The Hidden Agendas Behind the Rise of Plant-Based Fake Meats

April 25th, 2024

By Paul A. Philips

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Recently, we’ve seen the unelected globalists pushing for lab-grown plant-based fake meat. They want to foist this alternative while opposing our eating of farm-based real meat produce. We have no say in this decision, as they are unelected, we cannot cast a vote…

The likes of globalists Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates compete with each other as both have made sizable investments in related animal-cell, lab-grown fake meat projects… The Bezos Earth Fund claims that there is a need to set up centres for “sustainable protein.”

What does that exactly mean?? It’s funny, but every time I hear the word “sustainable” from these globalists, I feel immediate mistrust. Take, for example, Bill Gates. Some might say, whatever he advises, do the opposite!

The globalists claim that we need to reduce our real meat consumption while demonizing farmers, trying to take over their farmland and stop natural food farming production. All done under the guise of lowering our carbon footprint to reduce the so-called climate change threat with its distorted facts and unproven science, as their so-called solutions are environmentally counterproductive.

It’s counterproductive because the globalists don’t care about the environment. Ultimately, it’s a scam. It’s not about caring for we-the-people. It’s not about science. It’s a money and power grab for the New World Order.

For example, in counterproductiveness, it has been shown that animal-cell, lab-grown fake meat products raise the carbon footprint instead of lowering it.

Do you think that these globalist billionaires will be eating their lab-grown fake meat products? No, they’ll be eating natural farm-based food. These communist-based fake meat products are intended for us, the proletariat!

And what about the bugs they have planned for us to eat? We are expected to accept this alternative as our main protein daily staple. Really?

Health dangers of fake meat

Besides the globalist push, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or just curious enough to see what they taste like, the current choices in meat alternatives have become endless. A number of people have reported that they find these alternatives quite tasty. The question naturally follows: Are these vegetarian mock-up meat alternatives healthy?

Caveat emptor – Buyer beware! Most plant-based fake meat options currently on the market are unhealthy for a number of reasons, such as:

  • They contain pea proteins extracted and broken down from glyphosate (Roundup)- sprayed peas. The peas may not have been genetically engineered. Still, this lectin-containing protein extract is known to cause reactions, such as those susceptible to leaky gut and autoimmune diseases. In short, pea protein is chosen because it’s extremely cheap, not for health reasons.
  • The same (as above) applies principally to alternatives containing soy and rice proteins. If sunflower oil is present, then it could produce toxic compounds.
  • Soy protein may cause allergic responses, hormonal disruption, and subdue thyroid function.
  • Are absent of essential nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamin B12 sources. For more on this, see an excellent article by Amy Myers, MD, here.
  • The way these alternatives are packed presents the illusion that they are whole foods. No, they are, in fact, ultra-processed foods. Some have deemed these ultra-processed foods as the latest ‘silent killer.’ Consider that when comparing natural, non-processed food choices in your diet, especially when eating long-term and frequently.
  • They contain canola oil, which is not a healthy fat when Roundup is sprayed and may well be genetically modified as it is in the USA.
  • They contain gluten: Of course, it’s a big no-no if you are gluten-sensitive.
  • Manufacturing, heating, and refining processes destroy the nutrient value of ultra-processed foods, as you expect. Also, consider your heart health when consuming ultra-processed foods.

Glyphosate is not on food labels for food sources in the United States because the FDA/USDA (Food and Drug Administration / Food Data Central) doesn’t recognize its potentially harmful effects! That’s in spite of many health groups/agencies, such as those throughout Europe, who have ensured that glyphosate has been banned.

Then, there are lawsuits against suppliers, such as Bayer, who were found guilty and are paying out. Glyphosate has been deemed a carcinogen. For example, it has been linked to leukemia.

Some healthier options on the market include mushroom mycelium (made from filamentous fungi high in protein) and egg-based Quorn products such as Crumbles.

However, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then you may want to consider the work of a Harvard researcher whose research led to the claim that animal-based food consumption is essential for maintaining mental health. The research claims (supporting other studies) that the meat-based option has certain nutrients not found in meat-free diets. Well worth considering when there currently exists an epidemic of depression.

In conclusion

The short and simple conclusion is that fake meat products are not a solution; they are, in fact, a problem. It is wholeheartedly encouraged for you to do your own due diligence on this subject to make informed choices.

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