring around the leadership of Ra.

An Ancient Collectivised Consciousness

Ra is an ancient collectivised consciousness that first appeared on this planet during the Atlantean epoch and centred in Egypt. Its roots here were within the inception of the hybridised Homo Sapiens around 250,000 years ago. Ra is an entity, of a paternalistic nature, that creates a bubble of “love n light” in the field, which gives a sense of belonging and paternal protection – but crucially, also the limitation of depletion of energy and restriction of freedom of flow. That’s the cost.

Although I was on Sirius at the time of the explosion, I was not there in the vicinity in the aftermath, since I had my own healing to do. So what I share here are pieces of a jigsaw of awareness that have recently been landing from past life regression experiences I’ve facilitated. At this stage, I offer the view more as a perspective for your own inquiry. It’s necessary to do so, because what has become apparantly clear to me, is that Ra has now taken leadership in the Intervention on our Planet since the Annunaki withdrew.

So with this in mind, Ra is an entity that originated on Sirius and began its journey after the explosion of the Star System many moons ago. As with all of these distortions, it commenced with a sense of benevolent purpose – in this case, hoovering up lost Souls that had been devastated by the tumultuous shift and even fragmented by it.

An “angelic” frequency was brought to bear as a magnet to serve that paternalistic energy. Isis was that entity, that quickly developed into a Goddess-type energy. My sense is of a Father/Daughter type dynamic between the two. Indeed in ancient Egypt, which was really when the Sirius civilisation had been reconstituted here on Earth, Isis was established as a Goddess to govern the population. They worshipped her, and she in turn worshipped Ra. This is very clearly reflected in the hieroglyphs you find at the temple of Isis in Philae, for example.

In a way, this dynamic may sound reasonably idyllic. There was great abundance and “peace” during those Atlantean times. The population even underwent ritualistic practices that elevated them into a more 4D,  expanded, “deified” state. But at what cost?

The Isis/Ra Dynamic

In these ancient times, (and also a pattern replicating now) consciousness in the being was “raised up” in vibration, where the pain of 3D living (emotional wounding for example) is then diminished. And through a collectivised intention, thoughts and emotions are channelled so as to harvest “abundance”. However, there are two severely limiting consequences of this dynamic…

First, there’s a distinct lack of freedom, sovereignty, and Soul flow. Ra purposefully closes down the crown charkra so that you can’t perceive your own freedom of action. Secondly, it causes unconsciousness in the base, which allows in the Black Snake, satanic entity. Which is invested in retaining the polarisation of identity, so as to divorce the population from the true Source. It then becomes increasingly wayward and perverted over time.

In recent times, through a concerted benevolent mission, the Annunaki Architects of the Matrix were healed and withdrew from the Intervention here. They’ve renamed themselves “the Anu” and have begun to assist in reverse-engineering the Matrix.

Explore the Healing of the Annunaki Ancient Architects of the Matrix

War on Materiality

This Shift has been very positive indeed, and absolutely essential to the liberation of the planet and humanity. But what it has also done, is exposed and released Black Snake energies (and demonic entities) in the fabric of the Matrix – they’ve experienced an insecurity due to this Shift, and gone into a virulent overdrive since that time. We witness it very clearly in the Middle East conflict right now. Which in the much bigger picture represents the global “War on Materiality”, that tends to happen as old 3D constructs unravel and break down.

What I’ve now very clearly become aware of, through daily journies on the astral planes, is a recalibration//realliance of ancient intervention energies – which is essential to call, as they are likely to be leading people astray on the 4D plane especially.

Bi location

The Recalibration of the Intervention

My observation and perception of the current situation is that of Ra orchestrating both Black Snake demonic energies and the synthetic Tall Whites. It’s a soul misdirection and harvesting process that has become quite typical in Shift dynamics – false bubbles in the flow are created, that lure wayward Souls in and tether them into a collective, just as happened in ancient Egypt.

What are the dynamics to watch for? There are three key ones I’ve observed as highly active:

1) There’s a distraction and dumbing down around the Crown chakra. You might feel a dense kind of woolyness and brain fog that creates an inertia in your life. You might feel a degree stablised and protected by the paternalistic dominating effect of it, because there’s no sense of needing to take risk. It’s why many are blindly accepting the machinations of the new synthetic agenda, providing they get some degree of the resources. But it is very much a law of diminishing returns, as the energy of the Old Paradigm is progressively depleted. It is purposefully only the “elites” that gain any real abundance and power.

2) The Black Snake energy is highly active around the base chakra, creating polarisation and projection amongst people, especially the projection of blame and stirring up emotionality. It’s where there’s a strong tendency to bleed energy on the physical and emotional planes within materiality – struggling, efforting, fighting and condemning. From this it extracts energy.

3) Tall White synthetic entities from the original intervention configuration are applying AI to continually adjust sense of purpose, intention and creativity into the overall agenda. They’re harvesting souls into the new simulation. Egoic desires are trawled through social media, then presented back to create an immediate dopamine hit – the feel-good factor. It’s also mimicking divine synchronicity through this, but to be clear, its only a dim shadow of the truly aligned dynamic, which is always expansive, uplifting and above all, liberating.
Gain a deeper understanding of the Tall Whites

What’s the antidote to this newly recalibrating intervention under Ra?

Activation of the Golden Tara

Recently I’ve written about the Openhand experiences of the Golden Tara in the Himalayas – a divine being holding the vibrant sixth density aspect of the New Paradigm. It’s the sense of a dancing weave of light, that activates the crown and third eye, bringing with it the vibrant feelings of upliftment, liberation and joyous creative action – acts of creation, not with an intention of an outcome, but creation for its own sake. Above all, it fosters the sense of freedom and personal sovereignty.

It’s a most uplifting development. However, there’s something we need to be accutely aware of to truly experience this aligned Golden Tara energy. And that is the “wounding of the Goddess”, that goes all the way back to the original Ra configuration of Egyptian times. It’s an energy that needs the paternalistic protection and provision. It’s one that has craved a degree of adoration and worship; whose heightened empathy is fed with tremendous insights into the 4D field, that then elevates the distorted Goddess in status and power. It’s one that tends towards glamour and thus can gain devotional following.

We must therefore work inwardly, and diligently to resolve out any wounding associated with this dynamic and karmic susceptibility toward it. Here are three key dynamics to watch for and work with:

1) Making sure the crown chakra is open and vibrantly active in one’s life. This happens through preparedness to sit in the uncertainty of “not-knowing”, but with an active attentiveness to the emergence of spontaneity and flow within life. The practice of “free-wheeling” is extremely helpful – taking off with no intention but to pick up the flow through higher knowing, then through the heart, and to witness the reflective feedback loops of synchronicity, especially in nature

2) Working to be clear that the paternalistic energy (and maternalistic) are key frequencies of your own Soul, and integrated within. That you don’t need to look outside yourself to find them. Spiritual guides and facilitators may provide an attuning reflection of those energies, but crucially to support your own integration of them

3) Being creative, and especially creating for its own sake, so as to bring dormant frequencies of one’s “Soul-Ray-Harmonic” alive. What do you feel inspired to create and express? No matter whether it turns out to be a work of art or not, simply to engage in what fires your interests and passion.

Make sure your actions and soul flow are grounded and anchored right down to the base chakra. This is where chakra attunment meditations are essential such as breathing practices into the chakras and sound toning. Sound healing is a great practice to undertake, for example.

The True Goddess

If we focus on these key healing/realignment dynamics then we can surely break the influences of the new Intervention Alliance coming in through the field and led by the Ra paternalistic entity. Up in the Himalayas, we also connected with the aligned Goddess Kali who helped strip out these interferring entities from the field, thus fostering a greater sense of coherency and alignment of flow.

By diligent practice and commitment to Soul evolutionary integration, it’s highly possible to navigate past the distorting and limiting influences, the hijacking, so as to connect with the aligned vibrancy of the true “Goddess”, an example of which being what Openhand is sharing as the Golden Tara of the 6th Density. I offer the viewpoint for your inquiry, feedback and careful investigation.

If you resonate with aspects of my sharing and wish to inquire deeper, explore the evolutionary work of Openhand…

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings


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