222 Meaning and the Spiritual Journey (Why You Keep Seeing It!)

February 3rd, 2024

By Aletheia Luna

Guest writer for Wake Up World

For what feels like the millionth time, you’ve seen 222 again … first on the clock, then on number plates, and then all throughout your week in tiny but surprising places.

What does it mean to see 222 everywhere?

You have a feeling that it means something special, but you don’t know what!

Can you relate?

In this guide, I’m going to explore the meaning of 222 in the context of the spiritual journey.

While repeated numbers are usually associated with angels (aka., ‘angel numbers’), I’m taking a different, more psychospiritual approach for those who want a bit more of a down-to-earth explanation.

The 222 meanings discussed in this article are informed by numerology, the principles of Eastern and Western spirituality, and archetypal psychology.

The Significance of Repeated Numbers 

Image of repeated numbers such as 000 111 222

First of all, any repeated number at its most basic level is a wake-up call because our minds have evolved to pick up on patterns. Based on your personal beliefs, this wakeup call could be from your:

  • unconscious mind,
  • soul,
  • spirit guides or ancestors,
  • the Divine Source, or
  • all of the above

Repeated numbers are like little winks from the Universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) because they shake you out of your daily stupor and habitual mental processes.

They’re like little electric shocks that temporarily wake you from the samsaric wheel or matrix of everyday living and ask you to pay attention already!

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung referred to seeing repeated numbers like 222 as instances of synchronicity or meaningful coincidences that carry deep significance.

Meaning & Symbolism of the Number 2 

Image of 222

Symbolically, the number two represents duality or the split between light and dark, yin and yang, inside and outside, mind and heart, life and death, and so on.

The number two also symbolizes partnership or union with another person – yet at the same time, it also represents opposition and conflict.

In the psychospiritual system of the tarot, number two is related to the archetype of the High Priestess, who, according to psychologist Arthur Rosengarten in his book Tarot and Psychologysymbolizes insight, penetration, intuition, and mystery.

In the field of numerology, two is the number of the cooperative peacemaker. In his book NumerologyColin Baker writes, “The Two is constantly aware of duality. Its reward is rediscovering the underlying unity behind everything.”

Numerologist Michelle Buchanan writes of the light and dark side of number two, describing it as being harmonious, intuitive, loving, supportive, and understanding, as well as potentially moody, hypersensitive, insecure, jealous, and indecisive.  

The Pythagoreans saw two (or the duad) as being symbolic of opposition and audacity because it had the nerve to separate itself from the first number (one).

And lastly, according to author Adele Nozedar in her book The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook,

In the Yantric system, the number 2, Dwau, similarly symbolizes the two paths of opposites, encapsulated as the Vama Marga (left hand), which is materialistic and literal and straightforward and the Dakshina Marga (right hand), which is subtle, spiritual, and oblique.

So what does this all mean for you? Let’s find out.

222 Meaning & the Spiritual Journey 

Image of two candles

First, I want to note that the 222 meaning you’re looking for has every right to be completely personal and unique to you.

The truest answers are ultimately within you, and you don’t need to accept anything in this article if it doesn’t resonate with your deep inner knowing.

However, I do understand the need to find some kind of validation, insight, or guidance because I’ve sought it out myself when it comes to finding the meaning of 222 and other numbers.

So, what is the spiritual meaning of 222? How does it relate to you and your spiritual awakening journey?

222 is a call to find more balance and harmony in life, as well as self-kindness and compassion towards others.

As a number of dualities and polarities, 222 asks you to find the bridge of connection, unity, and notice the underlying wholeness beneath everything in your life.

You’re being invited to see beneath the surface, sharpen your intuition, and honor the multifaceted nature of yourself, others, and your life path as a whole. 

On the Seeker’s Journey wheel of transformation, the second stage of the spiritual awakening process is what we refer to as Resisting the Path. As such, another 222 meaning could be that you’re resistant to something internally or externally, and you need to let go and trust to move forward.

222 is like a pendulum that swings back and forth between union and separation, and by seeing this repeated number, your work is to find more balance and harmony.

222 Meaning Keywords

Image of the yin and yang symbolic of the 222 meaning and its significance

To summarize the 222 meaning I’ve explored above, here are some helpful keywords to meditate on:

  • Duality
  • Opposition
  • Unity
  • Intuition
  • Resistance
  • Connection
  • Yin/Yang
  • Harmony
  • Mind/Heart
  • Cooperation
  • Inner/Outer
  • Conflict
  • Partnership
  • Heaven/Earth
  • Light/Dark
  • Reconciliation
  • Peacemaking
  • Bigger Picture
  • Balance

Journaling Prompts to Help You Work With the Magic of 222

Image of a journal used for responding to 222 journaling prompts

When you see 222, 2:22, 22:22, 2222, or any iteration of the number 2, here are some journaling prompts you can ask yourself:

1. What is out of balance within your life? Look for areas where you feel a lack of harmony and peace. Pay attention to imbalances that you’ve been experiencing for quite a while.

2. What simple habit, change in routine, spiritual practice or mindset shift could help you to find more balance right now?

3. Are you giving more than receiving, or are you receiving more than giving? How can you create more equilibrium? (For example, perhaps you’re receiving too much work and need to delegate and give away tasks to others, or maybe you’re spending too much time helping others and not enough time nurturing yourself.)

4. How can you let go of the mind’s judgments and come back home to the heart?

5. What inner belief or shadow part is causing you to separate from others or situations in a negative or destructive way? Separation can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. (E.g., This may look like holding a grudge against someone that eats away at you inside, being addicted to social media and neglecting your relationship, being a defensive communicator instead of a nonviolent communicator at work, etc.)

6. Think about a situation that’s bothering you in life. What are the shades of gray that you’re not seeing? Not everything is black or white.

7. What is the deeper lesson and opportunity that you’re learning from experiencing this friction? Instead of reacting negatively to something or someone who’s upsetting you, look at the bigger picture.

8. What disowned positive or negative trait might you be projecting onto another person or situation, and how can you invite it back home with compassion?

9. What are you in resistance to right now, and how can you let go to move forward?

10. When you move out of the fearful voice of the ego, what does the soft but wise voice of the soul say?

222 Meaning When Thinking of Someone

Image of two koi fish circling each other symbolic of the 222 meaning

Another common question is, “What does it mean when you see 222 while thinking of someone?”

Quantum Touch

Again, your interpretation is more important than any that I can give when it comes to your life.

But if you’re unsure and need direction, the meaning of 222 when thinking of someone can be symbolically seen as a sign to find a sense of reconciliation and forgiveness if you’re at odds with that person.

If you have an okay or positive relationship with them, it could be a sign that you need to reach out, check in on them, or simply offer your presence.

The number two, after all, is all about learning how to relate to others harmoniously. So you may be invited to offer a level of care or nurturance to that person (if it feels safe and appropriate, of course).

If reconciliation doesn’t feel safe or accessible, however, seeing 222 could be an invitation to let go of old resentments and free your heart from bitterness through the power of forgiveness.

Remember that you can forgive but not forget – and forgiveness isn’t about being a saint but is instead about finding more inner peace with yourself.

Fun fact: Did you know that when you flip two 2s and place them together, the shape of a heart forms, which is the symbol of love? Again, this is quite significant, and it’s a call to find compassion both for yourself and another.

Spiritual Guidance

Image of an aurora borealis and trees

If you’re interested in going deeper into the topic of numbers and synchronicity, I have a few other articles you might be interested in:


A quirky synchronicity happened just when I finished writing this article – I saw on my work timer that it took me 2 hours and 22 minutes to write this piece!

(By the way, that’s just the writing part – the editing and preparing aspect often take way, way longer!)

See the screenshot below:

Isn’t that awesome? I thought it was a nice little nod from the Universe anyway. 😉

Then, after my first initial round of formatting and preparing this article, I received this (totally unexpected by the way):

I guess The Powers That Be want me to continue this series, huh? 😀

We also have our youngest dog’s birthday, Lila, coming up. She was born on the 2/2/22.

Anyway, now over to you!

How has 222 been appearing in your life? What message do you think it has for you? I’d love to hear below!

222 meaning angel number image

About the author:

Aletheia Luna is a prolific psychospiritual writer, author, and spiritual mentor whose work has touched the lives of millions worldwide. As a survivor of fundamentalist religious abuse, her mission is to help others find love, strength, and inner light in even the darkest places. She is the author of hundreds of popular articles, as well as numerous books and journals on the topics of Self-LoveSpiritual Awakening, and more. See more of her work at lonerwolf.com.

This article, 222 Meaning and the Spiritual Journey, was originally published on lonerwolf.com, reproduced with permission.

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