Baseball’s Symbolic Field: Exploring the Game’s Esoteric Foundations

May 23rd, 2024

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Baseball was not necessarily invented but rather developed over time. Many variations existed before cementing baseball’s modern rules, game, and business. Rounders was a game played in England, which baseball most likely developed from, and baseball has been around in The US in one form or another since at least the early 1800s.

Esoteric Symbolism in Baseball’s Field Design

So, saying that baseball always had an esoteric bend might be a stretch.However, when we look at the design of the modern baseball field one cannot help but to notice the compass and square basis of the field layout. The compass and square symbolism is most frequently associated with Freemasonry. However, the group adopted the compass and square symbolism as an ancient pairing of symbolism concepts and aspects of esotericism – most notably the union of opposites, masculine and feminine. The baseball itself is designed with 108 stitches, 108 being perhaps the most esoteric number, with one layer of it symbolizing the finite and infinite, the masculine and feminine, coming together.

The Compass and Square: Tools of Sacred Geometry

The compass and square are geometric tools, and the esoteric compass and square are sacred geometry tools for symbolism comprehension. In fact, masonry itself is said to be a “beautiful and profound system of morality, veiled in allegories and illustrated by symbols.”

Freemasonry’s Influence on Baseball’s Symbolism

To build the perfect megalithic pyramid within is the original esoteric free masonic contemplation that existed before what we know as Freemasonry. The symbols coming together further represent the study of sacred geometry and are one of the many themes that are, idealistically at least, attached to Freemasonry. The study of sacred geometry is the internalization of earth measure (geo–meter) toward internal and subtle measure, comprehension, and construction.

Myth and Reality: The Abner Doubleday Story

The compass and square represent sacred geometry; however, baseball is not cemented in or associated with such at all. Funny enough, the foundation story of baseball put forth in the original Americana mainstream was a lie. The claim that baseball was invented in The USA by Abner Doubleday was a publicity stunt sentimentalized by Abraham G. Mills and backed by Albert Goodwill Spalding, a prominent member of the baseball establishment.

Symbolic Journeys: Bases and Beyond

Abner Doubleday was said to be the game’s inventor, but he himself denied the idea. This was likely just a ruse to snub the influence on baseball by rounders from outside The USA.

The baseball field symbolizes immersion in sacred geometry, four elements, and dimension initiation. Baseball represents the esoteric rite of advancement through the four base elements of physicality and consciousness. Baseball esoterically represents the base four of everything from consciousness to mathematics in a fun athletic exoteric game. But were others privy to such esoteric ideas in its design? Were others interested in similar esoteric ideas in that time period?

Baseball and Theosophy: Abner Doubleday’s Influence

Abner Doubleday was an author and a military man. He actually shot the first shot of The US Civil War. Abner Doubleday, the accused inventor of baseball, was a member of The Theosophical Society and also was interim President when the founder, Madame Helena Blavatsky, left to travel to India in her metaphysical research. He went on to be Vice President for a number of years after that.

The Significance of Four: From Geometry to Consciousness

So, it is of related interest to point out that Abner Doubleday was likely versed in the symbolism of sacred geometry and the base four of consciousness. Four is the base of all mathematics, in the four operations of arithmetic and the four dimensions of geometry. Four is also the basis for consciousness in The AUM (Om) symbol, phonetically similar to home and allegorically of similar difficulty to reach as is reaching home plate.

AUM and Baseball: The Esoteric Connection

In the four base systems of AUM, baseball, and other metaphysical systems, there is often a set of three similar patterns and a distinct fourth. This is true for baseball’s plate design in that the home plate is distinct, just as in AUM and its fourth part.

Baseball is an exoteric game played during the most fertile, active, and extent of the exoteric half of the year and represents the esoteric inward game of comprehension of the base of consciousness in AUM. In its physical representation of sacred geometry, there is the symbolism of the compass and square and the correspondence of the four dimensions of geometry in the ball/point. bat/line, field/plane, stadium (and glove)/volume all form an esoteric representation of sacred geometry and base 4 initiations.

It is said to be excruciatingly difficult to comprehend and practically impossible to reach AUM’s fourth aspect of consciousness, just as it is difficult to traverse the four physical bases of the field, the 360 feet of the four bases, to home. The fourth aspect of AUM is so difficult to reach one might say it is past time.

The Symbolism of Bases: Squaring the Circle

Each base is separated by 90 feet, making 360 feet, an esoteric representation of squaring the circle. This sacred geometry idea is part of the layered symbolism in the compass and square and also represents elemental, alchemical, internal, and esoteric self-development symbology.

The very term inning of baseball comes from an old English word meaning “to get within, to put in, or bring in.” Of course, this can be interpreted physically, but its metaphysical or esoteric interpretation is consistent with the symbolism of internal individuation, potentiation, and initiation in the game.

One of Abner Doubleday’s books was a manuscript on The Tarot. Of course, The Tarot is partly based on the four suits, which are likely rooted in and correspond with the four dimensions of geometry.

“Thus it is said that by death the body is violently separated from the soul. But by initiation into the mysteries the soul is gently separated from the body.” ~ Manly P. Hall

“Death takes man out of the world, but initiation takes worldliness out of the man…death is the common accident of man, but immortality is only obtained by purposeful intent and is never obtained accidentally.” ~Manly P. Hall

In conclusion, baseball’s origins and its connections to esoteric symbolism offer a fascinating perspective on this beloved game. Evolving from games like rounders, the design of the baseball field subtly echoes the compass and square of sacred geometry and Freemasonry, hinting at deeper symbolic meanings. Abner Doubleday, mistakenly credited with inventing baseball, was involved in esoteric traditions, adding an intriguing layer to the game’s history. The four bases and their 360-foot circumference symbolize squaring the circle, while the term “inning” reflects an inward journey of self-discovery and spiritual advancement. Thus, baseball can be seen as an exoteric game with an esoteric core, where the physical act of rounding the bases mirrors the spiritual journey toward enlightenment, resonating with ancient symbols and timeless truths.

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