Learning from and Communicating with Animals

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How is it that the ‘right’ animal, be it the real thing or just an image, can miraculously appear just at the right time when we need guidance most?

I am frequently overwhelmed by the sheer beauty, perfection and awesome simplicity of animals. They were surely put here as our teachers revealing in us how our beingness can wonderfully manifest itself when not constrained through distorted thinking and perceived limitations.

Animals are our Teachers

My own re-acquaintance with such ‘animal medicine’ here in this realm came whilst exploring the living habits of termites (of all creatures!) To many, termites are considered pests particularly in the US where they destroy many homes. Paradoxically it is the way they build their own homes which reveals the deepest truth — coincidence or synchronicity?

Termites build complex nests sometimes forming huge overground structures. However, it is what’s underground that is so fascinating. Interweaving webs of chamber systems are constructed incorporating intricate networks of tunnels and air conduits designed to channel air flow for the perfect management of internal air quality, temperature and moisture levels ensuring optimum environments for their offspring to grow.

So perfectly do these nests serve their function, I have heard it said that even the best human architects using the most sophisticated computer programs could not reproduce a design to rival them. In fact termites nests are now being studied to create our own environmentally friendly and self sufficient housing – it seems some are indeed prepared to consider them our teachers rather than pests!

How is it that a creature with such a small brain capacity manages to design something of such profound beauty? How, with no language, can they coordinate their actions perfectly and harmoniously?

Collective Consciousness

To me the answer lies in having ONE guiding consciousness for their species. In other words, they are one being but separated in form. This one being is highly evolved — much more so than ourselves. The guiding consciousness — a ‘deva’ of unfathomable proportions — can project her consciousness through zillions of tiny creatures.

As this consciousness descends through the density of our plane of existence, it forms ‘elementals’ — super intelligent building blocks — containing all the ‘code’ required for ‘right action’. These building blocks form together to create individual termites.

So the termite does not have to think what to do next, knowing is inherent in every cell of its being. It simply knows the best solution — in fact it is being the best solution.

Learning from and Communicating with Animals - fb

Communicating with Animals

So talking to animals is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. We are certainly not speaking to a ‘poor dumb creature’. Through the individual animal, we are speaking with a highly evolved being far in advance of ourselves.

That’s why if we really want an answer to a particular question in life, one of the best solutions is to ask an animal. Because they have no ego, no individual thought “this is what ‘I’ want to do now”, the guiding Deva can coordinate synchronicity through animals to bring us answer we need.

A multidimensional consciousness landscape is built for us to explore.

In fact the Deva already knows both the question and the answer before they arise in us. That’s because she is not constrained by linear time. She’s flowing from the place of all-knowing. That’s why synchronicity involving animals is so omnipresent — they are here to be our teachers.

What is that creature saying to you today?

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PS: I felt to share this awe inspiring video of an animal communicator literally speaking to various creatures. I guarantee it will melt your heart. A must see.

The incredible story of how leopard ‘Diabolo’ became ‘Spirit’…

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