The Shocking Statistical Truth About Sugar

By Raluca Schachter

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Truth IS: we live in a society that constantly feels the “need” to reward every single good job with sweet treats. After a few years of “rewarding” the outcome is obvious, both psychologically and physically.

Truth IS: there are more than 70 health disorders that are connected to sugar consumption. Some of the most common are: diabetes, poor brain development in children, lack of concentration, allergies, asthma, ADHD, hypoglycemia, mood swings, immune and nutritional deficiencies.

Truth IS: “In humans sweet receptors evolved in ancestral environments poor in sugars and are thus not adapted to high concentrations of sweet compounds. The supranormal stimulation of these receptors by sugar rich diets generates a supranormal reward signal in the brain, with the potential to override self-control mechanisms and thus to lead to addiction.” (Intense Sweetness Surpasses Cocaine Reward. Lenoir M. PLos ONE. 2007; 2(8):e698)

Solution IS: there are many solutions now to ditch sugary diets, some including getting some expert help and educating yourself on the matter, to help you understand the process and what this is doing to your health and how it affects the quality of your life. To start, try this experiment: don’t eat ANY kind of sugar for a week (some low glycemic grains and low starches are allowed). Don’t eat fruits, honey, jams, candy, desserts, don’t drink any soda or juices. If you feel withdrawal symptoms (irritability, shakiness, mood swings, dizziness, constant thoughts about sugar,etc) then you ought to know it’s high time to revise your diet.

The infographic below will help you get the “whole picture”…

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About the author:

RalucaLong-time contributor Raluca Schachter is a passionate Nutritionist, Metabolic Typing Advisor, and a Weston A. Price Chapter Leader. She believes in the benefits of traditional unaltered food, ancestral wisdom, sustainable farming and simple living.

Raluca was able to naturally reverse chronic health conditions she was struggling with most of her life, and now uses her knowledge to help as many people as possible do the same. Her unique Metabolic Typing® Ecological Lifestyle Programs for Optimal Health offer a very unique and comprehensive approach to health, where individual nutritional and biochemical requirements are firstly met using specific nutrients and foods that each metabolism thrives on. Raluca offers her services for local and distance clientele.

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  • mary mulenburg

    Ok, we all eat too much junky food right? Sugar is in so much! and is creating huge health problems in our country. Read the scarey facts and commit to cutting down on this addictive “drug”.

  • Rune Ellingsen

    So what we do for our sweet tooth is good and all. But the cravings from time to time WILL be there as we have already opened the channel for addiction. Stevia is a substitution which is without any bad side effects or side effects at all which works as a sweetener. This will be the preferred substitute for Sugar in my house. Also soda is obviously bad and Juice is good. But what juices has too much of the Natural sugar?

    • LimeyG

      Fruit = Pulp(good) + Juice(sugar)

      The only nutritional part of fruit is the pulp which provides fiber. Otherwise, it’s mostly pure sugar. Now make that fruit into juice by removing the fiber. You might as well just drink a soda. Even though fruit is “natural” sugar, it still spikes the glucose levels in your blood the same as if you were drinking a soda. Your body’s chemistry doesn’t recognize the difference between fruit sugar and cane sugar.

      It’s sad but it took getting gestational diabetes for me to actually own up to the facts. It’s hard being diabetic and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, let alone on my children.

      You’re better off having iced herbal teas. I like rooibos. It’s caffeine-free, low in tannins, and naturally semi-sweet.. You can still sweeten, if necessary, with stevia.

      • Skyq

        Cane sugar is not the same as fruit, why do people still try to make that comparison. Cane sugar has no antioxidants and chemical interactions that we can’t hope to possibly understand at this point like fruit does. Cane sugar does not have the vitamins and minerals that fruit does. Fruit was a major part of our diet as a species until the agricultural revolution where grains/meat/dairy became a far larger part than they should.

        Give up sugar, eat fruit instead and you’ll feel better. It’s very easy and then you will see that fruit provides you with what your body wants and is nothing like eating a bunch of sugar all the time. I know cause I came from eating a bunch of sugar to giving it up and then eating fruit instead and I feel completely different than I did.

  • I’m currently living in Arequipa, Peru and constantly frustrated trying to buy products without sugar in them. There are three main large grocery stores and sometimes, only sometimes, one of them has yogurt without sugar. Most of the time, none sell sugarless yogurt. Actually, they all sell ‘zero calorie’ yogurt – meaning it has fake sugar added, and I never know which is worse. Most of the coffee grounds sold in these grocery stores also has sugar added.

    • LimeyG

      Buy plain yogurt and add your own fruit to control the sugar levels.

  • CAR

    Rune, do be careful to research Stevia a bit more before committing to it. It is actually HIGHLY processed using many chemicals. I wouldn’t say there are no side effects… they may be a different set of side effects over sugar, but nevertheless, it certainly isn’t as harmless as the marketing leads you to believe.

  • Susan

    There is a major problem with this infographic. Sugar is addictive, and yet the AHA recommends “no more than” 9.5 teaspoons a day. It should not be recommending ANY refined sugar. Otherwise the addicts stay hooked.

  • Multipure

    I stopped using sugar and now use stevia instead. No it doesn’t taste as good but they are now saying that even small amounts of sugar lead to disease in the body. So it’s up to you if you want to keep eating sugar and damaging your body’s various processes.

  • Skyq

    Btw raw food has had great success with diabetics, there are even documentaries about it, check it out it may be able to help you.