Two Now Former Fox Reporters Found Just How Corrupt & Far Reaching Monsanto’s Reach Is.

By David Noble – End The Lie

I decided to write this article as this story is a perfect example of how Monsanto and the Main Stream Media operate with no regard for our safety or the truth.

Fox News reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre uncovered a disturbing piece of information after Fox television told them to cover any story or subject that they wanted and to ask hard questions for a new show called the Investigators.

One of the first story’s that they came up with was that most of the milk in California and in fact most of the country was contaminated with the artificial growth hormone Posilac. This is injected into cows so that they produce more milk and has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone.

Jane stated that

”With Monsanto I didn’t realize how effectively a corporation could work to get something on the market place. The levels of coordination that they had to have, they had to get university professors into the fold, they had to get experts into the fold, they had to get reporters into the fold, they had to get the public into the fold and of course the FDA, let’s not leave them out. They had to get the federal regulators convinced that this was a fine and safe product to get it onto the market place and they did that very very well”

Posilac was rubber stamped by the Federal Government before they put it on the market place with the longest test done for toxicity being 90 days on 30 rats. The results of this test were either misreported to the FDA or the FDA was not interested in the safety of Posilac.

Scientists within Health Canada looked very carefully at BGH (bovine growth hormones) and came to a disturbing conclusion that totally contradicts those of the FDA in the US. Their findings showed that Monsanto’s engineered growth hormone did not comply with safety requirements and could be absorbed into the body with serious implications for human health. Mysteriously that conclusion was deleted from the final publication of Monsanto’s report.

Unlike those in the US the Canadian scientists stood up and proclaimed that it was not safe. Dr Shiv Chopra said that

they had been pressured and coerced to pass drugs of questionable safety including the rBST( Posilac). I personally was very concerned that there is a very serious problem of secrecy, conspiracy and other things of that nature, and that something needs to be done”

This put the FDA in a difficult position to come up with an explanation which they failed to do. Despite this Posilac was not pulled off the market.

(The below video documents Steve & Jane’s experiences of this story 10 Mins)

Steve Wilson & Jane Akre wrote the story with Fox even buying ads to promote the show. But on Friday night 3 nights before the show was due to be aired they got a letter from a high priced lawyer in New York hired by Monsanto. Steve explains

It contained a lot of things that were off the wall faults, but if you didn’t know the story and how we had gone about producing it, it would have scared you as a broadcaster or manager”

It was decided to pull the story and check it one more time. Steve continued

The bottom line was that there were no factual errors in that story. Both sides had been heard from and had had an opportunity to speak”

One week later Monsanto sent a second letter which threatened dire consequences for Fox News if the story aired in Florida. Fox under the threat of being sued and losing advertising dollars showed more concerned for making profit from advertisements for Monsanto’s products like, Round-up, NutraSweet, aspartame and other products than informing the public of this serious health concern.

Steve and Jane explained what happened

Steve “so we got into a battle and the first deal was the new general manager”

Jane ”His name is Dave and Dave is a salesman, and you know he would pump your hand and ask how you are doing”

Steve ” He called us upstairs to his office and said, what would you say if I killed this piece, what if it never ran, and we said that we would not be very happy about that and he replied that he could kill it you know. We said that yes you are the manager, you could kill it and it would never air. And he was humming and hawing before finally blurting out asking us if we would tell anybody. I said look I am not going to lie for you.

About a week later he called us back to the office and said I would like you to make these changes, in fact you will make these changes.

We said let us show you the research we have that shows you that the information you want us to broadcast isn’t true.

He replied that he didn’t care about that, I said pardon me to which he replied that’s what I have lawyers for just write it the way the lawyers want it written.

I said you know this is news, this is important; this is stuff people need to know. I will never forget he didn’t pause a beat as he said we just paid three billion dollars for these television stations, we will tell you what the news is, the news is what we says it is”

Steve continued ” I said I am not doing that, to which he told me that if we refused to present this story the way we think it should be presented you will be fired for insubordination. I said that I would go to the Federal communications commission and report that I was fired from my job by you the licensee of these public airwaves because I refuse to lie to people on the air”

About a week later the general manager called them back offering to pay them the rest of their year’s salary if they agreed not to talk about what Monsanto had done, to not talk about the Fox corporate response in suppressing the story or talk about the story and to never talk about BGH.

After the bribe was refused it was decided to rewrite the story in a way that they could all agree upon. But problems soon surfaced after they started rewriting the story with their lawyers.

Jane explains

For example they wanted to do things like take out the word cancer, saying that you don’t have to identify what the potential problem is, just say human health implications. Any criticism of Monsanto or their product, they either removed it or minimized it. And it was very clear with almost every edit that they made to the piece that this was the aim”.

The piece was rewritten an unheard of 83 times in an attempt to convince the reporters to either go with an untrue version or to stall long enough for the first window in their contract so that they could fire them which they then did for no cause.

This prompted Steve to write a letter to Caroline Forrest the Fox Corporate lawyer, stating that they were being fired for refusing to put something on air that they had demonstrated to be false and misleading, also because they had also stood up to Monsanto, The stations editors and lawyers. The lawyer wrote a letter back admitting that they were right and this was the reason that they were let go. This was a big mistake.

This response by the lawyer gave Steve and Jane the whistle blower status that they needed in Florida to file a whistle blower claim against their former employers which Jane did.

On August 18, 2000 after three judges, 27 months of pre-trial wrangling and five weeks of courtroom testimony, Jane was awarded $425,000 in damages for being fired by Fox.

Unfortunately and worryingly her appeal court judges found that falsifying news is not actually against the law, so they denied Jane her whistle blower status and overturned the case, withdrawing her $425,000 award.

So once again Monsanto got away with putting profit before the health of their customers. They have shown repeatedly that they not only have the FDA, politicians and law-courts but also the main media in their pockets. There is no question of their guilt in this case or of the dangers of BGH. But Monsanto’s corrupt reach seems to know no bounds. We cannot rely on anybody but ourselves to keep us safe from the likes of Monsanto. The answer is surprisingly simple, stop supporting them. Buy organic and let those in authority and the Main Stream Media know that we are on to them.

There is a big chance that the milk that you are feeding to your family comes from a cow injected with BGH. Think of how much the risk of getting cancer has grown in recent years and ask yourself if you really want to chance this for yourself and your family. By paying a bit more and buying organic milk you could be saving your family from serious illness.


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  • Mick

    just a heads up… the video for this article has been marked private, so we can’t view it. is there a public video?

    • Wake Up World

      Thanks for the heads up Mick, we have had a few people say the same thing, but most people are able to view this. All a bit weird. Here is an alternative link until this issue is sorted 🙂

    • Dan

      This is just my unscientific two cents but, if the growth hormone were as “deadly” or “unsafe” as this story makes it out to be, wouldn’t a lot more people just stop buying milk that wasn’t organic? If this product produced from Monsanto was so poisonous to humans, wouldn’t doctors be warning us to not drink it? I know my doctor has never asked me how much milk I drink. My daughters doctor has never suggested that I needed to beware of Monsanto milk. If this hormone was actually causing all the problems you’re reporting it could cause why isn’t there anyone complaining. Any by anyone, I mean regular people. I’ve never talked to anyone that said, “I have cancer and it was caused by milk.”
      This story is conspiracy theory fodder and nothing more.

      • jane

        If the milk were nor pastuerized it would healthful. Milk is mucus amd dead parasites etc. So go drink a cup of slime and enjoy! Monsanto is a Monster. We ALL know that!. Genetic engineering and patenting seeds? My body reads it as “alien approachimg” EWWWWWWWWWWW!!

        • sandy

          right on!!

      • Tracy

        There are many studies showing that women who have breast cancers generally consume more dairy products than their cancer free peers. Studies also show an increase in dairy consumption in men with prostate cancer in stark difference to their cancer free peers.

        Maybe the linik is synthetic bovine hormone considering it can be found in the plasma of people who consume dairy.

        I say better safe than sorry, limit your and your children’s intake of non-organic dairy products. What could it hurt?

      • James

        That is rather “unscientific” of you Dave. People never know what caused their cancer, that’s the insidious nature of the disease. Doctors probably can’t be bothered to ask how much Coke you drink, or how often you eat at McDonald’s, or how many times you have flown at high altitudes (you get a surprising amount of radiation exposure while flying), but we know quite well that all of those things are less-than-great for you. People attribute false causation to all kinds of things, cancer being the chief amongst them. rBGH was never allowed by an industrialized nation other than the USA, don’t you wonder why other nations are so careful with the stuff when there is nothing wrong with it?

      • Jenn

        Anything labeled “organic” is still perceived as more costly products, partly because they are in that they don’t take hormonal and pest shortcuts and therefore are more labor intensive, and partly because they have extra red tape to jump through to prove that they are organic. Most families cannot afford the “luxury” of good food, let alone the high price of some organic foods, and that’s part of the problem presented here.
        As an example, in my area, name brand milk is usually ~$3-4/gal, store brand milk is ~$1.50-3/gal, but any Organic Milk is no less than $5-7/gal. If you are a low-middle income family you are going to buy the least expensive necessities, and this can be compounded if you are on a government funded program like Food Stamps or WIC. If the government is in it with a corporation like Monsanto, you’re getting the short end on more than one side.
        Also if you know anything about commercial food processing, you will know that many products like milk have more than one contributor to the final product. You won’t know if the gallon you’re buying is from a local source or was brought in from across the country, nor would you know if it was a Monsanto brand or not. This is part of the reason why when there is a recall one one kind or brand of product, ALL like products are recalled until they can find the offending source.
        Milk is seen as a necessity and is usually one of the first things on everyone’s list because we’ve been told that ‘it’s good for you” for so long. However, when you start bringing in the salesmanship and corporate mentality that knows this (got milk? campaign), they will do anything they can to keep the product on the shelf in order to continue making a profit, or until there have been a number of “unforeseen incidents” meaning severe illness and/or death.
        Milk is also seen as a benign thing that most doctors Wouldn’t suspect as a carcinogen because, once again, “milk is good for you” and can be a quick relief for a stomach ache and minor poisoning. The doctor may get some kind of fine or lawsuit put against them for offering a sample or prescribing a drug that has not been put through enough/proper testing, but who is really going to sue a doctor for saying something contrary about Milk if you don’t already have a diagnosed allergy or intolerance to it?
        As far as being “conspiracy theory fodder” only, what ISN’T anymore? If you actually read this, you will see that it all happened in/before 2000 (remember Y2K?), but the oldest comment post is only 4months ago. What does that tell you?

      • anna

        Sounds like you work for Monsanto Dan!

      • Keith

        People know McDonalds makes them fat and get heart disease and they still consume it by the millions. And do you really think there are no doctors that are in cahoots with corporations or industries? Hell, the damn FDA has board members that are also board members of some top pharmaceutical companies. There are so many interlocks among corporations that the truth is impossible to find now. Milk is not bad for you, but all the hormones and genetic engineering that we do to the cows and their milk is not stuff your body was intended to consume. So I will say no thank you. There is tons of public evidence on how Mansanto has done numerous immoral things and even illegal, so it is not conspiracy theory. Keep being naive and buying into their propaganda just the way they like it. Do you support public relations firms too?

      • sandy

        thats because you’ve been brainwashed

      • Shawn Christenson

        Most people are uneducated about this and believe that the FDA, etc would not approve something that was not safe!!

    • Louise

      We only buy organic milk, organic butter, etc.

  • Thanks for this news. Does not surprise me one bit. With all the lies and cover-ups and mercenary motives in politics and big biz and with our food supply, I say this to my patients: “Keeping up on all the scientific research is maddening and inconclusive anyway. To protect yourself, make it simple: buy organic everything and as unprocessed as you can.”

    Also, does anyone edit these articles? The grammar and spelling are atrocious in this one. Would make for easier and more credible reading if better written. Thanks.

    • Wake Up World

      Hi Jack,
      I have taken your feedback on-board and corrected some spelling & grammar mistakes in this article that was written by David Noble from End the Lie.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention

      Cheers 🙂

    • Deb

      I have always believed Fox news was as fair and balanced as any news outlet could be. I now have adifferent opinion. It just goes to show big money protects big money and we as a nation will never hear the truth as long as this trend continues. My hope would be that a news orginization will stand up for what is right and do the right thing and say to hell with the conse quences.

      • Me

        Beware the story is from a case that happened in 1997! Read the whole thing!how can you base an opinion on something that happened almost 15 years ago??

  • funny in a sad way, that your always the last to know. We in Canada kick that crap out long ago. Not until of course they fired the Government scientist that blew the whistle on BGH. hat way we don’t drink mike from the USA or ice cream were they try and sneak it in. Down with Monsanto, how do they sleep at night.

  • Julie

    At the top of the page it states the findings were in CA, but in the video and later in the article it states this was found in FL??

    • Jenn

      Many health studies and findings are done in CA. I believe that it was said that the story was going to be restricted regardless of the content in FL because that was the main focus of the milk in question.

  • Les

    If you want Monsanto to change start posting the owners of Monsanto’s names like this Monsanto (Edgar Monsanto Queeny president and the 1000 other shareholders names ) every time you tell of all the underhanded things they are doing

  • Amber

    The answer is stop drinking milk. I think what people don’t realize when they read that a particular food is causing a problem is how much of that food the average American consumes. I switched my son to almond milk some months back and though it is a few dollars more per gallon, we offset the cost by regulating the intake. He rarely drinks a glass of it and generally only has it with cereal about 4 times a week. Americans eat far too much dairy and grains and those are the two products that are killing us silently and slowly. It is hard to go through a week without bread, let alone a day. I don’t care if it is “whole grain”, if it isn’t organic then it’s gmo and even if it is organic, your body can’t digest those grains very well at all. Not to mention what that junk does to our blood sugar levels!