Healing The Trauma Drama

Healing the Trauma Drama

By Jennifer Deisher

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We have entered a delicate emotional and spiritual space in our “evolution”. Our deeper emotional issues are coming up AGAIN to be processed and resolved. From here, many of us are inadvertently re-Creating our own emotional “traumas”, both individually and in the bigger societal picture.

Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, and when this happens we often take an emotional “snapshot” of this moment, living and re-living this detrimental emotional experience. As exhausting as this can be, it is here that we will find a great Key of transcendence – it allows us to look a little further withIN that trauma, and release some of the deeper social, psychological, and spiritual “programming” from separation and judgement. This process is especially important when we feel separated from Self; when we judge our own underlying emotions that stem from our trauma.

We never need to look any further than right Here – where YOU are. When an underlying trauma leaves us feeling discontent with others or society, it is withIN that we find all the answers we need. As a matter of fact, our answers are coded right into our DNA.

We’ve all experienced something “negative” in our Lives, whether it be in a physical, psychological (mental), emotional, or spiritual aspect. One of the most common experiences is the perception of abandonment, because at a higher level, we are ALL experiencing a newer awareness – including that of separation. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are Oneness, separated by form, and our increasing perception of this Truth is allowing us to uncover and heal the underlying trauma of separation.

The bottom line is this. If we haven’t made it ALL the way through our pain and found a Loving space for ourSelf on the other side, then we will continue to re-Create our energetic struggle. Over and over and round and round we go, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (the definition of “insanity”). When we learn to Overcome our trauma – by going through what we are used to going around – we find Love for Self and a more complete Healing. We find acceptance, knowing that we can never be any less than whole, even as we experience the ‘separation’ of this Reality and the feelings of abandonment that can come with it. We make peace with our perfect imperfection.

The Only Way Out is Through

We learn, for the most part, that “God” resides somewhere outside of ourselves, dictating our Lives in some way, shape or form. But as we evolve, our preconceived ideas of what that means are literally being turned upside-down. We are seeing that we are the “God” of our own individual Universe, the Divine creators of our own Reality, shaped by our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We are realizing that “God” is our Higher Self – our connectedness – and putting our Trust and Faith into this realization. From here, we can see that the drama of our trauma doesn’t have to be so dramatic after all, as it’s leading us to the ultimate prize of release, letting go – Acceptance.

The most important thing to remember about dealing with trauma is that, at a fundamental level, we are searching for a way to have our Emotional needs met, in order to move on. We are ultimately trying to find a Safe emotional space where we can be comfortable with our experience and our emotions, and feel comfortable expressing them.

While we are in this process we must keep in mind that our emotional needs aren’t “unhealthy” – they are a Truth of this Reality – but we may be avoiding them, or trying to meet them in an “unhealthy” (and unsatisfying) way by doing harm to Self or others. This is a very common theme; we project these emotional needs onto others and expect them to fulfil us… which is, of course, quite impossible. It just sets us (and them) up for “failure”, which causes us (and them) to be traumatized all over again. The people in our lives can only provide a Loving support system while we work through our emotions.

Ultimately, Self is the only one who is experiencing Self’s emotions, so in order to Heal we must meet our OWN emotional needs. As we put our Trust and Faith in our Higher Self, we can begin to work with the damage and confusion on a more Spiritual level, which brings significantly more accessible results. When we begin to look withIN, we can begin to be Honest with ourselves about our emotional needs and how these needs effect our Lives in the bigger picture.

The Mirror of Perception

Every person and situation in our lives is a mirror. They reflect to us our perception of Reality, and the bigger picture of what we are trying to Learn about Self. This means what we love or hate or fear “out there”, or in another, is what we really love or hate or fear withIN. We wouldn’t know hate and/or fear if we didn’t have it in our possession, withIN.

Healing the Trauma Drama - The Mirror of PerceptionIn order to transcend the negativity we perceive “out there” we have to Love it into submission, right “in here”. Our seemingly negative emotions reflect an absence of the energy of Love, so in order to rid ourselves of them, we must LOVE them, shining a light on the Shadows within. From there, we begin to forget the negativity surrounding our trauma and can approach it from either a Loving standpoint or, even better, we can get to a place where we no longer put energy into it at ALL, as we (finally) move forward.

It takes great commitment and courage to face what one truly hates and/or fears withIN. These feelings are extremely uncomfortable. The illusion tells us that we are incomplete, fragmented, or broken but the Truth is that we can never be these things in Spirit. It’s only our judgment that tells us our emotions are “wrong”. But it’s from this place of great vulnerability that we find our greatest Strength. Heaven is a mindset and a way of BEing, rather than a place or an emotion that can be met by another. When we stop repeating our cycles of emotional trauma and projecting our emotions outwardly, we stop doing harm to ourselves and others, and create peace and safety withIN ourselves.

When we fill our Shadows with light, they all but disappear.

Embracing a process of Healing opens up an emotional vastness that covers all ends of the spiritual and emotional spectrum. This is where we really begin to heal from the pain and trauma caused by this Reality. By understanding and Loving our entire spiritual and emotional body, we are able to Connect with Self and others in a most profound and expansive way. The Gift, and what makes it worth the process, is our own personal brand of Heaven that comes from withIN and then transforms our reality (without).

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About the author:

Jennifer DeisherJennifer Deisher is an empath, intuitive, emotional healer, spiritual transformation artist, and the writer of the Moon Hippie Mystic blog. Aaron Deisher is a psychic medium, shaman and intuitive specializing in behavioral and paranormal aspects of spirituality. Together they founded Blueprints For Butterflies as a safe, loving space to support people who are awakening and making a spiritual connection with their Higher Self. Offering professional healing and reading services, they work to help others confront their ‘demons’, realize their divine spiritual, emotional and creative blueprint, and create a life that resonates with each individual’s unique energy signature.

For more information or to book a session, please visit BlueprintsForButterflies.com.

This article adapted for Wake Up World by Andy Whiteley and Jennifer Deisher.


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  • Shane

    Check out “the journey” by Brandon Bays it deals with the healing process of trauma and learning to forgive and move on.

  • Searching for your purpose in life?  Here’s the answer (some may think I’m joking,but I’m not!):
      Ever since I discovered many years ago that our — and other — perambulating life forms were created by  trees  as ‘portable  fertilizer sources,’   I’ve   never again had to wonder about my life purpose.
      To try this out, select a hungry-looking tree, scoop out a hole at its base, and deposit your poop offering in a sacred manner. Cover it up – leave no tracks and voila! — you’ve performed your ‘purpose’! No need to  search for life’s  meaning anymore!
      I believe that we first come to this planet as a visiting human (portable fertilizer and seed distributor) but not yet a member of Gaia’s Garden, in which all other species live  
    a nirvana-like blissful existence.
      If you prove nurturing to Gaia’s Garden, you will be allowed to re-enter it after death  as  any member you chose – a hummingbird, a raspberry bush, a dolphin – over and  
    over in sheer delight! But if you prove harmful to Gaia’s Garden, you will have to  return as a human over and over again until you awaken. For example, the minute  Donald Trump dies, his higher self (soul?) will look back at his existence and think,  “Oh my, I’ve been terribly greedy! I’d better reincarnate as a scabby beggar in Bombay eight or nine times to balance this!” Karma does balance itself out, but it  is  chosen by each individual soul and not imposed as a ‘punishment.’  
        Speaking of punishment, I was disciplined at boarding school  by being barred  from   athletics.for getting  myself and two friends drunk on the train  Instead  I was told to run a five-mile triangle one of whose side passed  through a wooded area.  The wooded side I walked to appreciate it more, and the exercise also triggered  peristalsis. I would crouch  beside a tree to relieve myself, feeling somewhat self-conscious but at the same time  enjoying the pleasure of pooping in the great outdoors.
    I think the trees viewed me with appreciation and love.  Through their  underground tree  
    ‘network’ – Gaian internet? – they spread the word  that this human  form  was fulfilling his fertilizer-porting role and was ‘friendly to the Garden.’ Ever since,  I  have been blessed with  great good fortune in terms of health and friends and a  sense of general optimism.
      So my final suggestion is, “Poop under a tree – invisibly!   Fulfill your destiny! Never worry again about your purpose in life!” Why else do you think that fruit trees surround their seeds with delicious-tasting flesh?
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    Hello tree here’s a present,
    From funny me to you,
    May you grow big and strong,
    From eating my poo-poo!”