Full Moon in Virgo – Unity Consciousness

Full Moon in Virgo - Unity Consciousness5th March 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

With the  transition of the Sun into Pisces, the final phase of the yearly astrological cycle is upon us. This month’s Full Moon in Virgo sets in motion the final awareness needed for the integration of the next energetic imprint in  our collective evolution. As a collective consciousness, the moment we have been waiting for is finally here and now.

What a transcendental feeling!

The gestation stage is over, the awakened soul is ready to go out into the world and begin shifting the collective. The new paradigm  is here! Now… we have much work to do!

Key Planetary Alignments

Uranus, Venus & Mars in Aries Trine Jupiter in Leo and Trine Saturn in Sagittarius.

Illustrating the deep connection of cleansing and bringing in the new energetic imprints, this powerful alignment is creating some beautiful opportunities for us. The fire is cleansing away all old outdated cellular memories and collective distortions while simultaneously bringing us the  inspiration to follow what we are being guided to do — to create a new path for us on Earth.

The heart element is ignited and raising the love vibration, offering courage and strength to bring out the best in you. Allow your higher self and best wisdom to guide you.

Pluto Quincunx Jupiter and Sun Quincunx Jupiter.

This alignment brings into the collective focus the need for aligning our feeling of special destiny with the inspiration of our connection to the Source. This is important as the forward motion toward  our collective destiny begins  firstly with seeing the unity in everything, and then building and aligning our unique path to express that sense of unity,  and  to be of genuine service to the Earth. This process will ensure that as we move forward into the new paradigm, our dreams and goals are linked with the overall betterment of humanity. Why? Because the world needs you.

See it this way… The universe is reflecting back to you the light that you shine. The more you are open to experiencing the unity in the diversity of creation, the more clearly you will see this  reflected in  yourself.  To embody the energy we are being offered by this alignment, develop and implement a belief structure that is linked with your  inspiration from Source. Only through self-determination – the expression of our unique gift  – can we achieve  the actualizations of our  desires.

Sun and Neptune in Pisces Square Saturn in Sagittarius Square Moon in Virgo.

This powerful alignment plays an important part in influencing how  we go about integrating the new Earth paradigm into our collective consciousness  and creating  changes in our reality. Being of service (Virgo) to yourself and to others is necessary to bring about the change we are seeking. In fact, the change is already here. Now, our service is  to integrate our new perspective into the world. This perspective/light (Sagittarius) reflects back to us the greater spectrum of  the diversity of creation that makes up our universe (Pisces) and allows us to see the world from a  perspective of unity.

Firstly,  understand that you are a multi-dimensional being experiencing itself in human form, and not a human trying connect to the spiritual. The key to rewriting our collective consciousness lies in recognizing and then reflecting outwardly the miraculous divinity of our very being. We must learn to see ourselves as the  natural diversity of expressions of the same universal Source. I am a reflection of you, as you are a reflection of me.

The other side to this aspect is showing us the need to strengthen our intuition;  to step into our energetic sensory perception (Neptune) and begin to discern (Virgo) what direction (Sagittarius) is right for you.

The body (Saturn) is making an evolutionary aspect to Neptune (collective consciousness). What this is reflecting back to us is the knowledge and awareness that as we become more and more awake to our true nature we will start to see that the body is an energetic sensor that reflects back to us the energy in our collective field of consciousness. So, with this perspective, the way we will be making choices and being of service to humanity in the new paradigm is through being intuitively guided to experience the exact moment necessary for the integration of the love/unity vibration needed on Earth.

Once we align with this purpose, and we understand the totality of our own connection to Source, we see that our paths are constantly filled with the inspiration and experience of love and not the absence of it. No longer do we hold the belief of an external savior. We are our own savior’s and as we begin to experience the new paradigm we learn to see our spiritual re empowerment comes from ourselves.

Full Moon Message

Connecting Heaven and  Earth.

This is an incredible timeframe we are entering. One that is filled with connectivity and oneness. The unity vibration reflected back to us by our planetary  system is at its full capacity. We no longer need to adapt to a life that does not reflect our true nature, rather, it is time to adapt our outer lives to reflect our true nature. The time for change is upon us. Welcome to the 5th  Dimension.

The energetic cycles have completed and the gestation period is over. The new energy is present and assimilated. So what do we do with it now? We embody it! We begin the journey of bringing our collective Earth consciousness – the Unity/Love vibration – into our physical reality. Our jobs now are to start the processes of manifesting  and strengthening this new vibration (Neptune in Pisces) into the world (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Full Moon in Virgo - Unity Consciousness

This is a very simple process. Everything is energy. Each and every one of us is a reflection of the Source, and as we vibrate the radiance of that Source, free of the distortions we have worked so hard to shake off, we naturally influence and transform the world’s vibration around us. The reflection of the world that you will live in will be a reflection of what you do to bring yours (Leo) and others’ (Aquarius) creativity and heart-centered energetic light into being.

You have already done the transformative  work. You are the change. It is time for that new energy to shine so brightly and courageously. This is the time you follow your highest dreams and aspirations. They have been gifted to you for a reason, and you will be supported in pursuing them. Just follow your bliss vibration  and see how quickly your dreams can manifest.

Going with the flow and anchoring the new light into the collective consciousness is our new direction. The last two and a half years, marked by Saturn transiting through Scorpio, were all about confronting and clearing out all the distorted collective energy.  For much of the last two years we have been dealing with intense dark truths about the nature of humanity, and have become completely aware of the nonsense that today’s authorities and institutions project into our perception, and why.

As this processes has now come to completion, the next phase in our journey begins and that is anchoring the high vibrational energy (Neptune in Pisces) into reality (Saturn in Sagittarius). The old outdated forms and energy are no longer supported. With both Mars and Venus’ recent journeys past Uranus in Aries, the new direction is here. There is no looking back. The whole show and movement of energy is flowing forward. You will notice that thoughts, ideas and perceptions of the past no longer feel right or make sense. It might feel difficult to connect to the old perception of yourself. Exciting right?

We have reached a point where we are not clearing and cleansing ourselves of the old but navigating our way into the unknown future, guided by our intuition and driven by our hearts. How you do this is by being the truest reflection of yourself in every moment. As the new paradigm to become crystallized into our body and the world starts to see your reflection sparkling, it  will start to reflect back to you who you are in brilliant clarity. Be open-hearted and allow your intuition to guide you. This is absolutely vital to  being able to navigate your way through the collective ocean we’re swimming into.

Full Moon Mantra

I have realised the oneness within me, as I have within you. I see that we are all merely different expressions of the endless possibilities and manifestations of the ONE. I see you as the reflection of myself as you reveal to me more of what I am yet to find within myself.

In this space I recognise that all that I AM is a perfect expression of creation; that all of my “imperfections” are in fact perfect by Universal design.  I see the beauty and love in all that is.  I now see with clarity. I see beyond what the eye is showing, and I see through what the mind is saying. I see with my heart and soul. I AM aligned. I AM connected.



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