Full Moon in Leo – We Come One!

Full Moon in Leo – We Come One!

4th February 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We have reached the half way point in this month’s Aquarius cycle. The full moon lands in a very powerful spot for us this month, and I feel it will bring very powerful and transformational awareness. This vibrational pattern reflects to us the awareness of dissolving barriers to bring unification and the importance of our individuality. A very powerful placement of the Sun over the south Node of Neptune also brings fundamental pieces of our collective ancestral awareness into focus, so we are able to integrate and reshape our destiny in order for us to make the changes we seek on our planet.

It is time to open our hearts, stand tall and be courageous! The world is waiting for your divine energetic imprint. Are you ready to show it?

There are many themes to this Full Moon. Here are the key  planetary alignments helping us along the way…

Mars Conjunct Chiron

Removing victimhood and reclaiming your sovereignty.

Recently Mars travelled past Chiron in Pisces and brought up deep insight into our awareness. On Earth, stretching back over many thousands of years, the collective “matrix” has been programmed to instill deep fear and disempowerment into a now dependent humanity. This powerful psychological hold has brought us to become victims to our own nature. Through constant bombardment of social queues –  what to do,  how to act, even how to look – we progressively lost touch with our own sense of intuitive guidance.

The Soul has its own personal guidance system that reflects how it needs to act relative to its own personal, immediate environment and circumstances.  Yet due to the constant subtle but disempowering messages we receive about ourselves, have come to seek guidance outside of ourselves before checking in with our own higher self. This externalizing of our power has led to a deep psychological pattern of feeling victimised by situations and circumstances that we feel are out of our control. That’s the trap of the “matrix” — but  we are collectively  now realizing  those circumstances can be changed.

It is time to reclaim our sovereignty; to take action and to take control our own personal destiny and become the leading edge of our life’s  direction. And from that place of personal sovereignty, and respect for the sovereignty of others, we can reshape our shared destiny.

This will be a sensitive and personal time for all of us, so be careful to not project your pain or expectations onto others. Instead, understand the pain of others and connect through recognizing that we are not separate, but One.

Ongoing Pluto Square the karmic North and South Node.

At the core of our personal and collective transformation this vibrational pattern is making the biggest changes. Our value systems have been completely altered and many have realigned with transcendental values that reflect a deeper state of awareness.

Unfortunately, for many of us, some friends and family members might still be holding on to the pre-existing patterns. This naturally leads to a clash of values and perspectives. In these moments, offer your truth in a manner that is with courage and a sense of gratitude that, even through the appeared separateness, your perspectives are from the same source. Remember: the matrix does not encourage real questioning or empowerment. Offer support and allow for the fact that, for  many, the leap into new understandings  can  be a very daunting experience.

The Moon is also in a tight in-conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter. This alignment reflects the deep realisation of how our special destiny can be linked with the overall social structure that enables the benefit of Earth’s community. It reminds us the importance of being  responsible for our own life and destiny, and to allow our dreams to be manifested through self-determination.

Saturn Sagittarius square Venus and Neptune in Pisces.

A very deep and reflective alignment is taking place here. The focus that this vibration brings is an integral part of the whole process. Whenever Saturn is involved, we are naturally looking at the archetype of cause and effect which leads to the crystallisation of karmic actions. We are faced with our karmic after effects of how we have lived life on Earth. The importance of taking responsibility for our past is what is at hand. We just need to reflect and change pre-existing patterns.

Venus is traveling together with Neptune causing us to clear out any illusions that are of the old outdated thoughts and definitions we have of ourselves and through extension, our global image of each other. An alignment with the truth: that unification brings us to remembrance of our true essence. Our origins are about seeing beyond our illusions of separateness. This is a huge and important value to integrate into our lives:  truly being here for your fellow brothers and sisters.

Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury and Jupiter in evolutionary astrology reflect the function of the left (Mercury) and right (Jupiter) brain. The right brain reflects the intuitive knowing and collective experiences we have in our lives. It is the space we go to when speaking (Mercury) about our personal truths (Jupiter). The function of conveying truth is taking knowledge we hold and using language as a tool to convey our philosophy, through words. Just as I have done through this article.

When these planets are moving in retrograde motion we experience an inverted expression of the vibration. Like when night falls, we internalise our thoughts and reflect. These planets’ current status is reflecting to us the need for deeply reflecting on the past 3 months of forward movement, re-examining experiences that have brought us here, and intergrating  he ‘life lessons’ they offer. On the deepest level, Jupiter and Mercury in retrograde reflects to us  the understanding that  we  need to integrate the ‘perspectives’ of the left and right brain. Intuition and logical discernment. Science and source.

Full Moon Message

Inter-dependence is a fundamental law of nature.

As I mentioned above, there are many themes to this Full Moon, all of which provide very important key elements we can integrate into our daily life for the ongoing betterment of humanity.

Belief Structures

The first part of our awareness needs to be drawn to our current philosophical structure. In our time space reality, we are really unable to conceive the totality of creation. Because this is the case, a natural orientation towards creating a belief system is developed in order to make sense of the phenomena we call reality. Conversely our beliefs and philosophies create and influence how we experience our reality.

What is your current life philosophy and how is it aiding you to follow your destiny?

If your belief system contains any illusions of separateness, then this is what you will see in the outside world. We all have to look at how our personal philosophies contain the idea of seeing our fellow human as separate by race, gender and beliefs. Our karmic responsibility to ourselves is to seek a higher state of balance, and to recognize our ourselves as  interconnected. If we view  ourselves in the context  of  the world around us, diversity is a beautiful and intrinsic part of nature. In nature, all aspects co-create as one, thriving alongside each other in a harmonised way. So can we! The first step is realizing we can.


Another theme I would like to bring up is the awareness that, for an incredibly long time, our consciousness has been experiencing a cycle of darkness. Humanity and our collective consciousness have been “asleep” to our true nature. This cycle is now coming to an end. We are in the process of awakening and moving into the light or awareness. We are reclaiming our sovereignty and  re-empowering ourselves.

As we begin this process we will need to identify and remove any beliefs that disempower us. I believe these beliefs will be brought to our attention – individually and collectively – in significant ways over the next coming years. During this period, it will be  important to remember your right to free choice and discovery of self-awareness. This is a time of finding your  purpose. To live a life that brings you joy and energizes your life-force.

Understand too that, like all expressions of life force,  human  philosophies are diverse. Each of us, through our diversity, experiences and teaches a different aspect of the totality of creation. We will never all be “the same”, that is not nature’s way. We must learn to  embrace our differences and celebrate our uniqueness, and not just in philosophy but in practice. Only this understanding will naturally unify us.

Logic and Intuition

Another aspect I would like to explore further  is the imbalance between the right and left brain hemispheres – the logical and intuitive mind. This divide  exists deeply in our collective psyche, reflecting  a divide within humanity. Yet, without the balance between the left and right brain, the heart and the mind, we will struggle to completely embody the actual reality of what it means to be human and to manifest our true power. This leaves us not able to  see our abundance.

The outdated philosophies of our consumerist society conditioned humanity to struggle with “seeing” abundance. We have become desensitized to being  bombarded with images things we didn’t know we “want” and “need” and, always wanting more, we fail to appreciate the magnificence of  what we have. This is due to the illusion of separation between Spirituality (right brain) and Science (left brain). Again, with our energetic focus  out of balance,  our  dualistic nature goes unreconciled and we lose our sense of unification with life, limiting both our intuition and our logical understanding of the world.

Today, there is a polarization of spirituality and materialism. We have to transcend dualistic consciousness that promotes the either/or mind-set. There is plenty to go around,

Having money with no spiritual understanding gives the experience of basic materialism and existence on Earth with no spiritual depth – being separated from the inner. Being spiritual and having no money keeps one trapped in a space of being powerless to do or create anything in the outer world. Neither are balanced states. The Universe itself does not withhold anything from us; we withhold it from ourselves, through our choices, thought processes and emotional patterns, and from each other, through imbalanced economic and resource distribution structures. Structures that, like logic and intuition, we now realize can and must be brought  back into alignment with the natural balance  of the Universe.

It is time start being a beacon of light for yourself and for the rest of humanity. It is time to share what you know and action what you believe. It is time to re-empower yourself and humanity and move out of the shadow and into the light. This is the time to bring your dreams into reality. This is the time to understand you are phenomenal. This is the time to expose the world to your inventions and innovations.

Full Moon Mantra

As I remove more layers of old beliefs of myself and the world around me, I find more of who I truly am. Beneath those layers, I discover my unique gift to the world. I know that I am here to share it, to light up and shine the way for others as they awaken. I am tuning in to my own personal song. I am finding the courage to sing it aloud, even if I do it  alone. For I know that as I do, others will begin to join me…

I am ready to be my authentic self. I am ready to live my dream.

Watch me! Join me!



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