Discover the Secrets of the Alta Major Chakra: A Gateway to Divine Guidance

The alta major chakra, often called the “Mouth of God,” is pivotal in the quest for spiritual awakening and personal growth. This lesser-known chakra is your direct line to accessing divine guidance and understanding your life’s ultimate purpose. Today, we celebrate the teachings of the revered Rev. Tiffany Jean Barsotti, PhD, who dedicated her life to exploring and teaching the profound impact of this energy center.

Honoring Tiffany Jean Barsotti’s Legacy in Spiritual Science

Rev. Tiffany Jean Barsotti’s contributions to spiritual science remain impactful, even after her passing in February 2024. Her teachings, preserved in a special pre-recorded video event, continue to guide and inspire those on a journey toward deeper spiritual understanding. This event is a testament to her enduring legacy, offering her profound wisdom to a broader audience and ensuring her insights continue to influence and enlighten.

A Portal to Higher Guidance and Health

The alta major chakra is not just a point of energy; it’s a gateway to higher realms of consciousness. This chakra, located at the base of the skull, interacts with critical physiological systems like the vagus nerve and the reticular activating system, forming a triad of awareness that enhances both spiritual and physical health. This triad is essential for what Tiffany taught as “embodied ascension”—a state where you remain fully grounded even as you reach higher states of consciousness.

Why This Chakra Matters Now More Than Ever

In a world of information overload, distinguishing between the noise and your authentic inner voice is more crucial than ever. The alta major chakra bridges the gap between spiritual understanding and physical existence, thus enhancing your overall well-being.

Join This Free Online Event: Open the Alta Major Chakra

We invite you to delve into the secrets of the alta major chakra through our free online event: The Hidden Key to Receiving Accurate Higher Guidance & Clear Intuition: Open the Lesser-Known Alta Major Chakra to Enhance Your Health & Improve Your Life.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the Alta Major Chakra: Understand its role as a spiritual awakening and physical healing conduit.
  • Experience the Physiology of Presence: Learn to anchor yourself in the present moment to enhance your receptivity to higher guidance.
  • Meditative Practices: Start with a short audio meditation that will help prime your nervous system for receiving spiritual insights.
  • Discern Your Inner Voice: Gain tools to differentiate valuable spiritual guidance from everyday mental noise.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

This event is not just an informational session; it’s a transformative experience that offers practical tools to enhance your health and expand your spiritual journey. Whether you’re new to the concept of chakras or seeking to deepen your existing practice, this event will provide valuable insights into integrating spiritual wisdom into everyday life.

RSVP Now for Free!

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the teachings of Rev. Tiffany Jean Barsotti and unlock the potential of your alta major chakra. Register here for free and begin your journey towards greater health, clarity, and spiritual fulfillment.

Dive deep into biofield science with Tiffany and learn how to prime your nervous system to receive higher guidance at our upcoming event.

By embracing Rev. Tiffany Jean Barsotti’s teachings and exploring the alta major chakra, you can open up a world of spiritual and physical health benefits. Join us and unlock the door to a more enlightened, healthy, and purpose-driven life. Secure your spot now!

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