The Health Benefits of Grounding (Earthing)

14th May 2012

By Jordan & Kyla Miller

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Alongside good food, we often value relationships and communication as essential elements for the nourishment of our mental health and well-being. Undoubtedly, these are important facets in our continued drive for optimal wellness – after all, we are social beings.

On the other hand, they are not the only components we should apply in the realm of communication. We currently live in a time were communication is ever-increasing; tools such as the internet and social networking programs have revolutionized the way we interact. Without a doubt, this new age of communiqué has brought people together from many reaches of the world; however, as we have increased the use of such tools, other communication elements have withered.

With the advancement of social media technologies, our connection to Nature has dwindled considerably. Our fundamental understanding of earth has been displaced as a result of the increased use of artificial intelligence. Essentially, we have disconnected from the natural elements that surround us.

Considering the elevated use of such technologies, we are also being exposed to an ever-growing amount of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Coupled with our positive charged environment, exposure to EMF increases the amount of free radicals being produced in our bodies. In the book Earthing the most important health discovery ever? Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. and Martin Zucker study the relationship of being grounded to the earth as a means for alleviating pain and inflammation in the body. In essence, the book discusses the importance of drawing negative energies from the earth (free electrons) to neutralize the impact of positive forces on the body (free radicals and electromagnetic fields).

Neutralizing Inflammation

Contrary to popular belief, quantum physics has us believe that the human body operates under an influence of energy; nothing can be closer to the truth. Energy is what regulates our homeostatic control mechanisms. If these mechanisms become unstable – as a result of the perpetual consumption of nutrient-void foods, constant exposure to harmful chemicals or not being grounded (among many other factors) – our body begins to oxidize at an accelerated rate. Similar to the acid-alkaline theory, when the body becomes too acidic (acidosis), inflammation and/or pain is bound to proliferate. For example, when someone consumes a diet rich in commercial meats, pasteurized dairy products, refined carbohydrates, drugs, alcohol, isolates, etc, with little consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole foods, the immune system breaks down and the body becomes acidic because it’s not receiving the proper alkaline nutrients. As a result, it struggles to maintain a proper pH balance (7.2-7.4). With this, inflammation, pain and subsequently disease will ensue. As Hippocrates once said, “”Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.”

Today, humans are developing disease at a much greater rate than any other time in our history. Among the many things that contribute to poor health (i.e. drugs, chemicals, poor diet, lack of exercise), being bombarded with electromagnetic fields is by far the most pervasive. You see, we live in a world where our environment is dominated by a positive charge. If we combine this with our body’s inability to neutralize free radicals (because of not being properly grounded to the earth), we end up with accelerated aging, inflammation and subsequently, disease. As a consequence of being perpetually exposed to this type of environment, sever cellular (DNA) deterioration/mutation develops. Seeing that we would treat acidosis with alkaline rich foods to neutralize acidity, it would only make sense that a similar offsetting mechanism be applied concerning our exposure to positive energies. In this case, getting connected to the earth would be the ideal practice.

How to Get Your “Vitamin G”

In considering a method to minimize our exposure to electromagnetic fields and inflammation, we need to look no further then what is directly under our nose, or more appropriately, our feet. Yes, direct contact to the earth will instantly minimize inflammation and shield us from electromagnetic energy. Much the same as a lightning rod, electromagnetic energies are re-directed into the ground – thus reducing inflammation and symptoms of malaise. Getting grounded is as simple as brushing your teeth. All you need to do is get outside and connect any part of your skin to the ground. Once the connection is made, an instantaneous flow of free electrons enters the body. Fortunately, many of us are being grounded on a routine basis without even realizing it. The simple habit of having a shower every day instantly connects us to the earth through the copper piping. Through this, many often experience feelings of Zen or exuberance and in most cases creativity is often operating at a higher level. Getting outside and exposing your skin to the surface of the earth may seem impossible for some do in part to our busy schedules and/or climate.

Essentially, by getting grounded to the earth, it neutralizes free radicals. Simply put, grounding nourishes free radicals with the missing electron(s) it so desperately needs to become stable. You see, in a case where someone is not grounded, free radicals “steal” electrons from other healthy atoms in order to stabilize. As a result of this process, a new free radical is therefore created, perpetuating a snowball effect. In essence, this is what ages us! By getting connected to the earth, the free electrons that enter our body in effect neutralize free radical propagation and for that reason minimize aging and decrease inflammation. Basically, getting grounded is your greatest source of antioxidants for reducing the effect of free radical damage (oxidization). The best part of it all is that it’s absolutely free!

The Shoe Problem

Over the last few hundred years, humans have increased their dependence on shoes. Sadly, it would be hard to find anyone without a pair today in the developed world. Unfortunately, by wearing rubber or plastic soled shoes most of our lives, we are creating a shield from the earth. By doing this, we are limiting ourselves from untapped resources and thus restricting our exposure to the greatest antioxidant source in the world. As a result of this, inflammation and consequently disease are steadily on the rise.

Watch the below video of David Wolfe discussing the problem of wearing shoes and the importance of getting grounded.

Regardless of how conscious we are about our health, we are all oxidizing at varying degrees. The difference is we can, to some extent, control the degree at which we oxidize by tapping into the energies of the earth.

W also encourage you to take a look at, a relatively new range of earthing footwear. By including copper conductors within their footwear, Juil offers a natural conduit between your feet and the earth’s surface, helping to release built-up free radicals and supporting your health andwellbeing.

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Jordan and Kyla are passionate about health; together, they have overcome many illnesses through dietary and lifestyle changes, and the art of practicing a positive mindset daily. Kyla is currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Master, and Jordan is currently learning about traditional North American medicinal herbs, in hopes of becoming a Certified Herbalist. For more information, please visit the following sites;, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest


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  • tiffany

    My parents would always get onto me when I was young for not wearing shoes. I have one kickass immune system so its probably good i wouldnt listen and still won’t lol

  • ——

    Lost connection with nature = Atheism.

    • Demetria

      So to you Nature is God? Good for you. Better Nature than a church.

      • Kat

        Bahahaha. Oh my.

  • So glad you’re sharing barefoot benefits here. We began taking 100 barefoot breaths daily last year and the results have been amazing in terms of increased creativity, intuition and relaxation. We set up an e-course and a free online experience to inspire others to join us in the gentle barefoot revolution! Do have a look at our site.

  • Lise

    Walk barefoot most of the day. Also walk & run barefoot!

  • Walk barefoot most of the day & run barefoot. Whilst I love shoes I prefer not wearing them never have. Nothing better than walking on wet grass!

  • I am one who likes to keep shoes and socks on my feet. Maybe its time to take them off and walk naturally as much as I can.

    • Ella

      If you have a grounded water pipe near your computer, you can use a speaker wire running to a ring on your finger to ground yourself, you can also ground your mattress springs by running speaker wire to one (make a little hole in the side of the mattress), and you can put a grounding strap on your car for around $2. Those things will help a lot. Keeping the microwave oven unplugged also helps, and using corded phones, and ethernet, not Wifi.

  • paula thomas

    I have been feeling a calling to do this since two summers ago with this accelerated awakening that is happening within us all! I try to go barefoot especially at festivals and sing the ‘liberate your feet’ stomp and just make up silly songs or songs about the healing of our mother and each other thing. The barefooted bump into eachother and sing and dance excitedly like we’ve rediscovered something magical!! What a simple idea we have all forgotten and hope we will all wake up to again!! I got my family to take thier shoes off ata the beach the other week because even at the beach they were shoed! my 80year old gran decided she really liked it and so did the others! its natures reflexology too!! Brill video and info!! 🙂 happy stomping!!!

  • Rayko

    Breathing while barefoot on grass is lush!!

  • jodie

    hi i have a daughter who does everything on her tiptoes, leading to problems with walking and leg problems is there anything you would suggest

    • karen

      not sure of her age, but my daughter had problems when she woke in the morning and her heels hurt! I made her do several leg stretches and had her wear very good sneakers for up to months and the problem solved itself. You need to find exercises to stretch out the shins and calves every day!!!!

    • kat

      I was doing the same thing…..for a good portion of my 20’s. I liked being on my tip toes and still do. I feel like for me, the problem was that I wasn’t grounded. Being aware of what I’m doing with my body helps to ground.

  • Linda

    I LOVE being barefoot. As a woman, society seems to sneer when one has callouses on their feet! I have callouses on my big toes from walking barefoot…and from being flat flooted. Walking on the grass barefoot is the best ever. I used to walk everywhere barefoot when I was a kid..I still run out to my car somethimes in the winter barefoot. :).

  • Julia

    Great article, I have been doing some personal research on this myself. I think you can still get energy from the earth with shoes on, but it is weaker. It is better on good energy points like hilltops,or what I call powerpoints, where earth energy currents crossover. I think this information is known by a few elite people, but is being kept hidden from us. I also think that you can strengthen the power by standing in a position a bit like the da Vinci Vetruvian Man. Try playing with different ways yourself and see what you come up with.
    Personally I love going barefoot, always have done, but not warm enough in the UK winter. You also get loads of odd comments, as if you are endangering yourself or offending people!
    Gardening barehanded is also better than gardening with rubber gloves, for the same reason.
    Air has energy too, especially windy days which are incredibly energising. Watch kids at play on a windy day, they are really different. Most people stay indoors on a windy day calling it bad weather!
    A lot of metal piping is currently being replaced with plastic in the UK. Millions are being spent despite the recession, and the work seems almost manic.

  • Very fascinating article, this is maybe why I so like taking my shoes off! I feel so much better barefoot and now I understand why 🙂

  • Ram

    Dear Friends, This is a Good article. I have seen improvement of the Body healing power after grounding. If you do affirmation before grounding, results are fantastic. Better to do grounding in the after getting up from the bed or before starting any journey . Mother earth will protect from unwanted situation.Thanks for the teaching.

  • SyndiSue

    great in theory, but walking around barefoot in New England in the winter doesn’t really work out! lol

    • Lucy

      Would wearing wool socks outside get in the way of grounding?

  • mary

    Its all fun & games til you step on glass.

    • Niall

      That’s what eyes are for! 🙂



  • Laura

    Thanks for bringing this information before the public! It is an important link in restoring the natural health of humanity and disengaging from paying the AMA for our diagnosis of ill health. Everything good comes from a pro-active position.

  • Ryan

    The first time I walked barefoot in wet grass gave me an intense euphoria. My sister thought I was crazy until she tried it.

  • Nuala

    I was inspired during the summer to build what I call “a strong Earth” which is basically copper wire buried in the ground around a small greenhouse. I go in there, hold both ends of the copper wire and basically Earth myself. So far, people who have sat or stood in there have reported relief from depression, heightened spiritual awareness, better physical energy, pain relief. Copper is used in communications, this way it communicates through our bodies to the earth. Energy follows thought 🙂

  • Harvey

    I’d like to know where I can see the video of David Wolfe discussing the problem of wearing shoes and the importance of getting grounded. A link was not given.

    Also – the most important topic was not covered! How long should a person be grounded per day?