The Equinox, New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Illumination and Re-Integration

Yesterday's New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces - Illumination and Re-Integration

21st March 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A final chapter in our evolutionary cosmic story is ending  and humanity is standing at the brink of one on of the most important points in its collective history.

Yesterday’s Equinox  and  New Moon in Pisces  brought  with it an incredibly powerful pattern of energy. It is truly awe inspiring to be observing these alignments mark the ushering in of a vibration of energy that is so profoundly transformative.

This  New Moon was perfectly aligned with a Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 29′  27”. As soon as this formation happened, the Sun and Moon transitioned into the constellations Aries catapulting us into the new a direction. These vibrational patterns reflected illumination (Pisces) which we will now anchor into our collective evolution through integration (Aries).  This is where we all fit in and play our  part. It is time for the re-integration of your multidimensional self into the world.  We have work to do! Unity Consciousness. Let’s do this!

Happy Birthday Aries!  May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

Planetary Alignments Supporting Evolutionary Growth

Saturn Retrograde  (11 March 2015 – 2 August 2015)

On the 11th  of March 2015 the planetary archetype of Saturn moved into retrograde motion. This is a truly significant cycle for us. Over the last two and half years we have experienced intense clearing and cleansing of old energetic debris. This time was met with incredible confusion and tremendous loss. But now as you look back from this point to 2012, you can clearly see how far you have come. It has been a long and difficult road for many. Now, we have one final step left in the process.

I am pleased however to say  that as Saturn retrogrades back into the final degrees of Scorpio, it won’t be tearing us apart but rather asking us to solidify the last two and a half year ´s work. It is time to master our lessons. The universe is taking off the training wheels and saying “it’s your turn!” I feel that everyone deserves a huge heart-centered round of applause  right now, for facing your demons and coming out the other end braver than ever before.

Finally I would like to say that Saturn does like it when you accept the challenges he brings you. So this retrograde cycle will ask us to put our new selves to the test, but know that if you accept these final challenges, he will bring you total abundance.

Ongoing Jupiter quincunx Pluto and Neptune

This planetary alignment is directly aiding in the progressive breaking down of outdated belief systems and idea’s that have supported our understanding of reality in the past. This alignment shakes up and asks for a renewal in perspective that now supports the frequency of your current energetic state.

It is so important to understand how your philosophy in life effects the nature of your perception and how you go about making choices in your life. Ask yourself Is my current philosophy allowing me to access the desire and reach my soul purpose? I encourage you to look at your belief system and see if your inner child and heart center is being honored.

On the collective level, the vibration is also reflecting the importance to see how our dreams and aspirations can be linked with aiding humanity. If we are seeking to make a difference we must align our philosophy with the greater good of humanity.

Saturn (Sagittarius) Square Mercury (Pisces) Neptune (Pisces) & quincunx Venus (Taurus)

This alignment is ushering in to our collective consciousness extremely important aspects of our spiritual growth. It is so important to understand that at this point, the vibration of earth and the state of our consciousness has risen to a point where we are clearing all the outdated energetic energies from our personal, and collective field. Life will no longer be support the old paradigms. As we align ourselves with this new frequency we will experience illumination.

What Saturn will be doing as it moves along its retrograde path, is revisit any beliefs that don’t support the highest good of your souls growth. With the party of Mercury and Neptune being in Pisces, you will be presented with new choices to practice loving yourself and others. We need to anchor these new heart centered beliefs into our life and to practice our new relationship to ourselves and others. In every moment you make high vibrational choices you are supporting our collective consciousness.   The more you do it the more you will see it.

Spring Equinox and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

This alignment brought  to a head the totality of 3 years’ worth of collective transformation. This alignment showed the total culmination of so many cycles of Earth’s and our collective incarnations. This inner transformation is the reason your life, over the last 3 years, has been filled with letting go and dissolving of personal attachments. Those outdated life scenarios needed to go in order for the new to emerge.

The 29 ´27 degree Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces (the last sign in the zodiac) reflected back to us  the result of the last 3 years of total transmutation. It was like the point at the end of a film when it all comes together. From this perspective – from the mid-point of the Equinox – we  were shown  how our lives have shifted, and will continue to shift. It reflected to us the understanding or realization of life’s true nature —  what it’s actually about, and where we fit in. Pretty impressive right?

This is such an incredible time to be alive in. This is the apocalypse!

(Please note:  ‘Apocalypse’  translated literally from Greek, is a  disclosure  of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.)

7th  Pluto – Uranus Square

On the 16th of March 2015 the final Pluto/Uranus square took place. This planetary alignment has been immensely impactful in what we have been experiencing in our lives since 2012, and  have progressively reflected to us the  lifting veils of our perception of reality – the ongoing shifting of our collective consciousness. On the 16th  of March,  these two planets made  their final tension angle with each other at 15’17” of Capricorn/Aries.  The after effects of this will be very visible as we move along our earth timeline. The deeper realizations and awakenings will become solidified and from now on there is no looking back.

Please read The 7th Pluto Uranus Square Alignment – The Final Shift  for more information  about this important alignment,  as it encompasses the ‘big picture’ totality of what is happening, and offers insights into how we can  gain an even deeper understanding as we  move into this next phase of our lives.

New Moon Message

Illumination followed by integration.

At this point many may be wondering what the next step is. What to do with this new self in a world that looks very much the same as before?

Energetically, we have crossed into new uncharted territory that is not yet reflected by the constructs of our outer world, and the future may seem unsure as we are literally paving the way before us as we break new ground.  We must bravely walk  the new direction and allow our hearts to guide us.

This is a new chapter in our collective evolution. We are at the tipping point. We were first given the total awareness (New Moon total Solar Eclipse in Pisces) and now we are to integrate (Sun moves into Aries) our awareness into the collective consciousness. This is where our  challenge really becomes clear. Up until this moment we have been working through, sorting out and cleansing our collective distortions. This has led us to start seeing the world for what it really is. This 3 year cycle also led us to close ourselves off from the world, cocooned and hidden from society. However the cleaning acts is done! The next task at hand is about going back into the world and beginning the real  work. The integration of the new you. This processes will then allow for the next phase to unfold.

As an awakened soul seeing through the collective distortions and collective pain it is your task to begin raising the frequency of the planet by being a beacon of true undistorted light that you are. This is your mission! Our cosmic mission. Hold the torch and lead the way into the new paradigm. Your  role is to simply listen to what your heart is guiding you to do, and to  anchor the truth of your essence  into every aspect of your being. To return to your natural state, and stand as a leader of the new paradigm in a world that does not yet reflect your inner vibration. This is the point where the change within must be reflected outwards in order for us to actually see that change. Those who continue seeking to see the progression of our collective awakening powered  from  the outside will be met with the past, as our  outer world is a reflection of what and who we  were  and not what we  are now.

So as a living example of your inner light, you need to integrate yourself back into the ‘matrix’ and start emanating clear and pure energy. By doing this, you are then allowing us to heal the collective pain in the souls who are about to embark on the journey that you just undertook. All the experiences that you had during your awakening is now needing to be implemented so that it can be a reflection of the change. You now see the collective pain in others and understand that this pain is a product of the collective distortions. You can see the pain in others that they are not yet able to see in themselves. You now know where you stand and are able to heal others. The healing begins with understanding that loving compassion and seeing the pure essence in all.

In this time we must be a living embodiment of unity. We cannot impose our awakened essence on to souls. It is not about forcing your beliefs and enlightening others. This will cause further rejection. We can be supportive by asking questions that allow others their own understanding, but we must  allow the awakening experience to unfold naturally through direct experience. It is so important to not pass judgement or cause further division by saying I am more illuminated than someone else. We are all one. Healing the collective consciousness of mother earth is a processes of reuniting with the creator; with our true nature.  Again, this process is just allowing yourself be who you truly are and allow your heart to guide you along the road.

Many souls will be reflecting the pain of the spiritual distortions as you integrate back into the world. We may sometimes be on the receiving end of the projections of others ´ pain. You are an alchemist that has the power to transmute that pain. So when you are in situations where someone is projecting their pain of separateness, then remind yourself how you wish to be treated. Remember you are connected to the love vibration from within. That you do not need the love from the outside to fuel your soul. You have a direct connection to source. So even if we are breathing in pain we can transmute it and breathe out love. We must remember to love ourselves too. To make loving choices for ourselves. This is the time to not run away from the world but to re unite with it in ways that brings about the collective evolution; the love revolution. You are the change!


ps. Apologies for  the lateness of this New Moon report. The delay  was due to illness at  Wake Up World HQ. ~  Editor.

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