Halt Infectious Disease, Cancer and Much More With a $3 Remedy

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an extraordinary natural remedy. This economical and common powder has a wide range of healing possibilities: acne, cancer, colds, influenza, acid reflux — the list goes on and on. And don’t forget about all the great uses around the house as well. Priced around $3 for a large box, baking soda just might be that readily available and cost effective miracle everyone has been looking for.

The connection between fungus and cancer

The ground breaking work of Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD and Dr. Simonchini, an oncologist in Rome, Italy, has shown the tremendous potential of sodium bicarbonate. Dr. Simonchini originally made the connection between fungal infections and cancer proliferation. He realized that when a tumor was flushed with baking soda (which is anti-fungal), it shrank and completely disappeared within days. Mark Sircus takes this idea one step further, believing that baking soda can be ingested as well with remarkable results. Sircus feels that cancer is a complex disease and healing goes beyond simply targeting the tumor — the body needs to be brought into harmony with breathing techniques, exercise, sun exposure and massage along with bicarbonate therapy. A striking example of success is Vernon Johnston who cured stage IV prostate cancer with this protocol. His story can be found here.

Protect against colds and influenza

Cancer is not the only ailment that is healed by baking soda. Contagious illnesses like colds and influenza also respond well to sodium bicarbonate. In 1922, a small booklet was published extolling the healing virtues of this simple powder. Edward R. Hays, MD said at the time:

“In 1918 and 1919 while fighting the ‘Flu’ with the U. S. Public Health Service it was brought to my attention that rarely any one who had been thoroughly alkalinized with bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalinized early, would invariably have mild attacks. I have since that time treated all cases of ‘Cold,’ Influenza and LaGrippe by first giving generous doses of Bicarbonate of Soda, and in many, many instances within 36 hours the symptoms would have entirely abated.”

Recommended dosage for colds and influenza:

On the first day, consume a total of six doses of half a teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of water. Take at two hour intervals.

Continue the same protocol on the second day, but reduce to four doses.

On the third day, consume only two doses — one in the morning and another at night.

Continue thereafter with one dose in the morning until illness is cured.

Additional benefits

Not only helpful with disease, baking soda has a broad spectrum of use. It is also good for:

– Clearing acne

– Cleansing hair and removing buildup

– Detoxifying radiation poisoning

– Acid reflux

– Cleaning teeth

– Insect bites

– Boosting laundry detergent

– Removing dirt and residue off fresh fruits and vegetables

– Household cleaning and deodorizing

– Unclogging drains when combined with vinegar

For pennies per use, sodium bicarbonate really is an economical workhorse. Considering the average conventional cancer treatment costs over $350,000, baking soda provides an inexpensive, safe and effective alternative. Whether contending with the threat of cancer, infectious disease, acne or simply seeking a environmentally friendly cleansing agent, baking soda is a natural champion.

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  • Donna

    Thank you for this invaluable information 🙂

    • Laura

      One reminder…..Be sure to use high quality Baking soda for internal use. Be sure it is labeled aluminum free. If it does not claim this, it contains aluminum, even if it is not listed on the label.

      • Thanks for the added info.
        Why not go top drawer. I did not know there were varying qualities of the stuff.


      • Diana

        Baking soda doesn’t have aluminum in it…baking powder can.

        • Christine

          Sorry, Diana, but poorer quality baking sodas can have high levels of aluminum. Always make sure you buy a high quality, purely sourced baking soda.

        • Janelle

          Most commercial brands DO have aluminium in it, which is fine if using to clean However,if used for ingesting it is best to purchase organic baking soda that it Aluminium-Free (it will be marked).

      • Julia

        I have always gourgled with baking soda, but do you really mean that one should drink it instead?

  • Cancer cells cannot survive in alkaline environments. Hence the reason as a wellness consultant I strongly recommend people to eat a diet based predominantly with alkaline food, drink alkaline water and also boost the immune system using medicinal mushrooms. Preventing disease is always a better option than interventions even with baking soda (which is an alkalizing agent). Be well.. Food is our medicine

  • Would appreciate info on how much bicarb one should take daily?

  • Krystal

    It’s on the box. 1/2 tsp in 4 oz of water. Must be completely dissolved before drinking.

  • Cyndar

    If you have acid reflux, please rule out things such as h-pylori or the fact that as we age we lose stomach acid. If we are low on stomach acid, we do not break down food as quickly and it swells causing the little bit of acid we do have to rise into our throats. There are many ways to treat this so we are digesting our food well. Baking soda should not be used every day to avoid heart burn and acid reflux. However, it is a MUCH better choice then 24 hour acid reducers or blockers.

  • Dacia

    @Cyndar, your comment peaked my interest as when I eat a meal, I feel overstuffed even when I didn’t eat very much. I’ve had my gallbladder removed many years ago and do have acid reflux, heart burn as well. I wonder how I can determine if I have low stomach acid?

  • kholoblicin

    Come on and THINK, people! If it worked like this fool proclaims it does, your doctors would tell you about it. Not only that, but there would be NO cancer any more.

    • Truth

      kholoblicin how naive you are!

    • Sage

      ..Actually ~ Common Think About People! – Doctors are prohibited from Informing People About Natural Remedies Such As This! They Could Lose There License’s ~ YES, THINK ABOUT IT.. NO MORE DRUG SALES.. NO MORE USE OF MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR TECHNOLOGY.. NO MORE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS MAKING MONEY OFF OF PEOPLE WITH CANCER!!! ~

  • Sarah

    Yes, kholoblicin, bcuz doctors are all wonderful selfless people who’s only concern is helping people be healthy, never concerning themselves with how they benefit from it. LOL