Kirlian Photography Demonstrates Organic Uncooked Food Have Stronger Energy Fields

By Ethan A. Huff –

Food is food, some might claim, and it does not really matter whether or not it is cooked or raw, conventional or organic. The nutritive value remains the same regardless. Or does it? A recent report from Activist Post explains that, based on analysis using a technique known as Kirlian photography, researchers have discovered that the energy fields surrounding raw, organic produce are stronger and more uniform than the energy fields surrounding cooked, conventional produce.

This discovery was made possible by an earlier one stumbled upon by the late Semyon Kirlian, a Russian inventor, back in 1939. Kirlian learned that, when connected to a source of voltage, an object placed in contact with a photovoltaic plate will produce a corresponding image of that object on the plate. And the resulting image will also contain a visual display of the object’s electrical “aura,” of sorts, that both surrounds and emanating from it.

The theory behind this energy field, of course, is that the stronger and more vibrant it is, the healthier and more “alive” the object. And based on this theory, it has been observed that the energy field of an apple, for instance, is the strongest right after it has first been picked. The longer it remains off the tree and is allowed to ripen, the weaker its energy field becomes.

In the documentary The Beautiful Truth, which was released in 2008, a team of scientists used Kirlian photography to analyze various foods. They found that organic foods emitted a clearly more vibrant and harmonious energy field than conventional foods. Raw foods also fared better in the energy department than cooked and pasteurized foods, the latter of which appeared duller and less uniform than their raw counterparts.

If this energy field is truly indicative of a food’s “life source,” then it appears as though whole, clean foods eaten as close as possible to the way nature intended are more life-giving than over-processed, pesticide-ridden foods. It also means that simply counting calories and looking at ingredient content are not enough to determine the true nutritional capacity of food.

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  • What a great visual! Thanks

    ~ Tiffany

    Transfer of Health
    Healthy Living and Recipes

  • Rich

    Have been following this study of “live” foods.

    Most interesting.

    My wife and I are raw foodies and for 7 years now.

    It has changed our lives and our beliefs.

    Raw food is a healing diet.

    Raw food is never cooked over 118F (dehydrated).

    Beyond Raw food is a raw/vegan diet.

    Certain produce is more nutritional when cooked.

    Hell yes I cheat… 5% of what I eat are what I term, “cheats” and 75-85 raw and 15-20% vegan w/cooked.

    • Hi Rich! Glad you reported that and I will say this: I never cheat at home. But after decades of having to live through the agony (really) of people laughing about me, calling me sandalist, mother earth and carrots and parsley growing out of my ears and worse, I have opted to “cheat” when I’m eating out. I will enjoy everything that a restaurant or friends are serving me and it hasn’t done me any harm ever.

      But at home, my home is my castle and my garden provides the nutrition. Enough said! 🙂

      • Kimmi

        Antje, you aren’t alone! I think most of us get picked on by our unhealthy friends.
        I try to remember to forgive them, for they are the ones who are more likely to ultimately suffer at their own hands. I think if they only knew what we knew, they would change their habits as well. But the mind can only be opened by it’s master. We can open the door but they have to walk through on their own.
        It’s an impossible battle to force our knowledge on others (I’m sure your aware!), but we can be open and supportive if they ever have questions about our habits.
        When they call you names, just remember you fit in with all us other ‘hippies’ as I’m so often called by my family!

  • I’m really glad you are reporting on this issue again. One of the first studies that were conducted with Kirlian Photography on food was about 15 years ago in the UK. It turned out that the school meals for the children had no energy at all anymore. I leave you to figure out the conclusions of that.

    Seeing that people now slowly wake up to the fact that we all need to eat raw food and food either dried or cooked on low temperatures, maybe there is hope that people will be healthier in future, IF they just leave out the junk and fun food and drink!

    I’m 56 and walked my talk all my life and I’m healthy and living proof that it’s the junk diet that makes people ill.

    I also avoid chemicals as best as I can especially all medications that are based on petro-chemicals. I use the wild herbs that grow in my garden on a daily basis to stay healthy.

    Thank you so very much for this great blog of yours, I really appreciate it and I hope more and more people will find posts here to inspire them to change their lives.

    • patrice urquhrt

      Do you know where I can buy organic seed?

      • Evelyn
        Is a good place to start to find non gmo and organic seed, plus right now they have a contest for a free greenhouse.

        • lynda shaffery

          thanks for the link

  • This is absolutely fascinating to me! Thank you so much for sharing it. I eat organically, whenever possible and I get made fun of too. People don’t take the time to research or learn anything about the consequences to their overall health, as they stuff their families full of sugar and low-quality foods. It’s disheartening, really. I haven’t entered into the raw food diet…yet, but I AM looking into it. Thank you again.

  • Shanti

    I’m slowly converting my diet to more raw. I was on strong ulcer perscriptions for a year and could not cut back without my stomach trying to digest itself and going back to the same problems all over again. I decided to take my health into my own hands and change my habits completely. Shortly after changing my diet (mostly raw, organic when I can find it and no gluten), I weaned myself off of the pills. Haven’t experienced any problems since. Finally being 26 FEELS like 26…not 80! Veggies rock!

    • PlasmaKid

      It was the removal of gluten that healed your stomach…

  • PlasmaKid

    Woo-woo alert, the effect is caused by ionization of gas(air) around the edge of the object, otherwise known as plasma. Since the conduction of voltage through the object is highly dependent on moisture content and other factors; these images may not be representative of anything other than moistness or salt content…

  • The Essene Gospel of Peace, in which Yeshua tells about eating organic. You are what you eat, and if you eat of what’s living your own body and mind becomes more alive as well.

  • Sreenath Maruthi

    What about the energy difference between hybrids and GMO vs old varieties that are obtained naturally, less intelligent human vs more intelligent, meat vs veg.Please provide some photos.

  • Sreenath Maruthi

    Is it true hybrids have nutritional imbalance has less electromagnetic energy and even they are organically grown but useless because they cause malnutrition, decreasing immunity and vonaurable to diseases , GMOs even worsen the situation. GOD given varieties boosts our body ‘s em energy hence improving intelligence . Is it true that intelligent people has more em energy working in brain.Is it true that dead animal meat has more negative energies. Eating beef effects our positive energies of body.