The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra – The Passage into the Unknown

The Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra -4th April 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A radical shift in our energetic levels has brought confusion to many of us over the last 2 days. The expression of the expansive yang energy has shifted internally and there is presently a slowing down effect being felt. The new energetic patterns that have flooded into the collective consciousness since the start of 2015 have been incredibly expansive, and we are evolving at a galactic rate.

As we moved through the Pluto Uranus Square on March 16th the stage was set for a total transformation of our perception; a rebirth. The New Moon and Total Solar eclipse on March 20th was an even more powerful alignment, reflecting our process of integration and transformation that continued through March, as we stepped through a significant astrological gateway. (For more on this, please see my last article: The Fire Trine, Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse – The Gateway to Love.)

Now as we shift our awareness to today’s Full Moon in Libra, the third Blood Moon of the tetrad, we notice that the energy is reflecting a more stabilizing and grounding action. The integration process is well underway, as we learn to balance and master the 5th dimensional connection and unity consciousness that has emerged, while the Fire Trine alignment of Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn is adding some serious heat!

The Fire Trine

Uranus Aries trine Jupiter in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius.

The formation of the Fire Trine and activation of these 3 major planets is the most important series of alignments that I feel we should be observing, as they reflect to us the internal changes that we are each experiencing right now. This Fire Trine reflects cleansing and purifying and can be felt as a magnificent feeling of aliveness; the exhilarating sensation of spirit and destiny coursing through our veins.

To totally capture the essence of this alignment, I have broken down what each planet is reflecting to us and how to fully embody its highest potential into your energetic field.

This alignment is a call to action!

Jupiter’s story

Jupiter (Leo) has been trailblazing its way through Leo, activating the heart centre and causing us to call to align our choices and essence with our sense of special destiny. The Sun/Leo archetype reflects that inner child element, the feeling that a child has when she/he says “when I grow up want to be a…”, and each and every one of us has throughout the last part of 2014 and throughout 2015 been confronting the aspects of ourselves that are not in alignment with that feeling of special purpose. As we transition into this Lunar Eclipse, all outdated beliefs, ideas, perceptions that do not support this new sense of purpose are coming up for review.

On 8th of April, Jupiter (intuition) will move into direct motion. This is when our creativity will begin to gain speed again. As we approach this time, it is important to be present, and finally let go of the the outdated internal structures that brought you here. Shift your attitude and choose a perspective that supports your new path.

Uranus’s Story

The energy reflected by Uranus’s movement through Aries (since 2012) has catapulted us into a new direction, and at a quantum rate. The Uranus archetype reflects liberation and acceleration. It also reflects the blueprint of your soul contract. Just as any manifestation on Earth holds a blueprint, so do we. As Jupiter (intuition) and Uranus (deconditiong) make these contacts to each other at this significant time, we are being asked to apply and integrate the quantum shifts we have experienced in our inner lives to our outer lives, in both philosophy and in practice.

Embody your truth and authenticity, and embody the unity consciousness in all you do. As Uranus breaks away from its 3 year sparring session with its dear friend Pluto, the shift for us is now all about integrating our truth into the collective consciousness. We have much work to do. Through this process, real change will start to appear.

Sagittarius’s Story

This alignment of Saturn in Sagittarius has not been active for very long. The effects of this alignment are certainly present, but I believe we have not yet experienced the extent of what this transit truly means for us. As it stands now, a brief alignment to Neptune has led us to be very aware of our current reality; how much of humanity is still embedded in illusions of separateness, and which belief structures and institutions perpetuate imbalance and polarity.

The Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra - CopyThis aspect of our collective story reflects the energy behind much of what you see in the world today. Each of us carries trauma and pain that has been a direct effect of our disconnection from the Goddess; the Divine Feminine. We have lived in a society that doesn’t teach us to embrace our best, truest nature; that we deserve love, acceptance and the feeling of unity, and to honour it as both our birth right and guiding principle. Our physical world – the remains of the old paradigm – was built on foundations of competition and separation, of disempowering mistruths and constant reminders of the barriers between humans. Over periods of time, we collective forgot to love ourselves, and therefore each other. We learnt to suppress our individuality, and internalised the pain of our disconnection from Source.

I believe this transit of Saturn through Sagittarius will bring unresolved issues to the surface that reflect the areas in which must become more unified in our approach. This will not be an easy task. Saturn is retrograding through Sagittarius and he is pointing to Uranus at the moment. This is reflecting our current feeling; that need for complete freedom from belief systems that don’t support unity consciousness. An extremely powerful transit.

The Full Moon Message

The Blood Moon in Libra: balance, harmony, justice, equality, sharing, inclusion and acceptance.

A truly powerful transition is taking place internally for us right now. The start of 2015 ushered in a higher and faster paced energy pattern. As we approached the final Pluto Uranus Square we embraced the paradigm shift that was needed to move through the gateway that opened up for us on the 20th of March: the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse. So much of the energy that has been felt has been of an incredibly high vibration, and so transformative.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this message, the now current Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra will be forcing a very different feel. The balancing act, grounding and integration process of these new paradigms is the next step. It is a process of coming back to Earth. We live here and need to take that internal shift and reflect it outwardly, in new and courageous ways. This actually is a process of taking what you now know to be true for yourself and living in alignment with it, embodying it in spirit and in action. The blueprint for the new Earth paradigm for us is now firmly rooted: sharing, inclusion, compassion, justice. Loving. These are the manifestations of the unity vibration.

The Lunar Eclipse will be grounding these energies back into our energy body and asking that we now live in alignment with these new energies. Honouring our own journey and seeing through the distortion and into the essence of humanity. We are citizens of the galaxy and we are here to embody the change. Honour the sacred unity heart centred essence with in you and in each other. The liberation and change lies in your willingness to be a part of the global transformation. This is a time in which we return back out into the open and bring the change we wish to see to the world.

The collective distortion that remains is still clearly present, however, and although flagging, its manifestations as competitive, divisive control structures have yet to be reformed and realigned. While those still ensnared in the constructs of war and separation continue to become a smaller (but no less publicized) demographic, it helps to understand and honour the process of awakening, and to recognize that our collective consciousness is evolving: a verb. Where ever you can, manifest your inner vibration in the outer world.

As the Lunar Eclipse passes over, we will be left with the after effects of this unfolding energy pattern. The message at this time is clear: embrace and create acceptance of individuality and empathy for the spiritual journey of others. Clear out any old patterns still lingering within your field that don’t serve you or the best interests of humanity. If it causes separateness and pain, it does not belong in your life. It is time to manifest the unity consciousness and walk the passage into the unknown.


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  • Loren

    This is what I am experiencing! I feel amazing. I feel free, like after literally a lifetime of being unbalanced and unhappy I am finally full of life and peace. Thanks for this post!♡

  • At Peace

    Simon… you are 100% spot on. I am not one to follow these beliefs, however I am aware of my feelings and desires to move forward and become a better person for myself and everyone around me.

  • Gareth

    Spot on, thank you for this message. A lesson I learned, while doing this work; i realised that i had been denying myself the experience of pain. so many men are conditioned to push it away, not to cry, not to be ‘weak’, not to be vulnerable with our feelings, and we are ultimately cut off from a vast spectrum of emotions. My pains of past happenings were so deeply hidden under layers of self delusions, that it has taken me quite a few years to dig them out of my psyche. I forced myself to feel that pain, no matter how much i wanted to run away, and crawl back under that self made delusion blanket. I held it, nutured it, and loved it. Within that experience i found that i was holding myself, that young boy, at the birth of my self awareness, so full of life, hopes, dreams, and curiosity, to that moment before I split between light and shadow. I gained the power to face more pain, i became the witness of my thoughts, and began to accept and intergrate my shadow being – giving life, once again to everything i desire to be and achieve. At this point of self integration, i realised how important pain is: pain is a gateway towards transformation. It took all the courage i could muster, to transcend through this portal, it became clear that i had this strength all a long. Life is not as scary anymore, and i have gained empathy to help others along this path. Find that strength my brothers and sisters, carry on with the journey into the self, you are not alone.

  • Alex

    Awesome article man!!! This is exactly what I have been feeling recently. An intense surge of energy and a need to express this energy in the world. To live my passion, give my gifts, and deeply connect with others. The only thing I am struggling with is how exactly I should go about expressing this internal knowing and this gift of music that I’ve been blessed with. Hopefully if I simply set the intention and let go, the Universe will guide me to where I need to be. Just have faith!

  • Simon

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all of your heartfelt comments. I would also want to share my joy in knowing that you are shining your light and in aid for the collective evolution.