RESURRECTION: from the Shadow Intervention Simulation

May 9th, 2024

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Leading alternative commentators maintain humanity is trapped within a ‘simulation’ of reality, by a Shadow Intervention controlling our planet and its resources. I largely concur with this, although let’s be clear, the 3D world is real, it’s not a computer simulation. Instead, the wool of perception is being pulled down over the psyche from the 4D by a sophisticated architect. The balance of energies are shifting. The simulation is weakening. Here’s what you can do to support the resurrection of humanity and our planet.

The Nature of the Planetary Simulation

I would say the word ‘simulation’ for the reality we live in is accurate, in that it appears as though people have freedom of choice, freedom to dream, and freedom to create within a reasonable boundaried construct. Of course, it’s always necessary and right to honour each other, and to find some kind of harmony that serves all.

But this freedom to dream, to choose and create is being tampered with and manipulated in a highly deceiving way – particularly through the 4D, where the quantum morphic fields are being carefully configured and ‘adjusted’ to fit within the designs of a highly sophisticated architect: an ancient entity from the Sirius Star System, that exploded 120 million years ago.

The entity is known as Ra, and has established itself as ‘God’, to be worshipped and followed since ancient Egyptian times. The alien entity has, in the past, worked closely with the Annunaki to configure society and bend humanity to its will by carefully manipulating human DNA – they hybrised Homo sapiens from Original Humans, and sealed in the downgrading changes by splicing the chromosomes down to 46 from 48 in the original Lemurian configuration. When you explore it, the odds of this happening by chance mutations are ridiculously remote (I share the evidence of this in the Openhand book, DIVINICUS).

They even established the orbiting Moon to extract electromagnetic energy from the Sun and suppress the natural Flower of Life on the planet and in humanity – when they realised its propensity to keep on re-emerging. How inconvenient!

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Simulation Wobbling in the Grand Galactic Convergence

This is why we may call the world we live in a ‘simulation’ – in that moods, dreams, and natural creativity are either being purposefully thwarted, or else misdirected into the construct this Intervention has created for its own ambitions and ends. Which we can now clearly point to as being: total dominion, power, and the harvesting of resources and energy.

Fortunately this ‘simulation’ is looking decidely shaky right now. The consciousness of humanity and Gaia is beginning to re-emerge from the ancient slumber. In growing number, people are throwing off the veils by exposing the ridiculous game of charades happening before our eyes in the 3D.

All the while, new activations of consciousness are infusing the planet as we sail into a high-energy segment of the galaxy, as more charged particles from the Sun fire Earth’s way, at a time when Gaia is lowering her protective magnetic shield in the culminating Pole Shift. It’s something we can call, The Grand Galactic Convergence.

Explore the nature of the Grand Galactic Convergence in this Openhand Video

Reclaiming Soul Sovereignty in the Constant Conscious Choice

What’s beginning to accelerate, and unfold, on the planet, represents an enormous opportunity to forge soul and to emerge from this simulation gloriously free – to join the Galactic Family of Light. A New Earth is being established in 5D, 6D and 7D. Like a blossoming flower, this will steadily emerge as the simulation weakens and breaks down. It’s already being supported by the presence of an array – an alliance – of Star Being Nations, who’ve come here to support this resurrection of humanity and the planet.

At this time, it’s confused and confusing out there in the world, with this tumultuous shake-up in consciousness that’s unfolding. But now is the time to forge on, and ‘make hay whilst the Sun shines’. The veils of the simulation still purposefully obscure, but for anyone truly inquiring and seeking, the energy to explode the bounds of the simulation within our consciousness is steadily sweeping in.

It’s utterly essential though to realise the nature of this liberation – we escape the simulation by reclaiming soul sovereignty in the constant consciousness choice, and then expanding fully into our multidimensionality. Then we can be sure that we’re informing and creating our world from higher consciousness, instead of the simulation. In short, we must resurrect our full complement of higher dimensional capacity. It’s a reviving upliftment and freedom that’s reinvigorating at a soul level.

The future is Bright!

Bright blessings


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