Awakening and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

By Linda Lubin

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Most of us are well versed in the mind/body/spirit connection. We have moved well past the limited awareness that arose at the start of the scientific revolution in the 1700’s and deepened in the 20th century. The split between these three spheres of our consciousness was artificially created, as science and religion diced us, and this deepened when holistic, natural healing was replaced with the scientific / medical model.

While this split began long before the 1700’s, it became quite dramatic in the past three centuries. And then, in the 1960s and ’70s, the wisdom traditions, which still retained the ancient knowledge of wholeness and healing, began to come forth. In the decades since we have gone from this knowledge being available to limited numbers, to a time when it is become more commonplace each year. The general population is waking up and responding to the breakdown of conventional medicine with an eagerness for natural modalities of healing.

I was late in awakening to holistic approaches to healing. It wasn’t until 2002 that I began my journey down this road. Thanks to a friend, I began seeing a naturopath, and also received the first of my Reiki attunements. Quickly I became absorbed to the point of obsession in learning everything I could about energy healing, herbal medicine, flower essences, essential oils, homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure . . . I devoured information, my bookcases filled, I tried all of these approaches and then began to study holistic health coaching.

The new research in mind/body medicine also caught my attention. It amazed me to learn how on a purely organic level there really and truly is no separation between our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical bodies. Add to that mix our spirit, and you’ve got the whole human being, as we were created, before the whole slice and dice process of separation began.

But here’s the interesting part: because for so long we were trained to view mind/body/spirit separately, on an energetic level these spheres had learned to function separately. Even now, most people in the general population are cut off from their bodies, unaware of what’s going on in there. Even those who are relatively awake and aware have this disconnect, through no fault of their own. The walls went up hundreds of years ago and our consciousness learned to be divided. In a warped way, it became the norm, though it certainly wasn’t natural or healthy.

As a result we miss the cues our bodies give us. Sometimes we sense these signals (fatigue, upset stomach, aching back), and often times we are so very split off that we miss these flashing red lights. This information stays buried and we remain unaware that something is terribly amiss, until we become seriously ill. We develop diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or cancer, because we are not receiving these warning signals, or else we receive them and ignore them.

Or maybe we receive them, and want to do something, yet we just don’t know what to do. This is especially true as much illness is caused by chronic stress, and we may not have the ability to comprehend the underlying thought patterns/beliefs that are causing the stress. And therefore we don’t know how to change. This is why I eventually shifted from focusing on health coaching, and Reiki healing, to life coaching. Without an awareness of the thoughts and beliefs that drive our behavior, we cannot change.

So now, we are moving into a shift in energy on our planet which is breaking up these old patterns of separating/splitting the mind, the body, and the spirit. They are coming back together. And what this means is that a lot of people are getting ill, or simply feeling like crap even if they are not ill. As the three spheres of mind/body/spirit fuse back together, we become highly sensitive to every energetic bump. We feel fatigued, and not well. This is because for the first time (for many), we are receiving information about what is going on within us, and also in our environment.

Those of us who are highly sensitive energetically have always had these pathways open. We feel everything. And we don’t handle toxins of any sort well, whether it’s emotional toxins, environmental, or pharmaceutical. We react, and sometimes we react strongly. Our feedback loop is instantaneous: we have a troubling thought, which leads to a painful emotion, and immediately, we feel it in our bodies. This is not fun, but it is teaching us to live consciously, awake and aware, and to be mindful. When we don’t have this feedback loop functioning, we have little incentive to clean up our act. Ever noticed how often the nastiest people on earth are amazingly healthy and hearty? They live on and on and on, and never change their ways. As we move into the New Earth energy, and become established in this energy, this will no longer be possible. If, for example, someone is behaving heartlessly, their heart is likely to respond in a loud and clear manner.

Now, many who were physically hardy in the past, and who could go through hell and high water and still feel fine, are having a different experience. Their body is finally speaking to them. They get ill, or maybe just terribly fatigued. Suddenly they no longer feel in control of their physical being. They think their body is failing them. What is actually happening though is that they are becoming integrated. Their body of consciousness is no longer split into mind/body/spirit. And the early stages of this are challenging to say the least.

If you are going through this, know that it is part of the process of awakening. In the past, awakening happened on a spiritual level, and only some of it filtered into the mental, emotional, and physical realms. That form of awakening is over. The new form of awakening happens in a wholly (and holy) integrated manner. I spend a lot of time explaining this process to my clients, who often feel like their life has become a disaster movie. Understanding this process gives us the awareness to move through it with a bit more grace, and a realization that it may be quite uncomfortable, but ultimately it’s all for the good.

As we awaken spiritually, our physicality is also being completely upgraded, rewired, and reconfigured. Our minds as well. And of course our emotions are changing too. Sometimes this is such a dramatic process that we get shut down for long periods of time, and we can’t do much of anything. This usually comes in the form of an accident, an illness, or some mysterious something that overtakes us. We lose our bearings, feel disoriented, wonder what happened to us. What has happened is that you are on the front lines of going through this recreation of what it means to be human. You are laying down the tracks for those coming down this road behind you, and you are allowing yourself to become a blueprint. This blueprint then gets energetically transmitted outward to hundreds and thousands of others.

You’ll never know. You won’t receive a thank you note from anyone. But you are giving them a gift that is of immeasurable value. And the Universe thanks you 🙂

About the Author

Linda loves her work as a life coach. In fact, she is quite passionate about guiding others along their journey to awaken. Linda finds it a privilege to walk along the path with another, and point out the signposts, the choices, the opportunities, and the different perspectives that can make the journey vastly more interesting, engaging and meaningful. If you would like to learn more about Linda’s work, please visit her website at Linda also loves to write, and you can read more of her musings at


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  • Phyl

    This message also gives one a deeper understanding of how and why we came to be here for so long on earth, and why at this place and time it is important for everyone to know that through enlightment we are heading into the most fantastic graduation of our lives….

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2012

    We of the Arcturian Group welcome all who read the messages of the Arcturian Group.

    We see many patiently awaiting promised changes and many others who have chosen to move into doubt and despair. Try not to allow messages in and of the old energy to keep you from your center dear ones, for much of it functions as a tool to keep you in bondage to what is now finishing. Many (not all) in power or hoping for it, hold desperately to what little power is left in obsolete concepts and beliefs, for it is what will keep the status quo, allowing them to function while keeping you tied to the past. It is good to contemplate this when considering your upcoming elections.

    When thoughts of discouragement come to you, always remember that they are not yours– they are impersonal. How could negativity flow from the Heart of the Divine which is what you truly are. Third dimensional thoughts and beliefs are simply energy waiting to be claimed by a receptive state of consciousness. Concepts accepted by the unenlightened mind manifest outwardly and are accepted then as reality.

    You are learning that a consciousness filled with beliefs of duality and separation manifests as the so called evils of the world, for you are creators. Until an individual awakens, this is done ignorantly without conscious awareness. Mankind has been happily asleep and ignorantly creating good and bad for eons. There is to be no blame or guilt for the many lifetimes including this one, lived in ignorance because these experiences were necessary steps in your evolution.

    This is why it is called awakening, you are awakening out of your created illusions into the Light of truth. It is not the world that is illusion, rather it is your concept of the world that is the illusion. You chose to awaken through the experiences of third dimensional energy and now you are graduating–learning the truth of who and what you really are. This is huge dear ones, and you can be very proud of yourselves for it has been a long and difficult journey. This is why so many are excitedly observing your process now, it is a great and wonderful occurrence and many are rejoicing with you.

    You are learning that many things you believed to be true, never were and are beginning to understand that as creators, you can change yourselves and your world. This is what is meant by taking your power back and this is what is going on right now. You are seeing results in many places where the consciousness of the people is allowing in more Light. This in turn is exposing all that is not of the light including those individuals working to keep it away. The process cannot be slowed dear ones, for mankind and the dear soul Gaia, are changing, evolving, graduating. It was never meant that mankind remain in darkness forever, it was simply your learning path, and you have done it.

    Be aware that much is soon to transpire that will shock you. Revelations about the actions of many you believed to be leaders. Try to understand that they have lived out from a state of tremendous ignorance, allowing the pulls of power to take precedence over their life plan and are now being called to answer for it. All is proceeding according to plan.

    Many are experiencing health issues that seeming come “out of the blue”. Most of this is the clearing of old energy still present in cellular memory from many previous lifetimes as well as the present one. Many of you chose to experience horrendous childhoods of physical and emotional abuse and you wonder why. It is very important to understand that before incarnating, a soul will often choose a life plan of experiences that will serve to reactivate certain energies needing to be released. Horrendous experiences of all sorts imprint themselves in cellular and emotional memory and are then carried from lifetime to lifetime until the individual is prepared to deal with them through release. These old energies color individual decisions and the personality (unreasonable fears) lifetime after lifetime until cleared. Those of you dealing with these sort of issues need to understand that you were not ready until now to release these painful old energie but that you are now, which is why so much seems to be coming front and forward in your thinking. All of you are receiving much help from your Higherself and Guides to do this for the Higher Self only brings in issues you are ready to release (not patched with 3d solutions), when you are ready. Try not to get sucked backward by what you feel or experience during these clearings.

    Every soul formulates a plan before reincarnating; a plan to bring about the experiences and relationships that it knows are necessary in order to evolve. Because of the importance of these times, all ready to evolve with Gaia into the higher frequencies, came to earth with their whole list, not just one issue needing to be addressed. Some forget their plan once they are in the dense energies, but most do not. If you are aware of truth and yet find yourself immersed in many uncomfortable situations, examine what you are believing. Say to yourselves; “What am I believing that is causing me to feel this way? In the light of truth, is it true?”. Physically, do what you need to do, sometimes medical help is needed, but remember that much of what is happening right now is the release and resolution of old finished business.

    When you understand that the unpleasant experiences of your lives are opportunities for you to awaken presented by your own Higher Self because you are ready, you will be able to embrace and learn from them, feeling peace in knowing that you are now able to understand. It is only when an individual tries to hold tightly to what they have evolved beyond, that there is great suffering.

    This is how evolution takes place–awareness unfolds gradually through experience after experience until the individual no longer needs that particular experience and it is no longer a part of their state of consciousness.

    You will not have to wait much longer to see the results of your Light dear ones for much is coming to a head at this time. Many are feeling change on an individual basis in that they are no longer resonating with the many presentations of the old energy. Foods, people, entertainment, and ways of living simply no longer speak to you in the ways they used to . Rejoice in this dear ones, for it means that your resonance has moved beyond the resonance of these things. Please remember that we are not saying you will not have foods, people or entertainments in your lives, but that they will be on new and higher levels.

    Enjoy yourselves and feel joy in the ways that resonate with you, for joy is the closest energy to the Divine. Simple pleasures will begin take precedence over complicated, expensive, and self serving entertainments that reflect popular beliefs based in duality and separation.

    All is proceeding according to plan. Rejoice dear ones, you are doing a fine job of it. Just hold to your center in all experiences, not giving them the power of being good or bad for this is duality, but seeing the divine plan in all experiences and all people knowing that only truth is.

    We are the Arcturian Group 9/9/2012

  • i have found a way to treat a plethora of conditions,reflux thyroid heart abdominal complaints to name a few . Tension around the solar plexus and other nerve centres can lead to dis-ease in the body.It changes the body energy flow ,and ability to obsorb or reject.2 years ago i had a experiance after reading the emerald tablet , it felt like my head was going to explode. After that i just new i remember the next day treating a client who had a long term back condition.I said i know whats causing it , and had new method and he was better.Now many conditions can be treated in one visit.Conditions of the vagus nerve ie reflux heart burn ibs thyroid to name a few take between 4-8 treatments.

  • sarah carlton

    After reading all of this..I need help I started becoming senstive to everything started feeling everybody…And here at 35 started at 32 I lie sick with no answers can’t take no meds.And I’m beside myself on how to get help…I knew it wasent in my head.This stuff was really happening..I’m Scared in pain I have no balance…I just want my life back..Please any kids want there mom back.And all I do is spend my dsys behind closed doors Scared and crying….please help Thanks sarah