Transform Your Life Through the Power of Your Voice

Unveil Your True Self Through the Magic of Sound and Silence

Imagine a realm where your voice acts as a bridge to the most profound parts of your being, a space untouched by formal training, resonating instead with the wisdom of an inner nurturing “Mother voice.” This is not just a dream but a tangible journey that Silvia Nakkach, the esteemed Artistic Director at The Vox Mundi School of Sound and the Voice, invites you to embark upon.

The Unconventional Path to Your True Voice

Silvia Nakkach’s approach to vocal work diverges from traditional methods, focusing on a process of unlearning. This process isn’t about forgetting; it’s about peeling away the layers of artifice we construct in response to societal pressures to uncover the essence of our true identity.

A Shamanic Experience Awaits

Silvia Nakkach will guide participants through a potent shamanic listening practice during this free online event, in which you will receive an Icaro or medicine melody spontaneously. This experience sheds light on how sound and the nature of our voice spring from a profound silence, offering insights into our true selves when immersed in this quietness.

The Journey to Becoming Your Voice

This exploration of sound is not just about learning; it’s about transformation—”becoming your voice” by delving into the shamanic, contemplative, embodied, and artistic facets of vocal expression.

Why You Should Register Now

By registering for “How ‘Becoming Your Voice’ Connects You to Source: Explore How to Reawaken the Wonder of Your Voice as a Spiritual Practice for Healing,” you’re not just signing up for an event; you’re stepping onto a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. In this transformative hour-long online session, you will:

  • Rediscover your voice and sound, revealing the core of your true self beyond learned constraints.
  • Understand silence not as an absence but as a tangible presence, connecting you to the universe.
  • Free yourself from societal expectations dictating expression, embracing authentic self-expression.
  • Engage with the subtle energies of your being, expanding your consciousness through sound and silence.
  • Learn about the dual nature of the voice as both metaphor and material, enabling a true liberation or “becoming” of your voice.

Silence as a Canvas for Discovery

Join Silvia Nakkach in uncovering that silence is more than an absence of noise; it is a physical presence, a canvas for the “phantom silence and phantom breath” that informs our understanding of sound and our voice. This journey promises insights and a profound transformation in how you perceive and express yourself through your voice.

A Special Invitation

We invite you to RSVP for this enlightening experience at no cost. However, the journey doesn’t end if you miss the live event; all registrants will receive a downloadable recording to revisit and deepen their understanding and connection to their voice.

Embrace the Wonder of Your Voice

In “How ‘Becoming Your Voice’ Connects You to Source,’ you’ll explore sound anew and become your own voice by engaging deeply with its shamanic, contemplative, embodied, and artistic aspects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Silvia Nakkach and discover the spiritual practice of healing through the wonder of your voice. Register now and embark on a transformative journey to unlock the true potential of your vocal expression.

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