The Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst

The Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst19th March 2015

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Some souls have incarnated here to hold an energetic harmony which provides empathic support for evolving people. Others however, have come with the specific ‘mission’ to break down illusions and inspire change by the very energy they hold. Such people may be called “Spiritual Catalysts”. They’ll frequently find they have a confrontational affect on their environment and especially the people in it: you begin to undermine the very illusions society has been built upon.

In the beginning, life for the Spiritual Catalyst can be very challenging, until we learn how to integrate the full complement of energies we have; and how to utilise that energy with gentle sophistication, but definitely without dilution…

Accelerating Change

Of course an essential part of walking the path is ‘standing in our truth’ – having the courage to express who we really are. This in itself begins to light a beacon for others to find their own truth, inside themselves. But this is only really one small part of the role of a Spiritual Catalyst. Such beings hold very strong energies within their soul ray harmonic, which first harmonises with their environment and then begins to emit a frequency that activates change.

It is important to say that a true Spiritual Catalyst does not change the eventual outcome of a person’s journey into truth, they only accelerate it. So a true Spiritual Catalyst will not impart their own truth onto others, rather they’ll present an alternative possibility or challenge a key building block of someone’s own reality causing illusions to fragment and fracture, thereby opening space for a more evolved version of their own truth to emerge and flourish.

In speaking personally, I notice that I have the capacity to empathise quite quickly with people within a group environment. I seem to be able to connect with people’s consciousness easily. I know that this can be very ‘disarming’ for people, they tend to soften quickly. This is the first part of being a Spiritual Catalyst. But then I can also quickly read the illusions and distortions people may be harbouring at an ego level. I can ‘hear’ the mismatch between soul and personality. It’s at exactly that point, frequencies begin to attune and shift inside of me.

Unintentional ‘Button Pushing’

I should say I don’t do this intentionally. I’m not trying to push buttons! But what happens, is that once an energetic bridge has been formed and once disharmonious discrepancies have been felt within the person I may be working with, then new energies from my soul ray harmonic want to activate and attune. Energy is transmitted through the field which then starts to challenge and confront. It invites people to shed illusionary layers.

If the energy people are holding is quite dense, then within myself I often experience it like stirring thick black treacle. It can be very challenging internally. The energies of change are flowing in, but they’re meeting resistance as they infuse into the field. It requires patience forged with persistence, but also knowing when it’s possible to turn up the volume or when best to soften it. It’s about bringing people right to the threshold of their comfort zone, frequently beyond it, but then only pushing to breaking point when a person is absolutely ready for it – when they’re ready to move beyond all limiting veils.

I find it greatly helps to let go of the need to feel like we’re here to teach, to heal, to lead or direct. It’s about progressively moving into the place of absolute trust, that even if our action may cause some degree of discomfort, it’s refined purpose is selfless. This removes much of the unnecessary sense of burden a Spiritual Catalyst may at times feel. You simply don’t need to appear a particular ‘spiritually correct’ way. Yes, you may stir up the field at times, but that’s exactly what you’re here to do.

The Cosmic Role of the Spiritual Catalyst - Open in MaltaInternal Effects on the Spiritual Catalyst

Not only are the typical outward effects challenging to master, the inward ones are just as impactful too. Where the energy we’re working with is especially dense and the ‘treacle just too thick’, then the resistance can tend to build inside the catalyst. This may be experienced as frustration, tension, stress, perhaps even the sense of anger. You have all this energy, but seemingly no productive outlet for it. These are the tensions we must learn to unravel and integrate.

It may mean that we need to turn down our sensitivity to the incoming energies for a while. This may be done by eating denser foods for example – but beware of binge eating, it’s only a temporary effect we’re looking for. What will help is to find physical and emotional expression for our energies. I find what can help me is dancing to music, deep consciousness bodywork such as soulmotion or a power walk in nature.

The last thing to do is deny we have that kind of impulsive and powerful energy. Instead, we need to find productive outlets for it. And I find frequent time on my own is absolutely essential. I often need to get ‘far from the madding crowd’ – so to speak.

Are You a Spiritual Catalyst?

Maybe you too recognise this kind of activity within yourself? Life can be very challenging for the Spiritual Catalyst until we’ve learned to accept our role and integrate the energies. We’re not here to be a popular vote winner! We won’t be spiritually correct – might as well accept that, and become awesomely okay with it.

We’re likely to upset and offend people at times. It all depends on the deftness of touch we can master inside ourselves – finding the right vocabulary which challenges, but doesn’t close too many internal doorways within people.

If we can master this, then you can be sure we’re offering a priceless gift for evolving people and the situation humanity finds itself within.

The Openhand Foundation is here to be such a catalyst, breaking down energetic disharmonies in the world so that a New Paradigm can unveil and unfold itself. We’re certainly not here to tell people how it’s going to be, rather help them see what doesn’t serve and then allow the new reality to take shape all by itself.

How might my gifts facilitate yours?… find out.


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Openhand is the name we’ve given to the Benevolent Consciousness of the Universe. It is that energy which works within the weave of the fabric of life, helping to unravel karmic blockages, infuse soul and thereby catalyse spiritual evolution. Openhand works as a synchronistic mirror, revealing what is holding us back and how we can take our next evolutionary leap. Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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  • This is me! Wow! I have never resonated with any description of spiritual gifts quite like this before. I always feel bad after pushing buttons, and I usually back way off, fearing that I am in my ego when this happens. When I am with people I find that I can clearly see where their soul is not in alignment with their body. I always figure they know about it so I start to make statements in that vein and then many times they want to get away from me quick. Other people who are ready usually have a strong emotional reaction such as tears and we have a very power conversation. I don’t know how to “small talk” and so I worry that I am just too much for people to be around so I isolate myself. Recently I have been opening back up and trying to connect with people more but I play it very safe so as not to upset anyone. It is very confusing!! Thank you for this explanation. Now I feel that I can refine this gift and be of more service to those I meet.

  • Cosmic Butterfly

    Wow. This article is exactly what I needed today! I just cannot believe how this matches all the turmoil I was feeling inside about me being so…totally like you described here! It’s very soothing for me, because I tend to be so hard on myself for being so unsatisfied with what people around me are and what I perceive of their potential (including myself!). I can feel everything and everyone, where they are and what they need to be the perfect beings I sense they could be. Including me.Sometimes I am just so rough on people without noticing it and my life has been hard because of this. I realise how harsh I can be when I enter a relationship with another spiritual catalyst and the relationship is just a battlefield littered with layers of ego torn apart by the vortex we create. Anyways…thanks, it is making me feel better, and I don’t really care why. I just needed to feel better with myself.

  • Angela

    This is the first time I have ever heard anyone talk about me in such clear terms. I was told many years ago in meditation that this is my purpose in community…I really battled with being okay with it because I detest conflict but after a long time of working with this talent I have come to realise the power of truth and the stickiness of lies and pretence (treacle)…there are very specific energies that are stimulated by my presence…being a empowered woman my energy is very disturbing to anyone (especially old male archetypal dominator energy)…they are simultaneously deeply attracted to it yet want to control or destroy it…It is the same energies that organised the witch hunts and the exclusion of the feminine from places of power within religious structure… recently I came up against one such energy that in my defiant state wanted to destroy me…then through humility and honourable surrender I allowed this person to feel they had won this unseen battle yet by them accepting my honouring for my defeat (in their eyes) I was absorbed by this energy and now am able to work with it consciously from the inside…I was in meditation and working with universe cards and the symbol of the blackhole came up and then I realised that to change the darkness you MUST let it absorb you (accept you) and THEN you can change it from the inside out…with none of the usual resistance and ego based conflict and now that bridging space is easy to traverse….and even facilitating of the visions for change that unfold through me…this ability means you will always seem at odds with everyone because your energy is always recognising ways they might enlighten their own selves…it can be very hard for those who dont want to awaken or do anything about their path because it seems to them that you are scratching the same itch in a possibly very irritating way but that irritation is the stimulation many need to break out of their false realities…Compassion is needed and sometimes the strength to walk away and let your interaction have effect! I agree with the conscious lowering of vibration…it helps…but use it as a tool to bridge not as your own crutch…Thank you for this article,it is nice that this frequency is recognised and acknowledged as it is very hard for those who carry it to operate without being considered button pushers…Loveinthelight!

  • Kendra

    Whoa…I have known this about myself for so long, and the older I get, the more people dislike me. I keep getting fired from jobs because even though I am a caring, loving person I don’t get along with many people because I am so misunderstood. I connect with very few people these days, and I stay away from most. Really a very sad and lonely existence. I pick up so much and feel so stressed by all of the noise and chaos in the world.
    I really appreciate the comments above, and will work on not being so intense, but it is hard when I pick up on so much. People know I see their faults and challenges. I am very aware of them in myself, as well and am so insecure. Being so powerful and insecure at the same time is exhausting, and I am sick because of it. I don’t know what to do about it. How can I help myself?
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Thank you for this excellent article by Open!

    This is to Kendra:

    You sound like an Intuitive Sensitive person – there is a very supportive community specifically for intuitive sensitives which I think would provide you with some of the answers you are seeking.

    You can do a search for: Heidi Sawyer (dot com).

    Warm regards,