Your Government Needs You to Dehumanize Foreigners – It’s How They Justify Killing Them

Govt Needs You To Dehumanize Foreigners

By John Vibes

It seems that in Western countries, the people who follow the mainstream media and public school narrative have a pretty twisted outlook on how people in other countries live. They like to focus on the absolute worst things that happen in that society, and act like that defines the society. The perception is that people in non-NATO countries are primitive savages who are constantly attacking and hurting one other, but this type of behavior occurs to a certain degree in nearly every society.

The mainstream western narrative does not pay any attention to the actual daily lives of the people who live in foreign countries. Instead, only they only focus on the tragedies. Just like in the US and Europe, people in the middle east, Africa, and other areas of the world have thriving music scenes, talented artists, brilliant philosophers, exceptional athletes, and children that play games similar to those played by western children. In fact, National Geographic Traveler recently named Iran as the #1 tourist destination in the world.

People who live in other parts of the world have festivals and holidays and favorite foods, they also have sickness, traffic jams, and crime, just as we do.

Now, imagine for a minute if someone in a foreign country who has never been to America were to judge and define the country by the crime and corruption that took place there. What type of perspective would they have? They would see a corrupt and oppressive government with militarized police forces that kill thousands per year. They would also see cities ripped apart with gang violence, also killing thousands per year. They would see extreme poverty in America’s ghettos, where children grow up with little hope or opportunity for a better life. They would see a population that is heavily sedated with pharmaceutical drugs and entirely brainwashed by fascist politicians. It would not be fair for someone to judge America this way, but this seems to be the way that many Americans and Europeans judge everyone else.

In the past several months, this type of dehumanizing propaganda has taken over western media, as NATO plans to escalate its conquest of the middle east.

When the establishment wants to go to war, they will do everything they can to demonize the people that live in the place that they want to attack. They will describe these people as irrational, sub-human, and senselessly violent. They will insist that an aggressive war is in the name of defense, and they will have the media and the schools helping them do it. And it works.

One need only scroll through social media to see how people refer to Muslims as ‘it’ and completely detach themselves from the reality that this ‘it’ is someone’s son or daughter.

Hatred and Ignorance Blind People to the Truth

Regardless of the color of our skin, the language we speak or the cultural ideologies we subscribe to, we are all part of the same human family. In every country throughout the ages, we have been deceived by our oppressors. People of all nationalities struggle and suffer at the hands of authority figures who tell us that other oppressed people in some far away land are the reason for our unhappiness. In reality, the oppressed people of all nations have more in common with each other than they do with the people in charge of their governments. Unfortunately, we have all been lied to and conditioned to be suspicious of our brothers and sisters because of some flag that flies above their heads.

It is true that some places on this earth are more dangerous than others while some are safer or freer than others, but overall, each culture is filled with mostly peaceful people who just want to live their lives. In every corner of the earth there is happiness and hope just like every corner of the earth has corruption and despair. It is important to remember this and to avoid developing an ethnocentric point of view, because that begins a path toward dehumanizing innocent people.

The following video shows footage of Gaza City like you probably have never seen it before:

About the author:

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship-free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website

Article originally published at The Free Thought Project and reproduced here under a Creative Commons license.

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  • Chip Murray

    Complete BS! If anything Islam is completely whitewashed and sanitized before being force-fed to the West! What planet are you living on Vibes???

  • Michelle Rene

    Is it not too late for what you are trying to do -counter the brainwashing of impoverished American minds around the issue of migrants and refugees in an effort to challenge the validity of a corrupt Trump and his fascist campaign? It is concerning that people in certain Middle Eastern countries were/are too busy living their lives, just like Americans did (in the boom years of the mid-90s-early 2000s, when trashy reality shows began to ‘teach’ a trashy cultural mindset leading into poverty and dumbed down our kids) to notice the repressive results of their religion on women who are dictated to in terms of what they must wear and the degree to which they can participate in life generally; that their children are not theirs too but belong solely to their father and his family; too busy living life to realise that they are not free but dictated to by political and religious tyrants; that they have no cultural life the moment they learn to question their leaders. Syria is a case in point and worse because they have nothing, their leader has everything and the West is suddenly frustrated that their political militarily backed polivies have resulted in this tyranny and feudal mentality that is Assad and IS. Rather than trying to persuade us that all people on the planet lead normal lives, you should aim your perspective at the rot that has set in in the West where society has been dumbed down by the rise of that ‘trailer trash’ culture I teferred to esrlier, in which good education is solely for the very wealthy and those who want to learn are prevented from doing so by the withdrawal of funds for teacher training, facilities and resources -a slave labour, highly manipulable and exploitable class is the result. The main educator in the West today, is TV reality shows where inarticulate exhibitionists like Trump, Paris Hilton and the Kardashians dictate terms. Wisdom and intellect no longer prevail to provide effective alternatives for the upcoming and most important election in all our lives, not just the US. All Trump will do is lead the country into war, kill off thousands upon thousands and negotiate a deal where certain, monied elites coalesce with religious and economic tyrants. Back to the Dark Ages

  • kingsarmy

    I love Israel, especially the IDF AND,
    I appreciated this glimpse into the lives of these Gaza civilians. Yes, there are those who don’t spend their time seeking revenge on their neighbors, the Israeli citizens. Yes, there is some good in Gaza, I concede on that point.
    Now, I would like to see a glimpse into the atmosphere and the outlook those same citizens display, when in the presence of their Hamas overlords. Are these same civilians happy under the Hamas regime? Do they agree with these UN funded Hamas weapons & missiles being stored in their schools and hospitals? Do they agree with the common practice of Hamas to use women and children…their women and children, as human shields?