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An avid proponent of natural health and detox practices, Marie achieved a Masters in Regenerative Sustainability studying under the supervision of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient in Vancouver. While teaching workshops on well-being, she observed a widespread desire for physical as well as environmental health and sustainability. This inspired her to start Earth for the Sun, her line of simple and effective health products inspired by nature, the source of life. Check out for more information.

Nutrition For Better Skin Health

20th May 2016 By Marie Be Guest Writer for Wake Up World Proper skin care is important, since the skin is the bridge between the outside and the inside of the body. What you put on your skin gets...

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Natural Detox : Detoxing as a Way of Life

By  Marie Be Guest Writer for Wake Up World The link between increased toxicity and a range of diseases is now becoming well recognized by medical authorities.  Many studies describe a general health...

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