How GMO Foods Turn Your Intestines Into an Insecticide Factory

How GMO Foods Turn Your Intestines into an Insecticide Factory

By Marie Be

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The rise of GMOs in our food supplies raises a variety of issues, from environmental degradation to nutrient depletion, dependency on toxic agro-chemicals and government corruption — many topics with lots of well sourced information. Often falling into the cracks is the effect of GM foods on intestinal health. Why does it matter? Because intestinal health is directly linked to genetics, immunity and our overall health and well-being.

The History of GMOs

The GMO revolution was fueled by oil subsidies, government corruption and university funding (1). GMOs were engineered after WW2, based on a surplus military product. There was extra bomb making material that was found to work as fertilizer, so the synthetic fertilizer industry was created. There was excess nerve gas that could be used as an insecticide, and the insecticidal industry was created.

The primary reason GM crops are engineered is to allow them to drink poison (pesticides), and survive. They are inserted with foreign genes that allow them to absorb what would otherwise be deadly doses of poisonous herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. These crops can be sprayed at extremely high doses, killing everything around them but leaving the crop intact. (2)

But it is not simply the poison in which they are coated that adversely effects on human health, it is also the essence of the modified genes themselves.

A GMO study was performed on rats. (Notably, no long-term GMO feeding study has ever been conducted on humans. ~ Editor) The first group was fed GM food, the second organic food, and the third group was fed organic food with the same pesticides that were sprayed on the GM foods. The results were startling: only the group eating the GM foods got sick. The third group would potentially develop health issues related to increased toxicity, but in the short term it was eating the GM foods proved to be fatal. (1) Why is that?

Let’s have a look at the biochemical foundation of the adage “We are what we eat”.

GM food manipulates the natural essence of these foods by altering their DNA, which is the inherited material of life. When the GM gene is introduced, the engineer has no control over where the gene introduces in the DNA blueprint. The DNA blueprint is composed of micro RNA, also found in all the cells  of the body. Micro RNA adjust the reading of our cells, altering the RNA disrupts the gene itself; it distorts the balance of gene function. (3)

When GM foods are ingested, its micro RNA is picked up by the digestive system and not broken down, then absorbed by the cells of the body. This means that this altered DNA becomes integrated into our own genetic code, distorting DNA and genome. And this is irreversible. (4)

The distorted micro RNA also gets picked up by the DNA of the gut bacteria of our GI track (4), which is connected to the bacteria of the digestive system and feeds into every single cells of our body.

If that wasn’t enough, the new generation of GM seeds contain bacterial genes that enables the plant to produce natural toxic herbicides and pesticides, allegedly protecting the crop. These abnormal bacterial genes transfer to the normal bacteria that inhabit our gut, and we end up with a bacteria that produces herbicide and pesticides within our own intestines. (5)

This means that we now have an insecticide factory into our guts.

This affects our health in many ways. The guts are responsible for 65% of the immune system (1), as well as protecting our bodies from toxicity.

The entire length of your digestive (GI) tract is coated with a bacterial layer that provides a natural barrier against harmful invaders such as undigested foods, toxins and parasites. A healthy gut flora neutralize toxic substances like nitrates, plastics and antibiotics, inactivate histamine, chelate heavy metals, absorb carcinogenic substances. When the bacterial balance of the intestinal flora gets disturbed, the gut lining and wall gets damaged, allowing harmful bacteria, parasites and toxins to leak out into the bloodstream. The liver gets poisoned, the body’s biochemistry gets disturbed, the immune system gets destroyed and damage to organs and brain occurs (5).

So what can we do to reverse the damage?

There are many ways to heal your gut and restore well-being. The first obvious step would to completely ban GM foods from your diet. Look for organic or non-GMO labeling. Other good ideas are cutting down sugar and processed foods, avoiding antibiotics, eating fermented foods and supplementing with probiotics. Ingesting a spoonful of zeolite daily, using zeolite enemas or transdermal zeolite are good solutions. Zeolite absorbs toxins from the body, including GMO residues, restoring balance and wellbeing. A thorough detox protocol will also help rid the body of accumulated toxins, diminishing your body’s toxic burden and allowing it to heal itself over time.

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Marie BeMarie Be’s inspiration comes from her mom, who always challenged common assumptions and sought to understand for herself the major issues concerning her family and the choices she made on their behalf. She raised Marie and her brother in a rural environment, feeding them the best organic foods and focusing on building strong immune systems in her children through the use of natural plants, herbs, and minerals.

As a fiery teenager, Marie travelled the world in search of purpose and dreamed of positively influencing our society. While earning her first two degrees, in architecture and sustainable development, she worked for Greenpeace and many other organizations of change. Her experience taught her that change cannot be imposed; she now aims at inspiring individuals through education and awareness.

Marie moved to Vancouver to undertake a Masters in Regenerative Sustainability under the supervision of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Teaching workshops on well-being, she started observing a widespread desire in our society for both physical and environmental health and sustainability. Feeling the winds of change, Marie founded Earth for the Sun.

Earth for the Sun was inspired by nature, the source of life. By tuning in that source, by acquiring knowledge on ancient herbal traditions as well as new technologies, Marie believes it is possible to use nature’s intelligence and deliver simple and effective health products. Check out Earth for the Sun for more information.

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